Monday, February 25, 2008

Big League - Part 1

Before I get to the story, yes I am still alive and breathing. My wife has dug a large hole in the back yard, but assures me that it's for a tree. Riiiight. I'm sleeping with one eye open for a while. She did get a kick out of all your comments supporting her. (as did I)

With spring just around the corner the following story came to mind. It's mostly fiction with a sprinkling of facts just for fun. Hope you enjoy it.

Part 1

“What are you doing buddy?”

“Is it time to get up dad?” the small voice said.

As his father reached for the alarm clock he said, “I don’t know, what time is it?”

The man’s eyes opened just enough to distinguish what the red glow on the alarm clock showed… 5:30am. “No, not yet Eric, go back to bed son.”

“OK the boy replied, “How much longer dad?”

“One more hour buddy, now get some more sleep.”

He knew there was no possible way his eight-year-old son was going back to sleep, but with a little luck he’d be able to get a few winks himself.

About a half an hour latter he felt the presence of two eyes starring at him from his bedside. Glancing up, he saw Eric standing next to him again. He couldn’t help but smile when he looked at the excited boy in front of him in his PJ’s and baseball glove in hand.

“Having a hard time sleeping?” whispered the father.


“Alright, what do you say we go down stairs and get some breakfast?”

“Yes!” the boy exclaimed.

His father replied, “Shsssh, let’s not wake up mom.”

“Too late.” They heard come from the other side of the bed.

Before another word could be spoken their seventy-five pound ball of energy sprang up onto the bed between them talking a mile a minute.

“How much longer until we leave dad? Mom did you wash my shirt? How long does it take to get there? … He kept up this barrage of questions barely taking time for a breath in between, let alone waiting for an answer.

“Slow down honey, one thing at a time.” His mom said, “Let’s get some breakfast in you, then we can sort out all the other details.”

“OK mom,” Eric said, “Come on dad!”

Their boy was half way down the stairs before either of his parent’s feet had hit the floor.

“Do you think he’s excited?” jested the mother.

The father replied, “Just a tad.”

With that they both broke into laughter.

By the time they made it to the kitchen, their son had already put the cereal and milk on the table and was climbing onto the counter in an effort to reach the bowls in the cabinet above.

“I got one for everyone,” announced Eric.

As he walked to the dining table the boy’s rapid fire of questions continued, “Do you think they’ll hit a ball towards us? Cause if they do I’ve got my mitt and I’ll catch it. Where are we sitting again dad? Do we get to have a hot dog there? …

His dad answered each of his questions for what seemed like the four hundredth time, knowing full well that within the hour he would be answering them all over again. Normally this repeating himself would have gotten a little old, but today was different. Today was his son’s first big league baseball game. He remembered back some thirty years prior when his mom and dad had taken him to his first game.

He could recall the amazement of walking into Candlestick Park and seeing the perfectly cut grass of the outfield and the grounds crew spraying down the dirt around the bases. He remembered all the fans waving the pennants decorated in orange and black. He also recalled sitting just above the third base dugout where the visiting San Diego Padres were and although the baseball that some of the players autographed was long since gone, he could still picture it resting in his favorite glove.

“Honey…Hello…Earth to Roger.” Coming out of his day dream he finally heard from his wife, “Would you like some milk with your cereal?”

With a sheepish grin he replied, “Thank you dear.”

After wolfing down two bowls of cereal, Eric rushed back up the stairs to get his clothes on.

“Wouldn’t it be nice if he had this much enthusiasm on school days?” Roger said.

His wife Gail replied, “Now I know you’re in a dream land! Still, it would be refreshing.”

Like a herd of elephants, Eric came rumbling back down the stairs shouting, “I’m reeeeaaaadyyyy!”
to be continued


Jeni said...

Ah, you and your brother Gene do share the genetics when it comes to your creative writing abilities. Both of you can turn a good story. Keep this coming -love to read when Gene does posts like this and looks like you'll be on that same list now too, doesn't it?

david mcmahon said...

You sure it's for a tree? Mate, just keep an eye open at all times!

Mel said...

A tree, huh?

<---has swampland in Arizona she'll sell ya REAL cheap....

Baseball 'n hot dogs!
*awaiting the next chapter*

Anndi said...

Substitute the boy for a girl and baseball for hockey and that would be me when I was a kid about to go to my first NHL game...

Looking forward to reading the rest!

Memorial trees are nice... *giggles*

nitebyrd said...

Your story reminds me of taking my son to see his first game when our local team was headed towards The World Series.

Thanks for making me smile today.

Bond said...

I can remember my first game....Yankee Stadium....and I can remember the day we took Matt to his first game...he was only about 3 though...and we did not stay the entire game...but each game after that we built up to a full game...

