Sunday, December 9, 2007

Can You Hear Me Now?

"Are we receiving a clear signal or
is it being distorted through the fog?"

How well do we communicate through the blog sphere?

As I read through different posts I find all of my emotions surface through the words that have been typed into the authors post. Sometimes I'm in stitches because of the cleaver humor, sometimes I'm in tears because of the pain and emotion that's poured out. Great moments of contemplation come from those who write from a philosophical perspective while anger comes out from an occasional post.

I wonder about the comments or lack there of, that come through the various sites. Are they always honest evaluations of what was written?

Do some leave comments with the sole point of increasing traffic on their own site?

If you disagree with the author are you willing to leave a comment that honestly reflects your point of view and how do you feel about comments on your blog that are not positive?

As far as I'm concerned I'll allow any comment to stand on this blog as long it isn't filled with excessive vulgarity or hatred. I try to respond to all the comments that are left even if it's a simple thanks and when I visit other sites I'll leave a comment when I've found something that resonates with me whether I agree with the author or not.


Matt-Man said...

I too have thought about this. I love getting comments, but please, if one comments and doesn't agree with what I said or if they think it was poorly written, I would hope that they would say so. I like honesty.

With that being said, I want to let you know that I think your blog sucks. Cheers!!

Jeff B said...

OK no excessive vulgarity or hatred here. Guess I'll have to let this one stand.

I might have to re-think that honest comment statement thing.

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

I have left comments that conflicted with the author. I won't leave a comment if their post is filled with hatred. I just don't go back. Very good points here. Matt-Man is something else isn't he? Bwahahahah. Have a great day. :)

buffalodickdy said...

I named my blog "Opinions and Rectums- Everybody's Got One" for a reason. I remember something an ex-boss once said- "You don't have to be in the majority to be right". It was one of the few things I wholeheartedly agreed with him on. I don't mind if someone disagrees with me, provided they have a defensible point, or belief. This is how I can learn something new everyday!

the teach said...

Jeff, I think we can live and let-live, right? I admire you for responding to what I said with aplomb. :)

Mel said...

I spend more time reading and responding to others than I do writing on my own little weblog.
I'm thinking that works for me. The less time I spend thinkin' about mememe, the better! (go figure!)

There's a 'feel' that comes from connecting in certain you, it's emotionally charged from the person on the other side of the screen.
All too often the Brit looks at me oddly and asks why I'm laughing, weepy or pensive. Connectedness, I tell him.....and that's true for me.

Maybe I need to respond to comments more than I do. (I'll have to think on that one...)
I don't tend to respond to the comments very often. I didn't start the weblog for the comments and I don't continue the weblog for the comments...
And as far as opposition/challenges left in the comments--food for thought and are just a way of life for me.
There's more than one way to look at things, eh?

Geeze......that's deep thinkin' for a Sunday afternoon....LOL

Jeff B said...

Sandee- The hatred filled posts or comments really don't have a place in for me either. Just move on is a good approach.

Baffalo- 'Have a defensible point or belief'..Bravo. Criticism is always welcome so long as the person is willing to bring something to the table.

Teach- Agreed. Part of being human means that we are unique. What comes off my lips as humor may not be received on the other end as such. Life is a classroom that never lets out for the summer.

Mel- 'Connectedness' is a great way of looking at the relationships we develop through blogging. Some look at it as odd I suppose; talking with a variety of people you've never physically met. I on the other hand, think our friendships are just as valid. I talk with more people from different walks of life than I ever have before. I'm a pretty social person by nature, (shyness is not one of my hang-ups) so communicating through blogging just seems to be an extention of that character trait to me.

Anna said...

Great post Jeff, I really think that answering to each comment of your visitor is really presonalized and nice matter to do, and actually good to know that someone read your comment back, that is why I really like the email follow up in blogspot. I think most of the bloggers comments are honest, some write a lot and some write a bit less but still comeback just to say hello which is always appreciated. I cannot comment on excessive vulgarity because I did not come across anything, however, I only came across when people just drop by and leave comment for traffic purposes, and I really don't like those, but hey sometimes they convert and we become blogger friends. So Jeff was this honest enough for you, lol. I have to tell you this post was well written, and creative, loved it the way you started with the reception through the fog.

Anna :)

Roger said...

Comments to me is a good way to make friends & get to know the author or vice versa. I have to agree with what Sandee said if I don't like a article or blog, I wont comment or go back. Now Jeff don't take that crap from Matt-Man lol!

Travis said...

I have the same philosophy. I like to reinforce the sense of community with my comments.

If I feel something strongly, I don't really like to call someone out on their own blog. It's their place and they are entitled to post what they choose.

I may contact the person privately through email in that case.

Anndi said...

Some people look for a large tally of comments on their blogs... although I like it when someone who stops by lets me know what they think of some of my silliness, I don't blog for comments. Mind you most of the time I don't even know why I'm blogging.. but hey, such is life!

Jules~ said...

This is a great post Jeff. Thank you for being so honest and open. It is actually something I have been thinking about and just commented to a blogger friend the other day about the whole situation.
Your style of personally trying to answer all comments has been inspiring to me and reminds me about being personal in this cyber space world. It has encouraged me to step out more. I admit that there are times when I don't comment on a blog I have read. Sometimes it is because I have nothing to say, but most of the time it is because I figure my comment won't matter anyway.
Thank you for the reminder.

Marilyn said...

I like to leave silly comments for those who answer them, like Matt-man, and Mr. Fabulous, and then come back to see how they responded... so comments can be a conversation where posts are just me being all wrapped up in me (which I like too).

