Sunday, June 15, 2008

What Is It #6 - Solved

Well well well, here we are on Sunday morning and it's time to solve the mystry of what the heck those colorful objects were that have been puzling you. Although all four of them were correctly identified, nobody was able to come up with all of the correct answers by themself. So I suppose the Cracker Jack award will have to sit in my pantry for another week. Hmmm, I might just have to open the box and munch on it myself.

All-in-all I think you did a great job on these. Let's take a look at them shall we?

#1 was guessed by a fair number of you. Some thought it was a sports court. That was pretty close, but it's actually an Air Hockey Table.

#2 had most of you thinking window blinds. The shape was about right for that, but red blinds? Maybe that's the new signal for "that" district. Only one correct guess was given for this one. Dianne came up with the right answer of grocery store shopping baskets.

#3 also was a toughy. A part of an engine gathered the most votes, but unfortunately they were like a hanging chad in Florida...they didn't count. The only one to punch her card correctly to come up with the answer was Nicole who was able to identify it as the top of the canister for a Dyson vacuum.

#4 This one needs no introduction. Most of you spotted this one right away as a basketball.

As promissed, I have created another award this week too. I love to laugh, whether it be at myself (lots of oppertunity there) or at the world around me. I especially enjoy the silliness we share back and forth in the comment section of our blogs.

So for this inaugural giveaway of the "Horse Laugh" award I've selected Dianne of Forks off the Moment for her cleaver numbering skills (1>,B>, 3>, fourthly) and for her identification of our brother from Bagwine with the following comment regarding the purple object:

"the sore I saw on the ass of a man who mooned me at a drive thru in Ohio."

Go by and give her a shout if you have a moment. You'll be introduced to a talented writer, a woman with a quick wit and someone who has one or two opinions about our current President.

Thank you all for playing along and we'll do this again on Friday.


Akelamalu said...

I would never have got those Jeff - I just suck at this!

I so agree with you about Dianne she is a fabulously funny and talented writer.

Travis said...

DOH! The only one I got was the basketball.

This is a fun game and I'm glad you've decided to try it as a regular feature on a specific day.

Now if I can just get my blog rounds under control and stop getting so far behind...

Dianne said...


for the horse laugh prize - I LOVE it! matt-man just inspires me.

and for such glowing words.

this game is great fun.

Hope you're having a great Dad's Day!

and thanks akelamalu :)

Jay said...

I had absolutely no idea on the shopping baskets. That one was toughest of all!

Actually I guess they were all pretty tough since I only got ONE right! LOL

P.S. Loved your Wordzzle too. I'm trying to get caught up!

Mel said...

*hanging head*

I suck......

Jeni said...

I totally suck at guessing games like this but boy, do I ever have to agree with your assessment on Dianne and her blog! Fantastic LADY! On oh so many levels too! Oh and Dianne never has just "one or two" ideas of comments about our current fearless leader unless that is, you are tacking several zeros behind that number.

Rhea said...

#3 was the toughest ever! Sheesh.

Ron said...

YAY!!!!!!! Dianne and Bagwine!!!

You guys ROCK!!!

(and Dianne...I don't know HOW you knew that...WOW...good going!)

And Jeff....FABULOUS new award buddy! Way to go!

It reminds me of the old TV show...Mr. Ed!

Can't wait til next Friday!

Jeff B said...

Akelamalu- I'll try to find some that are within grasp for you and the others. don't give up.

Travis- I know what you mean. I'll look at my list of blogs I visit and realize how long it's been since I've read so and so's blog. Like you I'm sure, there are so many good ones to read it can be a bit overwhelming at times.

Dianne- You're quite welcome. I had a good laugh when you left that comment.

I'll bet Matt ends up with that award at some point too. He always seems to have a good one at the ready.

Jay- One out of four isn't ba....wait I guess that is pretty bad isn't it. ha, nest week you'll get em.

Mel- Now I feel bad. And just think, if I was grading on the curve, you'd have done just fine.

Jeni- I guess saying Dianne only has a couple of opinions about "W" would be an understatement!

Rhea- You can thank Lisa fot that one. She saw that and knew it would be a tough one.

Ron- or is that Wiiiillllbur?

That picture cracked me up as much as some of the comments I get here. Just had to use it.

Raven said...

The basketball was easy but I knew I didn't know the others. You are right about Dianne. This is a very cool game. I enjoyed observing.

Matt-Man said...

Ha. I am glad to have helped inspired Dianne's award that is related to a Horse's Ass. Cheers Jeff!!

nitebyrd said...

I missed it but those were tough! The new award is great, Jeff.

Have a good day!

Jeff B said...

Raven- Thanks to you for having Wordzzle each week. It was where I discovered Dianne's blog. That's a double win.

Matt- Sacrificing yourself for the good of others. You're such a giver!

Nitebyrd- Hopefully next week's wil be slightly more recognizable. It's hard to find a balance between to hard and too easy.

~Deb said...

I would have never guessed these! I have to catch this for next time!

Desert Songbird said...

I didn't even attempt this since the basketball was the only one I knew.

Gotta love the parallelisms between a horse's ass and Matty.

(Just kidding, Matt. *grin*)

Roger said...

I missed it crap!

Sandi McBride said...

I got the basketball out of how many? ain't bad!

Jeff B said...

Deb- Come by on Friday's to see the latest.

Songbird- And that was a self inflicted observation. He was the butt of his own joke.

Roger- No worries. That's why I've decided to do these each Friday. Hopefully the regular schedule will make it easier to follow if you want to join in.

Sandi- It's not whether you win or lose, it's how you pl.....oh wait, that speach has already been done huh?

Charlene said...

ahhhh cracker jacks...the first "candy" I ever bought. I am new to blogging and do believe that I am going to like your site

Kimmie said...

Oh I missed ir too! But I will play from now on...I can't wait till Friday! ;-) Thanks Jeff!

Ummm...Travis knowing the basketball was a "Big Surprise" wasn't it??? (((Kimmie's ROFLMAO)))...Sorry Trav, but you cracked me up on that statement!

See ya' Friday Jeff, if not before!


buffalodickdy said...

Only got 2- thought I had three...

leelee said...

Damn, now I am jonesin' for Cracker jacks!

San said...

I got to this late, Jeff, but I believe you would have stomped me on all of them.

Jeff B said...

Charlene- Welcome aboard. Hope to see you again.

Kimmie- Now if I did some dancing pics, Travis would get 100% for sure.

Buffalo- Grading on the curve would put you right with the majority.

Leelee- Hey you're back. I'm heading over to see how your trip went.

San- Come back on Friday for another chance.

katherine. said...

so close....and yet....

I've never seen a dyson....sigh.