Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Why do some people insist on wearing so much perfume or cologne they could choke a camel from a hundred feet away?

Have you ever hugged a woman who has so much perfume on that it rubs off on you and now you get to "enjoy" it for the rest of your day too? ..YUCK.. It always seems that this transference of stench is from a fragrance that is probably called O'da Skunk #5.

How about the wonderful aroma of petuly oil (aka hippie juice). I'm not sure how this toxic sludge is made but I'm pretty sure some of the essential ingredients are old sweat socks, diesel fuel and used bong water. I worked in a natural foods store in California for a time and it seemed that about every twentieth customer was a long hair, dope smokin', Birkenstock wearing, braided armpit hair hippie freak who insisted on wearing this elixir of nastiness. It made me want to take a wire brush to the inside of my nose each time.

This is not a put down on lifestyle, just my opinion about smell.

What about the "The Guy Who Wore Too Much Cologne"? (sounds like a bad James Bond title) You know the guy, he's the one who gets into the elevator with you on a hot August afternoon. Three floors later you're dizzy from olfactory overload. Do the world a favor and save the thirty-nine cents it cost for that bottle of gack.

Oh how I'm so glad I have such an acute sense of smell. Think what I'd miss without it.

Please remember if you find your self saying, "I wonder if this smells bad?"



CresceNet said...
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kevin wecker said...


Not the smell, but the post written about the smell.

Thank you!

Gene Bach said...

Too much stinky stuff heh? Sounds a lot like smelling you and Mark when we were kids. Well, now too for all that matters.

We had a lady come here to dispatch once for a training gig and she stunk of perfufe so bad she melted 3 printers and a monitor. It was NASTY!

Gene Bach said...



katherine. said...

the real No.5 costs a bit more than 39 cents....