Friday, July 4, 2008

What Is It #9

In honor of all of you who aren't up at the crack of dawn or before, I'm posting this weeks photos a bit later in the morning for a change. Funny thing about having readers from around the globe is that no matter when things get posted, some of you are awake and others are in the middle of slumber.

Well this week will only have three photos to ponder. Why? Because it's part of one of the themes for the week. If you figure out all three, then you'll know what the other theme is too. As an added bonus, can you tell me what the two different themes are?

As is the new tradition, I'm putting some clues at the bottom of the page to help you out.

If you're in the USA enjoy a German frankfurter, crack open a Mexican beer and enjoy the Chinese fireworks later this evening. Ain't America great!

If you have served in the military...Thank you! If you have a loved one or a friend in the service may they be out of harm's way and may they come home soon!

Happy Independence Day





Don't read if you don't want to know

#1 This is much more comfortable if its not in this shape.
#2 This is a pretty cool item that will see a lot of use at BBQ's today.
#3 Butt wait!


Travis said...

First? Me?

Oh my. So much pressure. Here goes with the guessing.

1. A sleeping bag.

2. I'll go for an ice chest, although if that's what it is it has an odd configuration.

3. A folding chair.

Rhea said...

1. sleeping bag
2. cooler
3. folding/camping/watching kids' sports chair. (not sure official name)

And the theme is CAMPING!!!

Akelamalu said...

1. A coat for a snake
2. A Bobsleigh
3. A parachute

(Truly I have no idea - I'm still asleep zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz)

Did I make you laugh? :)

Mike Golch said...

possibly a sleeping bag of an inflatable swinning pool.

a grill

chair Folding type.

that's my stabs in the dark! I hope you and yours have a great weekend!
That's my story and by golly i just have to stick to it. Big time hugs and God's blessing headed your way!

Jeff B said...

Travis & Rhea- Looks like you two were paying attention.

Akelamalu- The horse is out of the barn, I repeat, the horse is out of the barn.

Mike- Be careful stabbing in the dark, somebody could lose an eye or something.

Dana said...

I'm playing silently today! Have a great 4th!!

nitebyrd said...

Everyone is too good. I'll go for the other award.

Robert The Bruce's kilt in the clothes dryer.

Storm Trooper vest.

Your fanny pack.

Hope you have a great 4th!

katherine. said...

oh man...always late!

we were just camping two weeks ago...I soooo knew these!

Jeff B said...

Dana- There'll be plenty of time to be loud and ruckus later tonight. Have a good time.

Nitebyrd- You're killing me with those!

Jay said...

1. A sleeping bag
2. Uhhh ... I think that's a cooler or something.
3. A chair.

Those must all just be for show though, cause they're way to clean to actually be used.

Jeff B said...

Katherine- Not real toughies this week, but they seemed to go along with the 4th.

Jeff B said...

Jay- I'm writting this day down in the history books. Three for three. Way to go man!

The bags we bought just before the begining of this trip, so they are still in good shape, and the cooler...I'm just anal about anything that houses my food or beverages.

Anndi said...

I'll never get here on time... stupid work...

Happy Fourth my dear!

Mel said...

Ohhhhhh......I SO knew these three!

It's all good though.
It's someone else doing the camping. LOL

<--prefers to camp out at The Marriott, thanksmuchly

Matt-Man said...

I'm always late to the show. Cheers Jeffy!!

Ron said...

Oh,'s hard not to do this and sneak a peek at everyone elses guesses...


1-sleeping bag
2-jacuzzi form
3-portable camping chair

Ok...I'm leaving now very quickly so I'm not tempted to LOOK!


Jeff B said...

Anndi- You'll just have to tell your boss you need Friday's off. He/shee will understand right?

Matt- But you made it and that counts for something.

Mel- You would get along spendidly with my mom. She's of the same mind when it comes to camping.

Ron- Two out of three ain't bad. You'd have to be pretty small to fit into #2 and you would have to make your own bubbles too. Bwahahaha

buffalodickdy said...

I only got two out of three- middle one is a weird shaped cooler?...

Kimmie said...

I will guess:

I blow up air matress
A Cooler
A canvas foldy chair that goes in the canvas holders.

I swear I didn't peek! I am typing with my eyes closed.


Kimmie said...

Oh shoot, you already gave the trophy? I am so way behind! LOL! I still wanted to try, got to sharpen up me skills! ;-)


Marilyn said...

Too late, but I'm with Jay. You ever use these things?

Jeff B said...

Buffalo- When you see the expanded view of it tomorrow it'll look more familiar.

Kimmie- You nearly had them all. Your first one was still on the right track.

Marilyn- See my comment to Jay.

katherine. said...

I was just thinking yesterday how cool it would have been if weblogs had been around when I was a kid....or geez...even when my kids were the same age as yours.

I would have liked to have all of those events chronicled in this manner.

I have tons of pictures and schoolwork and stuff....but how cool this would be to have set one up just for them like a scrapbook thing with pictures and my stories and cetera.

Jeff B said...

Katherine- I agree. The boys always get a kick out of seeing the posts thet involve them somehow.

I wonder if there's a way of saving all the posts to a disk in case Google were to ever go poof?