Friday, July 11, 2008

What Is It #10

Hello boys and girls. Know what time it is? Well it ain't no Howdy Doody time, but is is time once again for a little bit of mental calisthenics. I origonally had a series of pictures with a theme to them all planned out to put up this week, but this crazy thing called life got in the way, so those will have to wait one more week. These I already had on hand, so that's what we're going with.

If you happen to be new to the site here's the quick run down. I'll give you four pics to look at today. Your object is to determine what the are. On Sunday I'll post an expanded view of them along with the answers. Clues to the answers are at the bottom of the page if you think you'll need them. I'm thinking you might not this week though.

Good luck.





Don't read if you don't want any hints

#1 They say dogs are a man's best friend. Well this might be a dogs.
#2 Can you hear me now?
#3 You're out!
#4 A pizza and soda remover


Sandee (Comedy +) said...

1. Fire hydrant
2. Cell phone tower
3. Baseball mitt
4. Haven't a clue and you gave me clues. ???

CrystalChick said...

Ditto Sandee's first three.... I sooooo know what a cell tower looks like as I'm freakin' glowing from one that vibrates nearby. And the sad thing is, we have TERRIBLE phone reception in our yard.
4. I was going to say a trampoline. I'd say that would remove pizza and soda right out of one's gut if they jumped on it after din. But that's just how things look in my warped little world.

Leighann said...

Fire hydrant
Cell phone tower
Baseball glove

Have a great weekend Jeff!

Akelamalu said...

Well I didn't look at the clues so you can forgive me now!

1. Jelly mould
2. tv aerial
3. Leather Chaps
4. Shower cap

They're not right are they? :(

Ron said...

Ok...I didn't peek at anyone's answers...but I DID read your clues!

1-a fire hydrant
2-a radio tower
3-a catchers mitt
4-a trampoline

I think I got one wrong...what do you think?

Peace Buddy!

Mike Golch said...

1) Fire hydrant

2)cell phone tower

3)baseball mitt(psooible a catcher's)

4) trampoline.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Rhea said...

1. Fire hydrant
2. Cell phone tower
3. Baseball glove
4. Trampoline


1.The kind of helmet I put on my kids when they do ride their bikes on the highway
2. Something from the proctologists office
3. What the doctors use to catch babies during delivery.
4. A spanking net

jennifer said...

I didn't read the hints because I have this one sewn up!

1. Fire Hydrant - top meaning it is doggy pee-less.
2. A tower of some sort
3. Side of a Baseball glove
4. The top of a trampoline. That I can't jump on anymore because I have birthed three kids. TMI?

HEY! I stole from you today and then linked you on my post. How bout them apples?!!

Come by when you have a chance!!


Jeff B said...

Sandee- You were on a roll there too.

Crystalchickbrocovich- If you start to grow a tail you may want to consider moving.

Leighann- I think you're onto something.

Akelamalu- FYI this little game is called "What is it?" not "What are they not?"

Bahahahaha...I love reading your answers each week!

Ron- Could it be? Did you go four for four?

Mike- Looks like a good story to stick to.

Rhea- I know how you Texans love your horses. There may just be one in your barn come this Sunday.

Jeff B said...

Jennifer- I will thank you in advance and come by for a look.

Travis said...

1. Fire hydrant?

2. Cell phone tower.

3. Baseball mitt.

4. Looks like the edge of a trampoline.

Have a great weekend!

Jay said...

1. A doggy message board
2. Cell phone tower
3. Baseball Mitt
4. A pizza and soda remover

CrystalChick said...

OOOHHH I see how it is around here. Rhea mentions spanking and you're all ready to go put something in her barn.

Meanwhile, I'm half dead in the bubbling toxic swamp that I call home and can't even call ya to discuss my third nubbin.

Life is NOT fair. :(

Sandi McBride said...

Hmm..a fire hydrant..must be a girl dogs best friend

a cell phone tower...come on now, the hints are getting more like just telling Jeff

A catchers mitt...
and give the lousiest clue you can...looks like the edge of a trampoline but how it gets soda and pizza out is beyond me, unless you're talking puking it out...

San said...

Wow, even I got the baseball mitt. Could I be getting better at this???

San said...

No, you're just dumbing down the test for my self-esteem. Well, it worked, man. It worked.

Matt-Man said...

If I hadn't seen that everybody was answering trampoline. I was gonna guess colostomy bag on the last one. Cheers!!

CrystalChick said...

You not only know what Phyllis Diller's *ahem* looks like, but a colostomy bag as well. You live an interesting life.
Hey, her birthday is next week. Sounds like a celebration is in the works.

Jules~ said...

#1 is a fire hydrant
#2 Jeff how in the world did you get so close to the Space Station ;-)
#3 Catchers Mitt
#4 I love your clue. If I jumped on a trampoline after eating pizza and soda....I wouldn't be a happy girl

Odat said...

I knew them before the clues and before I read the comments...Do i win??? :-)
(I'm always late! :-(


Dianne said...

I got here late again!!

I actually came looking for Wordzzle cause I have a mental block about the What Is It thingie and never remember until I get here looking for Wordzzle

Jay's #4 killed me!

and well - matt-man is in a category all his own now isn't he!?

My new dream is to get here first next week. Yes - I dream small.

Jeff B said...

Finally getting here to comment. Worked till 11:30 last night and full day today, so not much time in between to chat.

Travis- Nice going.

Jay- Hmmm...#4 might make a good clue. Silly man

Crystalchick- The fair is in August! and I think we should explore this third nubbin a bit more.

Sandi- I worked about a million hours this week so the clues and the photos were not from my A-game.

As for number 4, I didn't say it would get them out, I said remove them. So far everybody has said trampoline, but that isn't quite as specific as I was going for.

San- Maybe i could call this "Feel good Friday" What do you think?

Matt- A mind is a terrible thing to waste my friend, glad you haven't wasted yours.

Crystalchick- You know you're only encouraging him don't you?

Jules- Cause I boldly go where no man has gone before.

Odat- You're always a winner in my book!

Dianne- I havea couple of the Wordzzles written out but haven't typed them up yet. I'll have them up later after I get a bit of rest.

CrystalChick said...

So then it's an 'exercise' trampoline to remove unwanted calories from pizza and soda???

Raven said...

Missed you at wordzzles this week. I'd play except I feel like I'm cheating because I saw the answer I DON'T know in Sandee's answer.

1. Fire hydrant
2. Cell phone tower - knew from the clue that it had something to do with cell phones but wouldn't have known an answer if I hadn't seen it.
3. Catcher's mitt
4. One of those little round trampolines.... I think.

Hope you'll come back to wordzzles next week.

Raven said...

Well, I didn't read through the rest of the comments til after I'd posted mine. Guess I can still look forward to your wordzzle. Yippee!

Jeff B said...

Crystalchick- Ding, Ding, Ding!!!

That's the more specific answer I was going for.

Raven- Just got it posted. Now its off for some much needed sleep.