Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Meeting Some Bloggers

This Sunday I'll have a chance to meet a couple of blogger buddies. Katherine, who was the first person to comment, outside of family or "live" friends, will be up here in the Portland area with her sweetie "The Teamster". Some of you are following his (The Teamster's) Five-O tour on his blog and are tracking his progress through the west.

Side note - his blog is private, or I'd include a link for you.
The Teamster's blog is not private, so if you'd like to check it out just click here. He's got some great pictures of the desert southwest from his motorcycle ride.

Anyhoodle, (kind of like Heck-A-Doodle Bond) Katherine has been reading here since the beginning so I feel like I've got to know her a bit through the months. It'll be great to finally meet her.

The other participant in blogger meets blogger will be Starr. I've read her site off and on over the last year or so. Looks like her daughter, so far only known as kidlet, will be joining her too.

How cool is that? Getting to meet some great people, having a casual BBQ and making this world of blogging just a wee bit smaller. Should be a blast.

I'm pretty sure I'll have a blog for this coming Monday.

Until then,



Desert Songbird said...

You're getting to meet some really cool bloggers, Jeff my pal. I'm sure a good time will be had by all.

Oh, and his blog is private? Really? I can read it Google Reader, and usually I can't read private blogs in Reader; they don't update. Huh.

quilly said...

Fun! I've met a few bloggers in my time. I even packed my bags and moved to Hawaii with one. (Amoeba and I met through our blogs about 3 years ago).

And currently, one of my blogging buddies -- we met online before we met in person -- only lives three blocks away!

Thom said...

Yeah and now I"m stuck with her ROFLMAO :)

Thom said...

It's great when you can meet other bloggers...have a good time with the meet up :)

BJ Roan said...

Sounds like a great time. I haven't met any of my blogger friends, yet. I have talked to one via telephone, though. Like you, she is the first to ever comment on my writing blog. Without her comments, I might have let writing go. If only she lived on this side of the pond.

Matt-Man said...

Kat AND Starr? At the same time? God, I envy you...and at the same time, hate you. Have Fun. Cheers Jeff!!

Jay said...

I've been blogging for more than three years and I have yet to meet my first blogger. Crazy huh? I don't get out much. haha

Have fun.

Hammer said...

I've met a few bloggers and they are just as nice in person.

Have a good time.

The Teamster said...

the teamster five-o is not private....however my family (including my mom and dad) reads it. everyone is welcome to check it out...

See you guys sunday.

Jeff B said...

Songbird- Hmmmm, well I thought it was a private blog. Guess I'm wrong on that one. There's a first for everything ya know.

Quilly- Now that's blogging at its finest.

Thom- and you even comment next to each other. (insert stalker music here)

That's pretty neat though, meeting online and then moving so close to each other.

BJ- I am definitely looking forward to our BBQ. Should be a bunch of fun.

Matt- I understand completely. We'll just have to file this under the "Some guys have all the luck" category.

Jay- Maybe we should all come to you. "If you build it, they will come."

Hammer- I'm thinking that will be the case with everyone this weekend too.

Jeff B said...

Teamster- Good to know. I'll edit my post and include a link to your site.

Make sure to bring an appetite with you Sunday. No one ever leaves our house hungry. See you then.

Sandee said...

The Teamster and Katherine are two of my favorite people. You will enjoy them both. Have fun.

Have a terrific day. :)

katherine. said...

you and Lisa are incredibly gracious...and I am sooooo looking forward to your world renowned ribs!

I didn't remember I was your first commenter (commentress?) I must have surfed over from Gene...? That is kinda cool.

you got a webcam mateo? we could skype you in...

I've only met a couple bloggers in real life...Sandee and Linda...and we've made it an annual event. I'm truly looking forward to Sunday...now who is bringing the bananas...and who is bringing "Sound of Music"?

Kelly H-Y said...

How fun! Have a great time!

Jeff B said...

Sandee- They do sound like great down to earth folk. I'm sure I'll have a full scouting report on the days activities posted at the beginning of the week.

Katherine- A "commentress", I like that!

Hmmm...Skyping in the Matt-man... there will be impressionable young children present remember.

And the first one to sing a bar from the retched musical be be kindly asked to leave.

See you Sunday

Kelly- You and Jeff should pop over for a meet and greet on Sunday

Jeff B said...

that was supposed to read, "The first one to sing a bar from THAT retched musical WILL be asked to leave."

fingers going faster than the brain

Akelamalu said...

How exciting meeting fellow bloggers! The only other blogger I've met is Queenie but I already knew her before either of us started blogging. :)

My POW is set to go on Monday.

Starrlight said...

Skype you in sounds all kinda of drrrrty, Katherine ;)

I am looking forward to it!

Desert Songbird said...

I have a web cam! I have a web cam! Skype me and I'll be there with you in spirit!!!!!

Thumbelina said...

I have met a couple of bloggers and it's fun. You'll have a blast!
Don't forget to tell us all about it!

Jeff B said...

Akelamalu- Hopefully I'll have the opportunity to meet even more in the future.

Starr- Yep, looks like it should be an entertaining afternoon.

Songbird- Now I might even learn how to use Skype. Yep, a real computer wiz I am.

Thumbelina- I'll be sure to have a post up the first of the week.

Dana said...

You get to meet Katherine?? And all I get to do is send her a silly book!

Have a great time!

Starrlight said...

I hope you guys realize we are gonna have to live blog this event =)

Dianne said...

sounds like a great event! have a great time everyone :)

nitebyrd said...

It's so much fun meeting fellow bloggers. Have a great time!

Desert Songbird said...

Oooo, live blog event? Sounds intriguing and slightly dangerous...(insert evil laugh)

Gene Bach said...

I hope she wears her ugly-proof sunglasses when she looks at you or her eyes will burn out of the sockets.

Jeff B said...

Dana- Here's an idea. Get a box large enough to fit in. Pack a few goodies for the trip and mail yourself with the book and then you can meet her too. Hmmm, maybe an airline ticket would be a better bet. Bwahahahaha

Starr- This live blog idea is sounding better and better.

Dianne- I can only imagine how much fun it'll be given the cast of characters in attendance.

Nitebyrd- You can count on it. Tune in early in the week for the run down.

Songbird- The evil laugh is duly noted.

Gene- It's a good thing you won't be here or they'd have to be sitting in a separate room from you to keep from going ugly blind.

Bond said...

May I just echo Matt when I say KATHERINE and STARR?!?!?!

I totally hate you dude!

So, let me know if it is going live...OK...OK??? I said OK???!!!

San said...

Wow, Jeff, what fun!

I've met about 4 bloggers. They all live near me, and it was great to hook up with them.

Real Live Lesbian said...

Very fun stuff! I love meeting bloggers. They are the best conversationalists.

Mel said...

It's Sunday! :-)

Oh, I know you'll all have a fun time of it. And I'm really glad for it!

Take lots of photos, eat lots--have fun lots! :-)

(and if katherine bursts into 'The hills are alive...with the sound of music....lalala' it really won't be cuz you're boring or anything...LOL)

CrystalChick said...

AWESOME! Have fun. Looking forward to hearing all about your time together.

Dr.John said...

What happened to the linksy for Portrait of words?

Jeff B said...

I'll be posting a recap later tonight after I'm finished with work.

Dr John- Just put it up on my Portrait of Words site.

quilly said...

Jeff -- neither Thom nor I moved after we met online. We made friends, then decided it was silly to live on the same little island without meeting, exchanged particulars -- and discovered we lived within walking distance of each other. We both about fell off our chairs laughing.