Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Working Girls / Working Man

So in case you missed it (as did I), last night was Victoria's Secret big show on TV. It got me to thinking as some things will.

Was this show done to improve their bottom line?

Did they bust out all of their special goods?

Do you suppose they are bosom buddies with Fredrick's of Hollywood?

How's this for a slogan idea? "Don't buy off the rack. Buy for the rack!"


In other news, I have one more day left on a huge commercial job that has consumed the past two weeks of my working life. My oldest brother Gene came down for Thanksgiving and offered to help us out for a couple of days. My wife has even gotg into the act by helping out the last two days and will be there again tomorrow. Do you get the idea this really is a family business?

The project has been to revamp concrete floors in two locker rooms and the associated saunas and restrooms for a large recreation center. We've been grinding and leveling the floor and then putting a decorative epoxy floor system in. Tomorrow will mark the completion of phase one of our scope of work. I'll be sure to snap some photographs of it in a few weeks when the other trades have completed their work and the project is finished.

We'll be back at the project sometime in January to do a bit more coating around the new swimming pool that is being constructed. We've done larger jobs as far as square footage is concerned, but this one marks the largest contract yet. That's due to the logistical issues we've had to overcome and the intricate nature of the coating itself.

I am really looking forward to a day off and sleeping in past five a.m. Yes, my pillow and I are going to get reacquainted with one another very soon!


The Things We Carried said...

You just showed up in my Google reader. Glad to see you are still writing! Loks like you have been very busy!

quilly said...

Families that work together eat together ... I am glad you have work to do. I hope you continue to have work to do and don't become overly familiar with your pillow.

Sandee said...

I hope you get acquainted with your pillow real soon. I so remember those long drawn out projects.

Have a terrific day. :)

Ron said...

"Don't buy off the rack. Buy for the rack!"


OMG...that was BRILLIANT, buddy!


So glad to hear work is busy and that you're doing well.

Have a great day off, my friend!


Mel said...

Oh darn. Missed the big TV show.

(can ya tell how broken up I am over that one.....)

Congratulations on the big job--and for having an extended family that comes in handy sometimes. LOL

Love the pillow, sir.....and hopefully soon.

Nessa said...

I am glad you have lots of work, but pillows do require special attention.

Name That Christmas Song

Jay said...

I can't wait for all the complaints to the FCC from some group with "Family" in their title over the VS show. Those are always entertaining. Mostly because the people who are offended by the show, but watch all of it anyway are always the butt of my jokes. ;-)

Jay said...

Also, I hope the show wasn't a ratings bust. Or the people who put it on will all look like boobs.

Desert Songbird said...

There you go again, getting all humorous and silly. Glad to see the old Jeff back.

While I'm sure you'd like to get reacquainted with your pillow, I know you're thankful that you're working so hard during a normally quiet time. Work is work, right? And at the end of the day, you have more work to do, so all is good.

Akelamalu said...

It'll be over before you know it and your pillow is waiting! LOL

Sandi McBride said...

Victoria kept her secret here, too...couldn't be bothered...hope you get a break and a nap, soon!

Bond said...

Most excellent Sir...nice to have such a large job in these times...

and especially around this time of year with the expenses of the holidays..

Gene Bach said...

My knees are still thinking about sueing you scumbag. Especially since you stuck me with "Eore" the entire first day. ;-)

Kelly H-Y said...

WOW ... that sounds like quite a project!!!

Jeff B said...

TTWC- It is nice to be posting again. Haven't found the time to get back to fiction writing quite yet, but maybe soon.

Quilly- I'm sure the pillow and I won't get too much quality time together.

Sandee- It was a great project, but one that I was very glad to be done with.

Ron- "A day off" Wow, that sounds really good doesn't it?

Mel- I can tell how broken up you are that you missed it. :)

Nessa- It'll only be getting a wee bit of attention from me I'm sure.

Jay- Nice. How about, "Shop now. All our clothes are half off."

Songbird- You are absolutely right. I'm feeling quite blessed to be busy this time of year.

Akelamalu- Tonight me and my pillow shall become one.

Sandi- We finished today, so relaxing time is upon me.

Bond- Right you are. Hopefully we will be able to receive partial payment before Christmas.

Gene- Ya, but I get to work with him on a daily basis.

Kelly- It was. I'll have some photos in the near future.

nitebyrd said...

VS should hire you for a slogan writer or perhaps you could construct something that would decoratively lift the angels heavenward!

Good to know you're busy but keeping the family close.

buffalodick said...

Sounds like a nice project to put in a resume for future clients- take photos!

Dianne said...

I know you must be beat but I am thrilled that your business is doing well in this economy - couldn't happen to a nicer guy

my favorite late night guy - Craig Ferguson - calls the VS models walk 'the Nazi Pony' since it appears to be a mix of walking like a pony and marching like a Nazi

gee, don't all women walk like that? ;)

Jeff B said...

Nitebyrd- Perhaps I could lift their sales.

Buffalo- I definitely will.

Dianne- I think Craig has a pretty keen handle on their true look.

jennifer said...

It sounds like you were D-lighted to C such talent and that you could B A fan of Victoria's Secret. I wounder if there would be anything to DOUBLE your enthusiasm?