Monday, May 18, 2009

Blog Fest NW

So any of you that have had the chance to meet other bloggers can probably appreciate how fun it is to finally sit across the table from someone you've read and commented with, and at times only known by a screen name. You've no doubt wondered: what does their voice sound like?, are the pictures they show of themselves what they really look like?, what does it sound like when they "LOL" for real?, are they really axe murders you've just invited into your home. . . you get the idea. Well, yesterday I had just such an opportunity. I was able to meet not just one, but three of my blogging friends, and I'm happy to report that not one of them showed up on my doorstep wielding a sharp object! Nope, just four (Starr's daughter joined us) very cool people I had the pleasure of getting to know a bit better.

We had one of those picture perfect weekends where the rain took a brief vacation and the temps climbed into the low eighties. It made for a beautiful afternoon yesterday to hang out on the back patio sipping beves, enjoying a BBQ, and of course, plenty of laughter. (By the way, as I type this, the skies are turning gray again, it's cooling off quickly and before the night is through, it will likely be wet outside. Katherine and the Teamster, your timing was impeccable!)

Did we talk about other bloggers? Just you and you annnnnnd you over there in the corner, yeah your name came up too. Sure, we talked about how fun it would be to have some of the rest of you around the table. We didn't do the live blog or Skype anyone though, sorry Songbird, Matt and Vinny.

My youngest boy Matthew fell in love with Katherine. After showing off all his tricks as any eight year old boy will do with a new audience to perform for, he coaxed her out onto the back lawn after dinner for a game of badminton. She was such a good sport about it too. I think everyone enjoyed watching Anthony and I try to set up the net without looking at the instructions. I also think the Teamster took a picture of the instructions lying on the ground next to us as we struggled with that #%&*

Yesterday also happened to be Lisa's birthday and she enjoyed having a party of sorts for her day. We don't generally do big birthday celebrations for her or me, so it would have otherwise just been a quite night at home. Having some friends over was much more entertaining.

Here's a picture of the cake. Feel free to enjoy a slice.

Matt-Man, this picture is especially for you. From left to right Kat, Lisa and Starr. . . and that lucky devil behind them. . . moi.

Another highlight for both of my boys was getting to put on the motorcycle helmets and pose with "the cool bike!"

The Teamster and Katherine kicking back

Starr (and Kidlet), Katherine, The Teamster. . . it was an absolute pleasure getting to know you all more and I truly hope we have the chance to get together again. One afternoon just wasn't enough time.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Meeting Some Bloggers

This Sunday I'll have a chance to meet a couple of blogger buddies. Katherine, who was the first person to comment, outside of family or "live" friends, will be up here in the Portland area with her sweetie "The Teamster". Some of you are following his (The Teamster's) Five-O tour on his blog and are tracking his progress through the west.

Side note - his blog is private, or I'd include a link for you.
The Teamster's blog is not private, so if you'd like to check it out just click here. He's got some great pictures of the desert southwest from his motorcycle ride.

Anyhoodle, (kind of like Heck-A-Doodle Bond) Katherine has been reading here since the beginning so I feel like I've got to know her a bit through the months. It'll be great to finally meet her.

The other participant in blogger meets blogger will be Starr. I've read her site off and on over the last year or so. Looks like her daughter, so far only known as kidlet, will be joining her too.

How cool is that? Getting to meet some great people, having a casual BBQ and making this world of blogging just a wee bit smaller. Should be a blast.

I'm pretty sure I'll have a blog for this coming Monday.

Until then,