Friday, February 13, 2009

A Poem, Writing and Stuff

With Friday the 13th being juxtaposed with Valentines Day this year, I came up with a little poem to celebrate them both:

Roses are red
And so is blood
Now that you're dead
Valentines Day is a dud


Hey, I finally got around to posting a story on my other blog. If you're interested, you can find it here.

Speaking of writing and the other blog. It's about time for the next installment of our Portrait of Words stories. The posting window for them this month is next Mon-Wed 16-19.

I will be posting my story on my other blog along with the link list, but since many of you are accustomed to coming here to read them and leave your link information, I will be sure to do something this month to take care of that. Maybe a second link list or some sort of redirect note.


Tomorrow (Saturday) will be a non working day for Jeffy. Can I get a Yahooooooo on that one brothas and sistas?

By no means am I complaining about the amount of work that's been coming my way, but I am really looking forward to a day that I can just hang out with the family. I think the boys and I might make some bird houses or some such thing. I think they need some "build something with dad" time.

No big plans for going out with Lisa tomorrow. Probably just have a quiet evening in this year. Some years we go out for dinner and a movie and others are more like this year. Fortunately she's OK with either of them, just so long as we're together.

Well, that's it for tonight. Maybe I'll have something a bit more interesting to say next time. Until then . . . Ciao


laughingwolf said...

arrivederci ;)

i'm still doing my aerin and 55er challenges to end of december, so won't be doing too much other writing

Akelamalu said...

I'm off to Spain on Monday Jeff but I have done my POW for this month and scheduled it to post on Monday. I'll catch up with everyone's efforts when I get back.

Mel said...

Yahooooooooo!! :-)

I do hope you and Lisa enjoy the day. I'm sure a day off with you is enough of a treat.

Ain't sayin' what kinda treat..LOL

(just kidding!)

And the poem....touching.


Enjoy the company of the woman who loves you to pieces!

Desert Songbird said...

Hope you have a great VD with Lisa, Jeff. *grin*

Oh, and the poem? It's so you.

Jeff B said...

Laughingwolf- No worries, we all hav e a list of things we try to accomplish along the way.

Akelamalu- Hope you have a great time. Will look forward to the pictures and to your POW story.

Mel- Not sure what kind of a treat it is either, but at least it's not a trick. (snickering)

Songbird- We'll be sure to have a very Herpe Day!

The poem was touching wasn't it?

BJ Roan said...

Love those non-working days! Hubby and I are combining houses so I'm not getting much non-working time right now...which is why I only have my POW half finished. Hoping to find time to work on it tomorrow. Enjoy your Valentine's Day with Lisa!

BJ Roan said...

Oh, and that's my kind of poetry!

Dr.John said...

Some of my best memories are building race cars with the boys for Scouts. Have fun with the bird houses.

Starrlight said...

Val Day is such a sham. But I shall do my part with the red themed day celebration by going to see Friday the 13th tonight ;)

Gene Bach said...

You suck.

It's snowing here again...4 days in a row now.

Snow is the only thing that sucks more than you do.

Sandi McBride said...

I've been away for a bit, but I'm back now (I think) and hope your family had a great Valentines Day

CrystalChick said...

Whatever you are doing with your family this weekend, I hope it's enjoyable!
We didn't do much here as hubs did have to work. I waited for a report on how many stitches my grandson got in his head (4), then when hubby got home we ordered chinese food, visited the little guy, and went to the Mall with our son. Other than Alex falling and getting a big boo boo it's been a quiet weekend.

Jeff B said...

BJ- I accomplished a whole lot of nothing yesterday. It was wonderful.

Dr John- We just finished our pine cars for the AWANA Grand Prix. Good times indeed.

Starrlight- There's a nice warm fuzzy movie!

Gene- I faintly remember that hour when your were nice. . . Ah. . . the old days.

Sandi- Welcome back. It was rather uneventful this year, but OK none the less.

Crystalchick- Four year olds and stiches are never a good combination. Hope he's doing alright today.

katherine. said...

sometimes a nice evening home together can be perfect!

I wonder if you make her a card? smile.