Monday, October 29, 2007

We Don't Need Another Hero

Here are five "heros" you may not have heard of:

Impotent Man - "To boldly go where he's never gone before."

Captain Couch Potato - "Able to avoid household chores while eating a half gallon of ice cream in a single sitting."

Butt Kiss Boy - Side kick to The Silver Suck-Up. Can often be found hiding out in the cubical cave

Shopping Girl - "Able to spend daddies money faster than a speeding Jetta"

Boro - Masks his incompetence by exaggerating his accomplishments


Gene Bach said...

Say, that Mark?

katherine. said...

silver-suck-up and butt-kiss-boy...hiding out in the cubical cave...I KNOW them...

Mel said...

Well, I know Shopping Girl.....only it wasn't 'daddy's money' she was spending..LOL