Friday, October 12, 2007

Cut It Out!

Things you don't want to hear from a chain saw operator.
  1. Actually, I think it looks better that way
  2. That's gonna leave a mark
  3. Hi, I'm from Texas
  4. There, just a little more.........oops
  5. That finger's not really useful anyway
  6. He was standing under me just a minute ago
  7. First time that's happened
  8. I don't know, I ain't never run one of these before neither
  9. I didn't see that coming
  10. TIMMMMMMBE...........never mind
  11. Oh, you meant those trees
  12. Gimme another beer
  13. This is how my daddy died

1 comment:

Psycho Mom said...

Another one came to mind: "Oops. Hey, Mrs. Smith, guess you can cancel that appointment with your husband's doctor for his vascetomy."