That said, I almost never comment on a post that rubs me the wrong way and I only delete spam comments on my blog.

Comments do tend to be kind of bland, especially in weekly memes where lots of folks comment just to prove they were there so you can run over and comment on their blog (which I try to do).

It's a balance like any social relationship. We each have to weigh the real against the polite and find a comfortable medium.

Odat said...

You're right about how the different blogs inspire different feelings as I read each one...I usually leave comments that I mean. If I disagree I'll do it diplomatically. Honesty! ;-)


Latharia said...

I have to say that I really enjoy having people visit & offer up comments, of just about any sort. I rarely seem to get people who disagree with what I have to say ... but then again, I don't post much that I think would be considered controversial. I do, sometimes, post comments that are in disagreement with the blog-owner, but under the following conditions (a) I feel I know the person well enough that my comments won't produce a deluge of nasty retaliation (b) I feel that my words will have an overall positive effect in the world and (c) I feel like I can phrase my thoughts appropriately!

Gene Bach said...

Her's a comment for you:

You're a loser. You've always been a loser, and you will always be a loser. Of course Mark is just like you. Me, on the other hand, I was always to golden said so. ;-)

Sometimes I leave comments, and sometimes I don't. I do believe I will try and improve upon that though as it is always nice to read lets you know that folks stopped at least long enough to read a little.

Take care bro, see you next week.

katherine. said...

Traffic is not an issue for me...but the community..."connectedness" has become more meaningful than I thought it would.

My comments are typical of the banter in my life. Sometimes I'm a goof...and sometimes I am touched...and upon occassion I have been known to rant in the comment section. If people disagree with me in comments that would be fine...I have been known to change my mind when presented with new facts or opinions. I also sometimes just comment to touch base...just to say "hey"

You touched upon an interesting subject on which people have a great deal to say....and here I was thinking you were shy.....laughing laughing laughing....

(there is ANOTHER brother?)

Jeff B said...

Anna- I appreciate your input. I like replying to those that have made comments because as Mel and others have said, it builds a sense of community.

Roger- There arn't many times when I visit a site that I don't leave a comment, but sometimes enough has already been said on the point so I don't feel I have anything of further value to add.

I'll have to cook up something special for Matt-Man.

Travis- That's a nice way of looking at it, freedom of speach and all. I better go check my in box now. haha

Anndi- I try not to blog for comments either, but I must admit, being the goofball that I am I like the responses to what I post. That's a personality trait I'm constantly trying to work on.

Jules- Transparency isn't always the easiest thing, but as I'm sure you know it does become easier the more you do it. I love when people are honest about what they feel. Doesn't mean I necessarilly like what I hear, but at least there's no misunderstanding.

Marilyn- Striking a balance is an excellent point. So true in all things.

Spam goes bye-bye imediately. Fortunatly I've only had to deal with that once so far.

Odat- "Honesty is the best policy" still holds up after all these years doesn't it?

Latharia- Sounds like you would make a great diplomat. I can tell from your comments and posts that you are a very carring person.

Gene- Another warm fuzzy response from my older and not nearly as good looking brother.

Thanks for the warning about next week.

Katherine- I love the banter we've had on occasion. As I'm sure you've come to realize, sarcasm was king in our house growing up. Fortunatly is was coupled with a lot of love.

Yes there is another brother, Mark.
Gene's the oldest, then Mark, then the poor picked on, neglected, forgotten about me.

I'm working on the shy thing too. I might come out of my shell yet. HA!

Kerri said...

I am semi new at blogging...just since June/July - and normally my blog is just photography and little bits and pieces of what's going on in my life.

I never knew the "etiquette" of blogging was to answer the questions by commenting back on my own site...I always thought I should comment on the person's blog that commented me (does that make sense?)

If I view a site and see that I have nothing in common or things that are really "out there" normally I don't comment and just don't go back. I welcome constructive criticism on my site because I am hoping to develop my photography skills.

Thanks for asking :)

Oswegan said...

I let all of my comments stand unless they are spam or overly vulgar as you said.

I think people leave comments for multiple reasons. Sometimes they are left because the commentor is interested in the topic or cares about the author. Other times people seem to leave them to show that they came by, or in hopes of a return visit.

As far as responding to each comment, it really depends on the traffic experienced. For example, I used to reply to each comment, but on high traffic days it becomes almost impossible without spending your whole day blogging. I also think it turns some people off, or intimidates them, to think that the author is going to respond. Others probably like it.

I like your photo, and I was happy to see your face show up on your comments. What's that big bushy thing on your face anyway?


Mel said...

There's THREE of ya?!

Oh......the poor, poor mom.....

Jeff B said...

Kerri- I don't know if there is an established blog ediquette or not. Being pretty new to this myself I'm learning daily. I think individual style is paramount. How one chooses to interact through comments is entirely up to that person.

Oswegan- Thanks for the input and welcome back to Oregon.

The photo is of the radio towers on the Sylvan hills and the fuzzy thing is a catapiller that crawled onto my upper lip and refuses to leave.

Mel- She has a rubber room at Bellview waiting.

kevin wecker said...

Thank you for a good post!

Funny how this also resonates with meetings people have on a consistent basis!

Further people are inspired to better connect with others - creatively, emotionally, sexually, and all the other adverb-like ways, yet we must consider being valued online versus in-person, and attempting to have a balance between the two.

Can make it rather challenging to connect to real people sometimes, because of the ease of online-communities.

I'll be pondering this post for a while, thank you!