First one...with a buddy of mine who looks at Matt and says "Hey can go out on the field and play"...We were in lower level seats and Matt takes off down the aisle...thinking he was going to climb over that short wall and get onto the field....I reached him just before he made it!

Jeff B said...

Jeni- Thank you, I wish Gene would get back to writing again too. I miss reading his stuff.

David- Just hope I'm not the fertilizer!

Mel- How much? I love the dessert in winter!

Anndi- Never been to a hockey game myself. I'll bet their a lot of fun.

Nitebyrd- There is something magical about walking into the ballpark for the first time.

Bond- Yankee Stadium, now there's some history! I've always wanted to see a game there.

How long did it take for your friend to stop laughing? I bet Matt has some pretty good memories of being at the park with his dad.

Real Live Lesbian said...

You really are a great writer! I adore your stories and how you tell them!

Matt-Man said...

That's sweet Jeff. I smiled the whole time. Keep it coming. Cheers!!

Sherry said...

A tree my ass! That is what my husband's excuse was for buying a backhoe. Really. After a while, I got scared since he never planted a tree with it.

Oswegan said...

Glad to hear you are alive. That hole would concern me too. If it were really for a tree, why didn't she have you dig it?

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

I love it and yes it's Candlestick. Not 3Com Park or all the other names. Very well done. Yes, this is how little boys act too. Well, if they love baseball. I can't wait for part II. I always enjoy your writing. Are you going to do anything about cardiac hill? Just asking. Have a great day. :)

Jeff B said...

Real LL- Thanks for the compliment.

Matt- You smiled the whole time? What else were you doing while reading this?

Sherry- A backhoe...Damn!

Sounds like he's going for the whole six feet under bit.

Oswegan- Ah yes, the plot thickens.

Sandee- I have a lot of good memories from games at "The Stick", but I'm at a loss as to the cardiac hill reference. What am I missing?

Leighann said...

So exciting, I can't wait to read more!

Do me a favor, watch out for holes in the backyard!

Ron said...

You have such a wonderful way with words, Jeff!!

You always paint such a "clear" picture for us to view!

Great story, Bud...REALLY enjoyed it!!


david mcmahon said...

You're still keepin' one eye open, aren't ya!!!!

Mimi Lenox said...

You've been royally tagged by the Queen of Memes. Message In a Bottle Meme
Have fun!

Jeff B said...

Leighann- Don't know if I'll get part two posted tonight or not, but definitely by tomorrow.

and I'm filling them as fast as she's digging them. Bwahahaha

Ron- Thanks for the encouragement.

David- I've taped the eyelid to my forehead. Got any Visine?

Mimi- You know of course this means I'll have to try to do something that requires computer skills? Wish me luck, but I'll give it a go.

Travis said...

That had me smiling from the first word. My first ball game was at Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum. We sat about 20 rows back on the first base side. I'm fairly certain Reggie hit a home run.

I've seen plenty of games at the 'Stick too. But I never rooted for the Giants.

Looking forward to some more of this.

Annie said...

I hope the next part of the story has something in it about peanuts and cracker jacks. Oh boy . . .

Bond said...

Jeff- Make plane reservations...get there this year the new Ballpark opens...right next door...all fancy smancy...get to the old one before they tear it down...

We have so many memories of major league, minor league, college and HS fields together...Wonderful memories

Desert Songbird said...

I wish my son would get half this excited when we get ready for our treks to the D-Backs games. He's an oddball in our family; he's just not into sports.

Dana said...

My son's fascination is with minor league baseball - we've got two minor league teams quite close to home - the Kane County Cougars and the Schaumburg Flyers. I think he likes the "intimacy" of the minor league teams, and I like the affordability!

GREAT story!

Jeff B said...

Travis- As I recall you're a Dodger fan right?

I watched a few home A's games too.

Annie- It didn't make it in pt 2, but maybe in the conclusion.

Bond- That's got to be bittersweet for the NY fans. A great new park, but all the nostalgia from the old one will be missing.

Songbird- Funny how different our kids can be.

Dana- I completely understand about the prices. I'm looking at a small fortune to take the family to Seattle for a game this summer. Yikes!

Travis said...

Correct...been a Dodgers fan since 1975. I've seen many games at Dodger Stadium and it is a beautiful place to watch a game.

buffalodickdy said...

Taking my kids to the old Tiger Stadium was fun , once you got inside the park! Old neighborhood not so hot..

Jeff B said...

Travis- I never wated any games there, but I did see a few down the road at the "Big A".

Buffalo- Some areas around Candlestick were/are like that too. Hunters Point is pretty rough around the edges.

San said...

Jeff, this reminds me of going to a game at Wrigley Stadium. I was no kid, but it made me feel like one!

Now to read the next installment...

Anna said...

...and I am ready for part 2, moving on, great start, Anna :)