Saturday, August 9, 2008

Wordzzle #25

Wordzzle time again, so it's time for me to come out of hiding and write something . I won't bore you with the details of why I've been absent, but will let you know that everything is going ok now. Just a bit of a bump we like to refer to as life struck me this past week.

Here's the quick version of Wordzzle if you're new to it. Each week Raven gives us a list of words to derive a story from. It can be short or long, poignant or whimsical, doesn't matter so long as you're enjoying the exercise while you're doing it. You can click on her name above to get all the details.

This week's Ten Word Challenge will be: middle finger, text message. the letter “Q,” Shangri-La, melodramatic, compensate, elixir, band of brothers, quadruped, explicit

And for the Mini Challenge: deposition, monosyllabic, better off dead, dubious, posh

-The Ten Word-

This exotic elixir that had brought them on this quest, was strong enough to energize most quadrupeds, let alone the two legged variety like in the case of this band of brothers. The leader of the group who's name was simply the letter "Q", had brought them safely here to Sangri-La despite himself falling into a crevasse along the way and smashing the middle finger on his right hand. Fortunately, he was able to compensate for his miscalculation by text messaging a guide back home and asking for another route to navigate. In a very melodramatic fashion, the gentleman on the other end of the phone told him to follow his explicit instructions and all would be fine. Much to his delight, the man's theatrical explanation was amazingly accurate. Within a few minutes he found his was out as well as a path that led his group to the magical land they'd set off to find.


So, as most of you know, I've supplied Raven with a list of words for about four weeks worth of Wordzzles. To be fair, I haven't written anything ahead of time from that list. Just thought that'd be wrong to do. As I was writing the list of words onto a new sheet of paper from my original list, I somehow wrote the word feminized down instead of quadruped. That's because that word will come up in a list either next week or the one following that and I must have looked at the wrong line as I wrote it down. End result... I managed to slip it into this weeks list...DUH!

What does this have to do with the price of tea in China you may ask? Well, not thinking anything of it until I started highlighting and checking off all the words, did I realize I'd already written my ten word challenge using the wrong word. Bwahahahaha. So, instead of just scraping it, I thought I'd go ahead and post it along with the others.

-The Ten Word-

Looking down at his watch, Miran was overcome with joy. He could see a new text message coming in and as he had hoped, when he read it, it was simply the letter "Q". This is what he'd been waiting for for the past week. This solitary letter told him that a new shipment of Quark had made it to the swami's house and was ready for pick-up.

His less than impressed wife shot him a dirty look and did the obligatory eye roll.

"I thought I told you quite explicitly to stop trying to feminize me woman!" he fired.

Flipping him the middle finger she fired back, "Oh please stop being so melodramatic! Ever since you've been spending time with your new group of friends, that damn 'band of brothers' as you like to call them, you've been trying to compensate for your declining manhood." Continuing her assault she said, "And what's with that ridiculous elixir you keep drinking? Do you honestly think that overpriced tap water is going to make a difference in your 'short comings'?"

"I'll have you know that 'tap water' as you like to call it, comes directly from untouched virgin snow melt deep in the Himalayas. Some even think it flows straight from Shangri-La itself!"

With yet another jab his wife replied, "Oh, somethings flowing around here, but it sure as hell isn't pure virgin snow!"

-The Mini-

Sitting in the posh office of Mr Wallas T. Pendergrass Esq., who also carried the dubious title of District Attorney, the extremely nervous Pauly "The Finger" Bossco figured he'd be better off dead than to have to provide his deposition in the case against the city's biggest crime boss. When he was asked the first question, he was only able to utter the monosyllabic sound of, "Aaaaaaa...."


Raven said...


I loved both of your ten worders. Sorry about skipping over feminized. I think I started from the bottom up for next week so it may not show up for a while. I love the last line about something flowing that isn't pure virgin snow.

Ya have to fee kind of sorry for Pauly "the Finger..."

Thanks again for the words. It's been nice to have a break from making them up myself.

Dianne said...

I'm glad you "messed up" and included feminize, that story was great.

and you too used a wise-guy as a monosyllabic character. makes me feel so at home, I do miss Brooklyn ;)

Akelamalu said...

I love the way you used all the words, particularly the one that wasn't part of it! ((wink))

The first one was my favourite as I really do believe Shangri La exists. :)

CrystalChick said...

Glad things are good now and back to normal, whatever that is anyway. Good Wordzzles!
Have a good weekend. :)

Starrlight said...

I gotta ask, right before he whacks them, does Pauly say, "Pull my finger?"

Richard said...

Liked all the stories, but my favorite included Pauly the finger. Thanks for the word contributions as well.


DivaJood said...

Did I miss feminized? I'm really confused. And in the first 10 word, I would NEVER follow a dude name simply "the letter Q." Good ones.

Jeff B said...

Raven- No worries, that'll just teach me to pay attention more!

Dianne- I did a big "ARRRGH!" when I realized my mistake, but it did make me think of another angle to use the words in.

Akelamalu- Do Dianne and i get extra points for the bonus words? hahaha

Crystalchick- that's a realitive term! Thanks for hanging in there.

Starlight- Bwahahahaha!!!

Jeff B said...

Richard- Giving a list of words was the fun part, being responsible for them feels weird. Ya hope everyone will be ok with them and not ask, "So who's the bozo that came up with these?"

Divajood- No, you didn't miss it. I just wrote the wrong one down from a list I had. Score one in the Duh column for me.

Jay said...

Pauly "the Finger" has a pretty short life expectancy right about now. LOL

Great job on all of them Well done sir!

Kimmie said...

Hi Jeff!

Your Wordzlles were great! I especially loved your last sentence in the second one...

"Oh, somethings flowing around here, but it sure as hell isn't pure virgin snow!"

Bwahahahahahaha!!!! You are something! ;-)


Ron said...

Howdy Jeff!

Hey listen, some of the greatest creations come out of a "DUH" moment.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading BOTH the ten words, so I'm glad for it!

The second one made me MAJOR giggle!

Bravo, bud!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Jeff B said...

Jay- He's probably got a nice new pair of cement shoes to wear.

Kimmie- Just read your Wordzzle. Loved it.

Ron- No shortage of duh moments for me! Bwhahahaha

Mel said...


Speedbumps happen?

(((((((( Jeff ))))))))))

Travis said...

They were both good little stories. Some weeks I look at the words and see possibilities, but other weeks I can't imagine how they can be combined.

I guess that's the challenge!