Friday, June 27, 2008

What Is It #8

Time once again for my summer long Friday addition of what the heck is that a picture of?
This week's offerings should afford you with ample opportunity for some, shall I say, "interesting guesses"? I can hardly wait to see what you all come up with this time around. Unfortunately, wait, is exactly what I'll have to do. That's because we are heading off to the coast for three nights of camping.

Lisa, the boys and I are all more than excited and ready to get away for a short break from the day to day routine! As an added bonus, it's supposed to be in the mid to upper nineties here at home all weekend long, but only around 75-80 at the coast. There's gotta be something said for timing.

As a result of my absence, I will be putting up both the pictures (Fri) and the answers (Sun) as scheduled posts. I won't have the luxury of skimming through the comments to see who has the right answers or who has the most hilarious input, but you can bet your sweet aunt Harriet, I'll be looking on Monday afternoon.

Look for my "Horse Laugh" award winner Monday evening.

I'll also be looking forward to getting by to visit all of you too. Sorry for my lack of reading and commenting this week, but as you probably know, it's just been one of those wacky ones.

One last thing and then it's off to the photos. Listed at the bottom of this post there are some clues as to what these pictures are of. Feel free to use them to figure them out. Just indicate whether you did it w or w/o the help.

All right, all right, I hear ya, "Shut up and give us the danged photos already!"

Here ya go.





***Clues below***
Don't read if you don't want to know

#1 Doing this in the spring saves water
#2 Just north of the spit extractor
#3 Cause it doesn't sound right if you put "woman" as the first word
#4 Sure hope the chef used this


Dana said...

Well, here are my thoughts ...

#1 - aeration "plugs" (or fake goose poop - ha!)

#2 - camel toe (sorry, I just couldn't stop myself) ... I mean nose

#3 - manhole cover

#4 - soap dispenser

Jo said...

I have to ditto Dana's answers. You must have been really really in a hurry to get out the door and go camping these were really super easy.
Hope you have a good time camping, after the stress of this week you could all use a little R+R.

Anndi said...

Dang.. I'm with Dana. She hit the nail on the head I'd sy

A manhole cover is a good thing... especially if it covers Gene's monkey butt :)

Did you notice how he needs bananas? did ya? huh? Does Lisa have a few? huh? *gigglesnort*

CrystalChick said...

2:47 AM
3:49 AM
4:03 AM
Does everyone just fricken sit up half the night and wait for you to post?????
Dang, an old tired granny doesn't stand a chance around here.
Ditto Dana on this one... and you wouldn't believe.... OKAY seriously.... you really wouldn't believe that I saw that term on another blog page recently and actually asked my daughter if it was what I thought it was based on the picture that went with the story, cause I really didn't know!! LOL
So later, my daughter tells me to tell hub, in front of hub, so of course he's curious to know what my question was so I told him what I asked her and then I asked him if this was a new term, and he was all wide eyed, looking at my daughter like why is your mother talking to me about camel toe and why didn't she know what that is. LOL I'll tell ya, that was some conversation over dinner that night.

Have a good weekend.

CrystalChick said...

Ahhhh..... okay, so my comment posted at 4:36 AM, and I'm realizing it's YOUR time.....
DUHHHH, I'm really on top of things lately.....
I'm going back to bed.

Mel said...

Personally, I couldn't get past the first photo without wanting to flush the toilet......LOL


nitebyrd said...

#1 Dog poop in the spring helps the grass? Does Martha Stewart do this?

#2 I don't even want to know.

Dana has my guess for #3 & #4, however in being PC #3 should actually be "A Personhole Cover."

Have a great weekend Jeff, come back Monday stress-free!

San said...

Jeff, I posted my horse laugh award over at my place and have a silly post linking to you. Of course you must be off camping now. Have a good time...

Matt-Man said...

Number 2 is Phyllis Diller's twat. Thank You. Cheers!!

Jay said...

1. Looks like dog poop
2. Camel nose
3. Personhole cover
4. soap dispenser

Okay, so I know these have already been answered but I haven't checked comments yet.

Ron said...

Hey... your family weekend camping trip sounds AWESOME, Jeff!

Wishing you guys a nice relaxing and rejuvinating couple of deserve it!

Ok...on with my answers...

2- The Grinch's nose
3- a manhole
4- a deepfrier

I maybe got ONE right...right?

Damn...I love these things!

Later, bud!

katherine. said...

note to self...start staying up late on Thursday nights....

atta girl Dana!

enjoy your time with fam camping!

Rhea said...

1. what my backyard is covered in. I thought they were weeds but they smell funny.

2. saggy, hairy man balls...or maybe a camel's nose, but I like my visual better.

