Monday, October 8, 2007

Columbus Day

515 years ago Columbus pulled a Gilligan, completely missed the Indies and ended up "discovering" America. Does this surprise any of you? Columbus was a man, asking for directions was not an option!

In honor of this momentous day I thought I'd share a few of my own discoveries.

I've discovered that:
  1. Playing a three hour game of Rail Baron (a board game) with my son is better than three hours of anything else without him
  2. A closed mouth gathers no feet
  3. Given enough opportunity some people will disappoint you
  4. My dad was an awesome father
  5. Footballs don't bounce in a straight line
  6. Life is better without hangovers
  7. I married up
  8. Passing the guy in front of me probably won't get me there any faster
  9. When I listen to God, what the world tells me doesn't seem as important anymore
  10. Bills continue to show-up in the mail regardless of how much money is in the bank account
  11. Orange juice tastes really nasty right after brushing your teeth
  12. The Federal government will use any excuse, even a lost Italian guy, to take a day off


kevin wecker said...

Busted a gut on number twelve! Thanks!

Jules~ said...

I love your list. Ahhh the oddities and heart moments in life.

If I may add two to your list....

I've learned that the phone never rings until I have my hands full with cutting up raw meat for dinner.

Nothing feels as good after a long day as tucking my children in and tickling out the last of the bed time giggles....even when they are 16 and 14.

Anxious to read more of your blogging....but no pressure.

Gene Bach said...

Hey...I'm living that list!