Saturday, October 4, 2008

Don't Stew On It

I enjoyed the interaction with you all yesterday. It really was nice to have a civil discussion on the matter of politics. It's not an area I tend to delve into very often, but as I'm sure you know, it's nearly impossible to avoid this time of year.

Well, it appears that Fall has made its grand entry to the pacific northwest. It's raining outside, the wind is blowing leaves out of the trees, and the air is a bit chilly this morning. We decided a bit of comfort food was in order for dinner last night. Lisa made a small pot of beef stew. Yum-O Lots of groceries in it, just like mom used to make. . . well sort of. And what's better with a bowl of hot and hearty stew? Scratch baked cornbread with a little butter and honey on it! Yep, a simple dinner that tasted like a meal fit for a king.

Here, I saved you some.

Now you didn't think I was going to forget what day it is did you? It's Saturday, and that means round these here parts, it's time for a Wordzzle or two partner. Don't ask me why the sudden need to go western speak there. Do ask me where you can find the others playing along with this writing challenge. That'd be at Ravens place, found here.

This week we had the following words to work with:

Mini: washing machine, cholesterol, blatantly, Birdman of Alcatraz, poltergeist

Ten Word: tattletale, homogeneous, flighty, cornucopia, plethora, militant, lovelorn, myopic, digitalized, mute

Oi vey!

~~~The Mini~~~

He slammed the lid on the washing machine, popped his cholesterol medication and blatantly declared, "We're not watching that movie about the Birdman of Alcatraz again!. Tonight we're watching something completely mindless like Poltergeist!"

~~~The Ten Word~~~
"Nanner Nanner Nanner"

"If you don't stop bugging me, I'm going to tell mom you did something bad." Maria's little brother didn't stop though.

"That's it you little brat!" and with that she swept her arm across the dining room table and toppled the centerpiece to the floor. "Let's see what mom has to say about this!"

"But I didn't do it!" Danny replied.

"Ya, but mom doesn't know that." his sister snidely said.

"MOM! Danny just destroyed your cornucopia!" Maria really enjoyed playing the part of the household tattletale.

Making her way up the stairs, she continued firing off a plethora of other accusations, almost militant in her determination. Poor Danny, he was lovelorn. He wanted so much to be liked by his older sister, but she was too myopic to see that his sometimes flighty behavior was only a childish attempt to gain her attention.

Continuing her homogeneous string of of hurtful insults and outright lies about the afternoon's events, she made her way into the laundry room where her mother was folding some clothes. With one eyebrow raised, her mom asked, "What is it this time dear?"

"Danny won't leave me alone and then for no reason at all he destroyed your..."

Cutting her off, Danny reached into his pocket and pulled out a small digitized voice recorder he'd found on his father's desk. Hitting the play button, Maria had no choice but to stand there mute as the "real" conversation that had taken place a few minutes earlier was replayed for their mother.


buffalodick said...

Stew in that kind of weather cannot miss! Corn bread is a great idea with that dish! Honey, butter, and a bread to put them on are the three things in the world that are pure good...

Raven said...

I have been longing for cornbread lately. Marie Callendar has a mix that is so easy even I can make it without flaws and the bread is yummy good. Chilly here too. Went into the 30s last night. Yuck. Had to put my heat on. Darn.

As for wordzzles. I love the brevity of the first. Well done. And the second was sweet. Go Danny!

Dianne said...

I am so proud of Danny! lol

the stew and cornbread look delicious. Lisa is quite the cook. you're a lucky guy but hell, you know that.

sorry I missed yesterday's interaction - I'm gonna go read thru now.

have a great weekend.

Jeff B said...

Buffalo- Funny how stew just doesn't taste the same in say...July. It was good and as a bonus, there's enough left for lunch today.

Raven- usually we use the Jiffy mix, but wanted to go scratch this time around. Not really a huge difference I think, just the satisfaction of doing it.

Dianne- Never underestimate a kid!

Yesterday was overall a good discussion. My brother and I got a bit heated, but everyone else was quite civil.

Akelamalu said...

Wahay Danny got her good!! :0

Mike Golch said...

cornbread, yum,yum!

katherine. said...

the stories were good....but the STEW! I haven't made good brown stew in forever....I think Lisa has inspired me.

Starrlight said...

