Monday, October 17, 2011

Seven Wants

After a brief break for some fiction, it's time to get back to the Ten Day Challenge.

For reference I picked this up from a newly found blog called "Carp Dime"

You can also check out CrystalChick who just started it up today.

Today is a list of seven wants:

1. I want to turn on the evening news and hear the following, "Today marks the tenth anniversary of peace between Egypt and Israel."

2. I want to open up my monthly mortgage statement and see, "Balance Due - $0.00"

3. I want to travel more. There are a number of destinations in this country I'd like to visit.

4. I want telemarketers to drop off the face of the earth.

5. I want to drive the I5 & 217 split just one time without some moron darting into the exit lane in the very last possible second.

6. I want to see  my father again. I miss him.

7. I want to learn sign language.


Ron said...

"4. I want telemarketers to drop off the face of the earth."


"2. I want to open up my monthly mortgage statement and see, "Balance Due - $0.00"

Yeah, that's how I feel about my Visa card!

Have a great evening, buddy!

P.S. I'm enjoying this Ten Day Challenge!

Jeff B said...

Ron- Got to see that this year on a couple of cards we had. It is a beautiful feeling!

Aaron said...

I really, really, really identify with number six.

Akelamalu said...

I'm so with you on #6 Jeff and he's only been gone 10 days. :(

CrystalChick said...

We actually saw #2 years ago, but then a couple of home equity loans since then ended our excitement. An old house like ours is always going to be in need!

I'm sure #3 is going to make my list too!

And #6, although for me it's both parents. :*(

And #7 definitely!! I tried to get my son to take it in college but he went with German and is now struggling quite a bit. He should have listened to his mother just a bit longer.

Thanks for the link love!

Charlene said...

#4 -- when you answer the phone to a telemarketer say: "This phone is on the national do not call registry." If they are a for-profit interprise, they will hand up without saying another word. Non-profits will tell you that doesn't apply to them so you'll have to tell them you aren't interested anyway.

Jeff B said...

Aaron- That seems to be a common thread with many of us.

Akelamalu- I am truly sorry to hear about your dad passing. Prayers of comfort heading your way.

CrystalChick- I think in order for me to learn to sign I'll actually have to get off my backside and make it happen.

Charlene- I like to just set the receiver down and let it stay on. They eventually stop their sales pitch and realize no one is listening. I figure if they want to waste my time I can waste theirs too.

katherine. said...

I'm enjoying this exercise of yours (and Carpe Diem's)

Losing a parent is an experience many in our age group share. I've thought a lot about how it was when my Gramma passed....and how my Mama felt and what she said to me. And I compare it to how I feel now that I am in that place.

Mel said...

(((( katherine ))))

(((( Akelamalu ))))

((((((((( Jeff )))))))))))

I want for all of you to have a #6 moment.

And I wanna borrow Jeff's mom for just an afternoon-and go on a treasure hunt!!!
I'd give her back, honest. :-)

Cool list, sir.

Jeff B said...

Kat- You're right. Many of us are at that age when our parents pass away. I know the next cycle will be friends. I'm not looking forward to that either.

Mel- Thanks my dear!

OK, you can borrow her, but ya have to promise to have her back by 10:00, K?

Roan said...

Thanks to my dad, I don't have a mortgage, which is why I'm living in middle-of-nowhere Illinois. Although there are lots of other good things about small town America. A very nice list of wants.

Jeff B said...

Roan- That's a pretty awesome gift!