Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Goodness, Gracious

He's at it again. Roger over at Idaho Daily Photo has created another customized set of hangers. Now you may be familiar with the Secret Service men and women who are willing to take a bullet for the president, but this guy actually gave me his balls! Talk about above and beyond the call of duty.

I'd like to think receiving a gift of this caliber makes me special, but it would appear Roger is just a very giving guy. His balls are popping up everywhere. I know he's let Odat hold a few of them and I've seen Matt proudly displaying one as well.
Suffice to say Roger has a lot of balls, so if you'd like to see the rest of his package head over to his site and hang out with him. While you're there make sure you say hi to Ol' Tex too.


Sandee (Comedy +) said...

His balls are all over the place. I have played with them too. At least he is a giving soul. Bwahahahah. Have a great day. :)

katherine. said...

you know they make an ointment for that kind of burning...

Anna said...

...not sure are women invited too, should I think twice before clicking on one of the balls, lol. Anna :) PS very funny post

Oswegan said...

Speaking of great balls of fire, it was nice to have a little sun today, wasn't it.


Matt-Man said...

The amount of balls this man has is un-fricking-believable. Cheers!!

Jeff B said...

Sandee- Playing with them? OK this is boardering on more information than I need to know. hehehe

Katherine- Maybe I'll go by Matt's and see if he has any alfredo sauce left. I hear that works wonders for things in this region.

Anna- I'm sure Roger would love to have another woman look at his balls.

Oswegan- It was great. I was putting up Christmas lights in a tee shirt. I think it was about 60.

Matt- Are we having ball envy?

Roger said...

Hahaha I just spit coffee on my puter screen that was great Jeff! I be chuckling while playing with my balls all night! Thanks for the shout & I would be proud if Anna looked at my balls :D

Travis said...

OK now. I was giggling at the ball references. Those were funny.

But did you have to say package? Was it necessary to go there?

I mean really! I'll go check out the man's balls, but I draw the line at the package.

Uhm...that didn't come out right at all.

Annie said...

Ho Ho Ho and a very Merry Christmas to all you guys.

Mel said...

*sitting on hands*

*shaking head*

*locking lips together*

Mmmm mmmm mm mmmmmmmm!


Odat said...

Yup...I got me me a few balls from Roger...He's got some real purty balls alright!

Jeff B said...

Roger- After playing with your balls all night I hope coffee is the only thing on your puter screen.

Travis- Sorry about the 'package' reference, I was just having a ball with this one.

Annie- Merry Christmas to you as well.

Mel- A bit over the top eh?

Odat- He's a nutty guy for sure.

Anna said...

Jeff B and Roger, I already did - very very nice, and hope my hobby isn't reading this, lol. Anna :)
Roger, I am not kidding your balls are very nice, and I recommend everyone have a look, lol. And Jeff B see what you did now everyone is going to think that I am part of bad girls club, lol.
Cheers, :)