Thursday, November 1, 2007

Don't See This Everyday

While I was traveling along one of the back roads today I passed a building that has caught my attention on more than one occasion. From a distance it looks like it might have been an old school house or possibly a church. Come to think of it maybe it was both. I think way back when, you were able to do that without someone getting in a snit over it.

But what really peaked my interest is what you'll see in the next couple of pictures...

The "foundation" for this structure, believe it or not, is actually mere rocks. Upon closer inspection I was truly amazed by what I saw. There are no concrete pads, no wood posts, nothing else other than what you see, ROCKS! They go all around the perimeter every few feet and there are some, not many, in the middle.
Being in the construction industry I've seen some pretty unusual things, but this just might be the winner. I can imagine going into the planning office and trying to explain this to the person on the other side of the counter. "Yeah, I'd like to build a moderate size structure, maybe 20x30 with a few windows, nice pitched roof and oh yeah, I'd like to support it with some neatly stacked rocks."
Well I'm sure you've figured out by now this not new construction. In fact it was built sometime in the 1800's and as I turned in to have a closer look, realized it sits at the front of a cemetery. Wow am I ever observant.
What you see in the next picture just about made me horse laugh myself silly. With the cemetery on the left the very first thing you notice on the right is this sign. I can just imagine the road crew putting this up.

Walking through a grave yard the day after Halloween was kind of a weird sensation, but at least it was daylight.

What I did discover is that most of the old grave markers not only had "born on and died on", but also told how many years, months and days the person lived. If you look at the pictures below you can see this on the one on the right. It says "born Sept 5, 1837 died Mar 18, 1884" below that it has, "46 Y's, 6 M's, 13 D's".

Who'd a thunk a cemetery could be so interesting.


Travis said...

I guess cemeteries can be pretty interesting places.

But that building? Whoa! My folks had a pre-fab home build several years ago and of course they had a full concrete foundation pored. I can't imagine putting a building on stacks of rocks.

Thanks for cruising by my place.

Jules~ said...

Great post! I have passed that old church many times myself and have been struck by the solid craftsmanship that had to happen to make it still standing today.

great pictures and observations!

katherine. said...

I wonder if that structure was suppose to be temporary?

old graveyards can be really interesting...but I would prefer them in the daylight as

Mel said...

I kinda like the old cemetaries--but only the ones where I don't personally know the residents.
Yep, I'm odd. LOL

Way cool building upon rocks.
I have to wonder if it was moved to rest there. (no pun intended)

Jeff B said...

Travis- Thanks for the visit

Jules- Glad I finally took the time to stop and take a closer look.

Katherine- Right after Halloween, I was sure a hand was going to reach up and grab me.

Mel- With your fondness for Halloween I thought you might like this one.

Psycho Mom said...

Cemeteries are nice places to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there. Actually, they are most interesting. If you have enough time to wander through one and read what's written on the headstones, it's like opening a history book . . . only better. I am amazed that the building has withstood all these years sitting on those little piles of rocks, none of them flat and none the same size or shape. And, "Dead End" . . . how appropriate. Good post.

"The Babe"

Latharia said...

Very interesting.

And we stayed at a B&B in Wales that has been on its foundation for almost 400 years. The foundation is a solid slate slab. So, when plumbing began causing a problem ... yeah ... where to start??? LOL!

Oswegan said...

That's a good one. I like the dead end observation. You should see if you can get a shot of the sign with grave stones in the back ground.

The schoolhouse is crazy too. That would suck if it fell on your foot.