3. manhole cover...hmm...let's think about this for a moment...what man hole would you like to cover? What?! Get your mind out of the gutter, I was thinking mouth, of course.

4. I was thinking tashcan or pepper mill at first, but then realized where you were going with this. Your clues really helped...

I can't believe Crystal Chick didn't know what a camel toe was! What a conversation that must have been!

Have fun camping!

mjgolch said...

1) Pass

2) dogs nose(charpee?)

3) drian hole or water sprayer

4)soap dispener

leelee said...

I thought that first one was dawg doo...ewwwwwwwwww

I thought the second one was a rabbits nose

Manhole cover

Soap dispenser

I have nothing witty to say...


Dianne said...

I really can't control myself with the first two! All aspects of every personality disorder I struggle with are coming to the surface.

I'm blushing at my own thoughts and truly don't know how to share them.

Most folks think #4 is a soap dispenser, I think it's one of those air dryer things.

Hope you guys have a great trip. Relax! You all deserve it.

Starrlight said...

Um...#1 looks like #2 :p

A camel?

Manhole cover

Soap dispenser.

And where on the coast? Cause I am jealous. I am working all weekend and at least I will be AC'd

Bond said...

1 aeration plugs

camel nose

manhole cover

soap dispenser

and now i look at the other answers and realize i am too late too many others have already guessed

damn have to make this first stop on Friday's...note to self...ah hell

have a great weekend my friend..

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

What Katherine said. It will never happen, but just saying. :)

Akelamalu said...

1. Day old dog poo
2. Camel's nose
3. Manhole cover
4. Soap dispenser

I didn't use the clues. Sorry I lied - I used the clue for no.4!

Have a great weekend away. :)

Odat said...

After I saw the second pic of the camel nose (not toe) I thought the first one was camel turd.
I knew manhole cover.
The last one looks like a computer tower with a push button...I figured to get the disc out??? ahahahaha

Peace and hope you had a great weekend.

Michelle said...

- you aerated your grass!
a camel's nose
a manhole cover
and a bathroom soap dispenser?

At first I thought the first one was a picture of my backyard before the pooper scooper came out

Travis said...

On my honor, I did not look at anyone else's guesses and I chose to guess without the clues. Here goes:

1. The little tubes of dirt that get pulled up when you aerrate (sp) your lawn.

2. Looks like a dog nose.

3. Looks like a manhole cover.

4. Looks like a soap dispenser.

Have a great relaxing time with the family!

Kimmie said...

Great post Jeff! Everyone knows the answers, so I say ditto on them all.
Hope you sre having a wonderful weekend with your deserve it.

Sandi McBride said...

okay, #1. fertilizer or hairballs
2. it's a nose...maybe...a cats nose?
3. manhole cover
4. soap dispenser...
hope you enjoy your campout!

Mimi Lenox said...

#1 I'm really afraid to guess but I think it might smell bad.

#2 Equally disturbing

#3 Stonehenge

#4 A towel dispenser to clean up #1, #2 and #3

Am I right? What do I win?

Thomas said...

I came over from San's blog. Glad these were easy as it was my first visit! The clues helped. Thanks.

Meg Wolff said...

Oops! Thomas (above) is me.

Daphne said...

camel nose
well cover
soap dispenser

I saw the first clue as I scrolled down, so I already know that I'm wrong on that one.

This is my first visit here, but I sense that I'll be back for more.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'll have a shot at this.

1. Bianca did it! Or one of the cats hacked up some HUGE hairballs;

2. Considering that there is a shortage of camels up here in Oregon, my guess is a bunny rabbit's face. However, no matter what I -- or anybody else says -- there is no answer to compare with Matt-man's! Gotta love that guy, but I'm wondering how he knows what Phyllis Diller's twat looks like anyway;

3. Oh, so that's what a manhole cover looks like. Your grandmother (you can guess which grandmother) always called women's panties -- manhole covers;

4. This is what our super-smart president thinks is the button that launches nuclear (by the way, George, that's nucLEar, not nucUlar) weapons toward Iraq. But, shuuuuuush, don't tell him 'cause by the time he figures out it's only a harmless soap dispenser, he'll be out of office.

Okay, do I win a prize or something?


jennifer said...

Dog poop
Camel nose
Man hole
soap dispenser

Funny story about soap dispensers... Hubby came out of a public bathroom the other day. He had a disgusted look on his face. He said the bathroom was FILTHY. He said he didn't even wash his hands (he is almost OCD about hand washing). He said "My D**K is cleaner than that sink" Your soap dispenser made me think about that and giggle again.


Jeff B said...

Back in town again. Looks like these were easy for the majority of you. Your humor certainly didn't dissapoint either.