Friday, December 21, 2007

What Is It #2 Solved and Ring Those Bells

Well the first attempt at this was pretty much a give away, almost everyone guessed correctly. This time however, I managed to stump you all. Some were on the right track guessing that it was some sort of a bucket while others were sure that there was something frozen in the bottom of it. Must have been the blue color that gave it that effect. Katherine asked for a hint and I nearly gave the following as a clue: 'If you look at my previous post it might help solve this one.' So if you haven't already scrolled down to discover what it is see if that helps.

Here's the original photo:

And here's a wider view:

It's a one gallon paint can shaker/mixer from my local paint supplier. What you were looking at was the 'bucket' that the paint can sits in. The 'frozen' material on the bottom is blue paint from a can that the lid wasn't tight on. I purposely did not pick the machine on the right because it had too many different colors splattered on it and figured it would be way to easy to identify.
While reading a post over at Roger's about the Salvation Army bell ringers I remembered a story about a bell ringer of a different kind.
There was a church that had a beautiful bell tower and was in need of a new person to ring it for the Sunday services. After several weeks of looking for a candidate and no one coming to apply for this prestigious honor, along came Igor.
Now Igor was born without any arms, had a terrible hunchback and was quite ugly to look at. This did not stop him from insisting that he could do an excellent job.
"But you have no arms, how will you operate the ropes to ring the bell?" said the Bishop.
"I will not use the ropes at all." insisted the man.
"I will climb the stairs and when I reach the top of the tower I will run to the center of it and thrust my body and face into the bell and a glorious sound will be heard throughout the town!" he exclaimed.
The Bishop gasped and said, "We could never allow you to do that to yourself. That would be unthinkable. There must be something else for you to do."
"I beg of you to let me show you what I can do. I come from a long family of bell ringers and in my fathers honor I implore you to reconsider."
After much begging and pleading from the man and pressure from the congregation to fill the position, the bishop agreed to let the man have the job.
Finally, Sunday came and he climbed the tower, ran to the center of it and with a WHACK! he thrust his body and face into the bell. (((BONGGGGGG))) the sound of the massive bell filled the town square and all the people were delighted to hear its music again.
Several weeks went by with the hunchback man performing his duties flawlessly until one fateful Sunday when he tripped half way across the floor and missed the bell completely. AAAAAAAAA...!!! he went flying through the air and landed with a THUD! dead on the ground below.
As the towns-people came milling towards the church for service that day they were puzzled as to why they had not heard that familiar sound they had come to expect. About that time some of them came across the man they had listened to and saw, but never really met. As one of the men turned him over he heard another say, "Who is that?"
"I don't know?" he said, "But his face sure rings a bell!"
A short time after this the man's twin brother came and took the job as the bell ringer. As fate would have it he too met the same doom as his poor brother. Upon finding him, one of the towns-people asked who he was.
"I don't know, but he's a dead ringer for the guy who died hear a couple of months ago!"
On a completely different note, Marilyn over at More Random Than Average has a comment story going on over at her site. It's a live story where your comments become the actual story. If you have a chance check it out and add to it. It's pretty fun to see how it changes with different people helping to script it. I asked her about linking to it before hand and she was all for it so don't be shy about joining in. (Yeah, like any of you are shy. haha)
Ciao for now.


Mel said...

Pfooey...... I was close, dangit.

Blue paint, eh?

Close--no cigar.

Psycho Mom said...

"His face rings a bell" . . . "dead ringer for the other guy" ????? You are a sick puppy and have a perverted sense of humor. I like that in a son. Very funny story, Jeff!

"The Babe"

Matt-Man said...

Ha...Funny stuff. Anyone who would ring the bell that way would have to be a real ding dong. Cheers!!

Jeff B said...

Mel- In a game of horse shoes or hand grenades you would have won.

Mom- Just tryin' to make my momma proud.

Matt- Bwahahaha...punderful comment

Travis said...

I guess we all get a quarter point credit for guessing some kind of bucket.

"...face rings a bell..." Bwahahahahahahahahaha! Funny story!

Latharia said...

Love those "what is it" kind of photos -- makes me think of the world from a whole new viewpoint! And that joke ... it's terrible! :D

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

I would have never guessed this one. I guess you did have to raise the bar after the easy one last time. Have a great day. :)

buffalodickdy said...

I sell a little metal to a customer (X-Rite) that makes color matching scanning equipment for people who sell paint, but it's been a long time since I looked into a shaker unit! That joke is an "oldie, but a goodie".....

Jeff B said...

Travis- Quarter points all around. It's on the house!

Latharia- I was inspired by another blogger, Oswegan, who takes a lot of macro shots of things. Things aren't always as they seem from a distance.

Sandee- It was fun to see what others saw while trying to figure out its true form.

Buffalo- I had to go deep into the memory vault for that one. Kind of like a bell rang when I recalled it though.

Gene Bach said...

My kind of humor.

Roger said...

I am late sorry Jeff been a little busy myself! Thanks for the shout my good man! Oh & shamalamadingdong!!

Anndi said...

At that time the bishop walks up to the corpse, looks at it, shakes his head and says: 'I had a
hunchback there nothing good would come of that job interview.'


Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Oswegan said...

Merry Christmas!


Kerri said...

Merry Christmas Jeff! Enjoy your time off :)

Diesel said...

Merry Christmas, Jeff!

Jeff B said...

Gene- You're a sick peppy like me, guess we travel in packs.

Roger- It's been a whirl wind around here too.

Anndi- Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day to you!

Oswegan, Kerri and Diesel- Merry Christmas to you all!

Odat said...

Gee..I should have guessed that!!!Ya know I thought the picture was that!!! ahahaha.
Good, stupid


Jeff B said...

Odat- There always easy when you know the answer aren't they.

Thanks for playing along.