Friday, June 13, 2008

What Is It #6 - Pretty Colors

Thank you all for chiming in on the last post and letting me know what you thought about this little game. As many of you know I've done these (five of them actually) in the past, but never on a specific day of the week. I just sort of put them up when the mood struck me. As a result, I would get a couple of comments each time that went something like this, "Sorry I missed it this time around, I'll look for it next time."

So I said to myself, "Self. . . Why don't you post these on a regular schedule for a while." You can just about see the light bulb going on over my head with that bright idea can't you. Here's what I decided to do.

I will post 3-4 pictures each Friday for you to view. Sometimes there will be a theme, other times maybe not. Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to try and figure out what they are. They will either be a close-up or a cropped image of the larger object. I won't distort the image, change the color of it or do any other alterations other than to crop it. On the following Sunday (two days later for the mathematically challenged) I will post the answers along with the expanded photos.

One of the things I enjoy most about doing these is reading the comments that you leave. For this reason I will leave the comments open during the challenge so if you want to offer up a guess it'll have to be done on the honor system. You know the story, "Cheaters never win and all that rat. blah, blah, blah" Those of you that guess all the items correctly (and the most accurate or detailed) will earn the right to display the highly coveted Cracker Jack graphic on your blog. Everybody say Ooh...Aah! If displaying those things isn't your bag, then no big deal, I'll try not to cry too loudly.

The other thing I love to read are the humorous guesses/descriptions you come up with. So for all you nut cases who wish to tickle my funny bone, I am working on another graphic as your big prize. Wow, am I giver or what?

I'll keep these post going through the summer on their Friday & Sunday schedule as long as it still seems like there is an interest in it. Your comments will be my guide.

Enough yakking let's get on with the show...

***Pretty Colors***






Matt-Man said...

That purple one looks exactly like the seeping sore that has appeared on my left butt cheek...Do you have cameras in my place? Cheers Jeffy!!

Nicole P said...

Oh good grief, Jeff. When you said you were going to make them harder, you weren't kidding!!!

Honestly man, I have no clue. Except for the last one. I am pretty certain that is a basketball.

katherine. said...

it's a hundred watt idea!

katherine. said...

almost forgot to guess.

airhockey table
window blinds
this one is tickling my brain

Jules~ said...

The blue is some sort of a sports court...real or toy I am not sure.
Red is a small strawberry basket.
Purple is an engine. (And I love that purple color.)
Orange is a basketball.

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Katherine always beats me here.

1. Airhocky table
2. Window blinds
3. Distributor cap
4. Basketball

Jeff B said...

Would somebody please send Matt-Man a doctor. The mental image of his left butt cheek with or withour a sore is leaving a scar on my frontal lobe!

There are some prety good guesses so far, but no 100% winners yet.

Jay said...

1. A foosball table
2. Dunno
3. Part of an engine of some kind.
4. Basketball.

Did I win?? ;-)

Nicole P said...

Can I guess again.
I have still have no idea what blue is.
I stand by my guess that orange is a basketball.
I think red might be a laundry basket.
And purple might be a Dyson.

Akelamalu said...

1. Blue
2. Red
3. Purple
4. Orange

Other than that I haven't a clue! Can't you make them a bit easier for old folk like me please?

the teach said...

Jeff, the orange thingy is a basketball...The red thingy is louvers of some sort. Purple looks like part of a very clean engine... Dont'know the blue thingy...

You said I was such a rebel after reading my "Momeent of Truth" post...couldn't tell whether you were joking or not but the real truth is I was a Catholic school goodie two shoes...

Jeff B said...

I see three out of the four identified so far. I'm impressed!

Akelamalu- The last round was way to easy, so I thought I'd make it a bit more challenging this time. You did give me an idea for a future set of pics though.

Teach- That's the hard part of writing sarcasm. Without the facial expressions to go along with the words, it doesn't always come through. I was referring to your "brush with the law", which I assumed was all in jest. Now the football team is another story!

Sandi McBride said...

Okay, red is for blinds, orange for basketball...purple? Sorry, not a Ditto

Starrlight said...

Well the last has to be a basket ball. The purple thing reminds me a sex toy I once enjoyed :P

Jo said...

The orange one is difinately a basketball.

Now what do I win for getting one right??? lol

Dianne said...

Crap I got here late - and I've had a few cocktails.

1> air hockey table
B> stack of those little baskets grocery stores have
3> the sore I saw on the ass of a man who mooned me at a drive thru in Ohio
fourthly> might be a basketball - what does everyone else think?

Ron said...

Damn...this one's a toughy, bud!

I sat here looking at these from every angle.

Here goes...

Blue - a gym mat????
Red - mini blinds
Purple - part of a hub cap off a really cool motorcycle????
Orange - a basketball

GONG!...I lose!

Whatever these are, you did a great job confusing the hell out of me!

Can't wait to find out...

Mel said...

Oh! OH!

Basketball! Wooooohoooooo!!!!!

( many are we suppose to guess to get the prize?)

k....lemme try again.....

Blue--whozit jobby for a video game whatzitthingymabob.
Red light district....umm..wait, that's red blind district!
And the purple mother ship landed! Silver woulda been sooooo boring.

Take me to your leader?


No CrackerJack dohicky for me, huh?

Travis said...

On my honor, I didn't look at anyone else's guesses.

Blue = Looks like a wrestling matt.

Red = Looks like mini blinds.

Purple = No idea.

Orange = Now that looks like a basketball.

Jeff B said...

Checking in on your progress. All four have been correctly identified now, but still not by one person. Can you decide which the correct answers are?

Dianne- You're killing me with #3

buffalodickdy said...

Number three is the stumper for me...

Rhea said...

Wow, I 'm late on this, but awesome mystery photos! These rock. And, wow, Matt-man is grossing me out! So many of these comments make me laugh though, HILARIOUS!

Rhea said...

air hockey table
engine part

Carletta said...

Hi Jeff,
Can the new girl play?
The first one was throwing me but after reading the comments here goes:
1. gym mat(a wrestling mat would be a big round circle in the center)
2. window blinds
3. distributor cap
4. basketball

Lady in red said...

ok first thoughts were blue swimming pool but I guess its a sports court of some kind

red venetian blinds came to mind first but not with the solid bit in the middle but it does remind me of the shopping baskets at our local store

love the idea of purple being a sex toy....first thought part of an engine but cant see it being purple..then thought the bit on the side was a computer cable but I finally came to the idea that nicole has something with the dyson idea

orange was so easy it cant be right but I was bouncing up and down shouting at my screen I know that one I know that one its a basket ball yeah I did it I got one but then I read the other comments and they all got that one too so I am not such a clever girl after all :-( just a basketball case