Monday, February 15, 2010

Goodbye Dr. John

After taking a week away due to work, I turned on the computer today only to find some rather sad news. I learned the blogging world is a little bit quieter today. Dr. John of "Dr. John's Fortress" passed away earlier today.

I met John about a year or so ago when I was writing "Wordzzles". (a writing challenge hosted by another site.) He instantly impressed me with his command of witty writing and his flare for words large and small larger. He continued his story telling on Portrait of Words and co-hosted that site (along with Thom) in my absence. On his own site, he offered up sermons on Sundays, entertained us with tales of the happenings in a town known as Pigeon Falls and kept us abreast of the poor bungling Agent 012. (my personal favorite)

Our visits to each others sites waned over the past couple of months. Don't know why, just did. I wish now I'd have gone by more often.

I'll miss John. . .

Sometimes it's not easy or comfortable saying something when another passes, but the ones left behind can always use a kind word or thought. If you have a mind to, please go by and leave a note for John's wife Betty. She writes on a blog that can be found here.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Yes I'm 43 Going on 12

While at work today I saw this cactus at the corner of the patio and the first thing I thought of was, 

"Now there's a limp prick"