Sunday, June 22, 2008

What Is It #7 - Solved

The votes have been cast and the judges are tallying the numbers....

We have one clear cut winner this week, although I still think you are all winners, unless of course my brother Gene is reading this. In which case let me just say, "Your a loser!" Well, I for one feel much better now, how about you?

Kimmie correctly identified all four of the objects...but wait...the judges are looking at the super slow motion instant replay. I think they might have found something here. It appears her answers came in just after the clues were published in the comment section.
Will the judges let her answers stand? . . . Tick-Tock Tick-Tock (insert jeopardy music here)
Ah heck, sure they will, that's why I decided to put the clues there in the first place. In fact, I think next week I'll put some clues down at the bottom of the post with the first set of pictures. You can decide if you want to guess at them with or without the help.
Here are the answers:

#1 Most of you went for a shoe tread, but it was in fact a tire (big stinkin' tire too)

#2 A lot of you guessed correctly with a toaster

#3 Nails - Bonus points to Dana for identifying them as finish nails (had you have said "hot dipped", you would have really "galvanized" the deal though!)

#4 I set you up on this one. Last week I had a basket ball in the fourth position which may have influenced your guess of golf ball this time around. The dimples on a golf ball are recessed, but on this hobnail milk glass they protrude out from the surface.

There were once again some funny responses offered up, but the one that tickled my laughter button the most this week came from San of A Life with a View who offered up the following:

"All different views of your brain on memes."

Congrats to Kimmie and San, and thank you all for playing.


Akelamalu said...

Congrats to Kimmie.

Well I got one right! :)

Dana said...

Ha! I did get bonus points!! There's nothing better than a girl who knows her nails!

Ron said...

I didn't sleep for two days waiting for these answers!!!

Yahoo Kimmie! Congrats!

And San too.

Hey, Jeff...GREAT stump on the last photo.

I would have NEVER guessed!!

oooh...and glad to see you've added your blog name AND # to Mr. Cracker Jack. Looks awesome, buddy!

Thanks for another FUN "What is it"!

Kimmie said...

Thank you Jeff! I am shocked that I won this, I have been running around trying to catch up with my friends, and I had forgot about your Friday Meme. I panicked when I saw it! LOL, I know, am I stressed or what? I knew that had to be milkglass because I have some pieces, tires came to my mind immediately, but I thought it was a wrong answer, I really figured it was a sneaker tread and would get that one wrong. I am surprised. I new the nails right away, and I even knew they were finishing nails but was in a hurry so just typed nails. You can see I get up close and personal with my toaster and it paid off! LOL! I don't like toast crumbs. Big obsessive thing of mine. I know... we won't go there. ;-) But to think I thought the toaster was upside down...LOL! I knew the parts looked familiar, just had a bit of confusion. ;-)

Again, thanks! You are such a cool guy!

Thanks to all that congratulated me! :-)


Anndi said...

My mind ran away when I read "hot dipped"...

Congrats Kimmie!

Jo said...

My visits here always bring either a smile or at the very least a giggle.

San said...

Jeff, maybe I'm good at this after all. Now you've got me laughing. Thank you. I needed that VERY much.


Jeff B said...

Akelamalu- After reading her comment, it sounds like she did it without the clues too. Wahoo!

Dana- All the better to scratch you/me with my dear.

Ron- Always fun to have you on board buddy, now go get some rest.

Kimmie- Your OCD with the toaster finally paid off for you! Congrats.

Anndi- That does have a nice ring to it doesn't it?

Jo- Then by all means,keep comming by. Laughter is good for the soul.

San- After reading your last post it made me doubly glad to have selected you.

Dianne said...

congrats kimmie!!

I never heard of milkglass - so look at that - jeff is educational as well as funny (and cute)

and congrats san - I laughed when I read your response!!

hey dana - what's all this about you getting nailed!?

Travis said...

Congrats to Kimmie!

My first thought was tires on #1 too. Just goes to prove that you should always take your chances with your first answer!

Rhea said...

well, damn, I didn't get one right. How sad!!!

Great photos and mysteries this week, Jeff!

I LOVE San's comment, that was awesome!

nitebyrd said...

Of course, I missed this ... again!

Great pictures, Jeff! Congratulations to Kimmie. :)

Jeff B said...

Dianne- You know of course flattery will get you everywhere!

Now with Dana getting nailed, Anndi ready to be hot dipped and you calling me cute, I'm going to have to go take a cold shower.

Travis- That first thought or gut instinct is more often right than wrong.

Rhea- But you gave it a go and that still counts for something. I'm going to put clues along with the photos next week for just such a case.

Nitebyrd- Ya win some, ya lose some, and sometimes y just don't show up. Next Friday, same bat time, same bat channel.

Charlene said...

Thanks for stopping by and for leaving a comment. I plan to do some serious wii tomorrow.
I hope all went well with your mil

Matt-Man said...

Congrats to all. Well, except you, Jeff. Cheers!!

Hammer said...

Damn I wish my feed updater was working. This looks like fun.

I'll look for the next one!

leelee said...

Kimmie is da bomb..

fun game!


Jeni said...

Just for you Jeff, I have something at my blog I've decided you should receive so stop by and pick it up then display it with great pride!

Jeff B said...

Charlene- Unfortunately she is back in the hospital again. They found more cancer.

Matt- I'm moved by your wait, htat was my bowels.

Hammer- I'll have another up on Friday.

Leelee- Kimmie is a doll for sure.

Jeni- Thanks in advance, I'll come by tonight and take a look.