Oh man I am starving! Going to the Greek Fest in about an hour and I was already hungry!

Now I wanna watch Poltergeist. "They're here!"

Melli said...

Ooooo my! I think Maria is in a heap o' trouble! Your mini is the best I've read this week! Tight and concise! I LOVED it! They were both very good!

Maaaaaaaan that stew & cornbread looks GOOD! I made chili with cornbread two nights ago... ah!

So... you had a CIVIL discussion yesterday! WOW! I'll have to go read that. Every time MY friends open their mouths lately it's hate hate hate... everywhere hate! This has been the most hate filled campaign I've EVER witnessed. I can not WAIT for it to be over!

Sandi McBride said...

Very good! The stew or the stories? Why all three! Glad to see your mood has improved!

Jay said...

I love beef stew and that looks almost as good as mine. ;-) Although I usually have breadsticks instead of cornbread, but I can see cornbread going nicely with it.

Great Wordzzling too!

Dr.John said...

I loved both stories but I really loved the ending on the second. I like suprise endings.

Travis said...

Wooooooooooooo for Danny!

Now that meal really looks savory. I love good cornbread and it's been ages since I had a hearty stew like that.


Jeff B said...

Akelamalu- Don't get mad...get even!

Mike- It was really tasty.

Katherine- It was funny, we looked at the weather report about five days ago and planned dinner accordingly.

Starr- Those festivals are all Greek to me. We're off to OMSI tonight. They've got a members night for the new exhibit.

Melli- This campaign had been a doozy for sure. Come on November 4th.

Sandi- Everyone around me is glad too. Thanks

Jay- Tis' the season. I could see breadsticks going with that.

Dr. John- I looked at these words off and on this week with nothing. The ten word just came to me this morning. Glad you liked it.

Travis- I had the last of it for lunch today. Just as good on the re-run.

Ron said...


Go, BOY!!!!


OMG, Jeff...that was GREAT!!!

Hey, this sort of reminded me of something that I probably did to my poor brother TOM!!!


And please tell Lisa, that the stew and corn bread looks amazing. I just finished eating my dinner, yet my mouth is still watering! To me, there's nothing more delicious than a hearty stew this time of the year!

Sounds like you guys had a wonderful Saturday at home.

Thanks for the wonderful Wordzzle and delicious food this evening!

Enjoy you the rest of your weekend, Bud!

Carletta said...

Hi Jeff,
I didn't quite make it by Saturday I see looking at the time.
I loved these. You are very good at being concise!
Oh Danny Boy, Oh Danny Boy, I loved him so! Great ending.

Now I want to go read your civil discussion. Is that possible in this election? :)

Clarence said...

Alright! Go Danny! That'll teach her!

Lisa's cornbread looks fab! Wish I could've tried it.

Jeff B said...

Ron- From what you've shared about your relationship with Tom, I could see you doing something like that. I, of course, was much to angelic to pull anything like that. (alright, maybe that's not entirely true...alright maybe that's a flat out lie)

Carletta- 95% of the discussion was civil. Not bad considering the venom that been flung from so many this year.

Clarence- It was a winner. Thanks for coming by.

Desert Songbird said...

You're torturing me with the beef stew. We're still running the air conditioner here.


Vodka Mom said...

I just came for the food. (looks yummy and I am going to make some MYSELF today).

San said...

Great wordzzles as ever, Jeff. Your mini is mighty!

And I could tuck into a bowl of that stew about now--YUM. This is the first day we've had here that really feels like fall. It rained all night and that seems to have ushered the season in.

Jeff B said...

Songbird- Sorry, but after the Cardinals win and the 49ers loss today you aren't getting any sympathy from me. I'm going off to pout now.

Vodka Mom- It really hit the spot for us.

San- The rain has been going on for a few days now. Ho-hum looks like it is officially Autumn.

Matt-Man said...

Man, that cornbread looks tasty. I like cornbread...almost, in view of your post below, as much as I loathe Palin/McCain.

How's that for intelligent discourse? Cheers Jeff!!

CrazyCath said...

Oh nice one Danny! Love the small one too. How do you do it? You are a master at weaving those words in.

Love stew. Thanks for saving me some...

Lu' said...

That was great Jeff. I'm reminded of the episode on Everybody Loves Raymond where he records Debra's PMS rantings, HA!