Sunday, July 13, 2008

What Is It #10 - Solved

Just got home from work and am sitting down for the first time all day. Sorry for the late post on these, it seems to be my theme for this week. I put a lot of miles on my truck with all the different jobs this week. My feet saw quite a few miles too. Tomorrow will be considered a day off. Wahoo!!! Oh wait, I better check with the boss to see if that's ok. I'm back. I just asked myself and I agreed with me, so I guess we're all in agreement. No worky for Jeffy manyana.

Time to put a close to the tenth installment of the world's favorite new game. Alright maybe that's a stretch. . . no that's actually quite a leap, but none the less, it's time for the answers and awards portion of our show.

As you realize now, this week's pictures weren't exactly the most difficult ones to date, but hey what can I say? I was thin on time and didn't want to completely abandon it for a week so, like Lisa and I tell the kids on occasion, "You get what you get and you don't throw a fit!"

I wonder if the majority of these Fire Hydrants are painted yellow because of the decorations that dogs like to give to them?

These Cell Phone Towers are sprouting up everywhere lately.

Catching the ball will be much easier with one of these Baseball Mitts

If you said trampoline (and most of you did), you would only be partially correct. How does this object remove pizza and sodas? By burning calories of course. That's because it's a Exercise Trampoline.

So who gets the Cracker Jack award this week? Well let's see Crystalchick of Mary Says did have all four of the answers that were mentioned by the majority of you first. And because she checked back in and read through the comments I left explaining that it wasn't in fact a full sized trampoline, but a small exercise type of one, she should be rightfully declared this week's winner.

Congrats Mary, aka Crystalchick!

Now for the Horse Laugh award. There were a few good ones in the mix this week, but the clear cut winner was Rhea of Texas Word Tangle who gave us these little treats:

1.The kind of helmet I put on my kids when they do ride their bikes on the highway
2. Something from the parasitologist's office
3. What the doctors use to catch babies during delivery.
4. A spanking net

Love her parenting skills from the first one. I'm definitely putting off my yearly exam after her second answer. I can just hear the doctor yelling, "You're outta here!" on number three. And I think I can speak for the majority of us when I say, "We want some clarification on number four." pictures are optional.

Congrats to Rhea, who by the way is the first one to bag both awards. Double points !!

Feel free to grab your awards from my sidebar

One last bit, if you enjoy reading the Wordzzles each Saturday, but missed mine from yesterday, it's there, but I didn't post it until late last night. There's my shameless plug for it.

Enjoy the last waning hours of your weekend.


Mike Golch said...

congrats to crystalchick!

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Travis said...

HA! I like the funny answers even better than the correct ones.

Jeff B said...

Mike- Thanks for chiming in.

Travis- I agree whole heartedly!

jennifer said...

Cool! Congrats to Crystalchick and Rhea!

Be blessed.


Ron said...

YAHOOOOO Crystal Chick and Rhea (you two time winner, you!!)


Both you guys Rock and Roll!

Another FUN "What is it" Jeff!

Rhea said...

Thanks, Jeff! I've been wanting that horse award for a while now. hehe

CrystalChick said...

Thanks so much Jeff. Your blog is fun!
The award on your sidebar says #9 on it, so I didn't want to take as this was for #10 and also, I have the first one you gave out on my sidebar already. I'd be happy to replace it, with one that includes your link, if you want to send it to me. Or put up the one that says #10 and I'll snag it later.

Have a great week!

Jeff B said...

Jennifer & Ron- Thanks

Rhea- I loved your answers this week! There was no question about your winning.

Crystalchick- Sorry about that, it's updated now.