Saturday, June 14, 2008

Wordzzle - "Piece of Cake"

Time once again for this week's Wordzzle challenge brought to you by Raven at Views from the Ravens Nest. This week was quite difficult for me. I started writing a story on three different occasions and each time this combination of words through me. Finally an idea came and I was able to put something together.

I'm looking forward to reading what the other participants were able to come up with this week.

As always, feel free to join us by writing your own story(s).

This week's words were: Prenomial, Inexplicable, tangerine, masks, chocolate cake, panorama, librarian, Stonehenge, meek, florid

and the mini challenge: vituperative, bunny rabbit, house warming, sanitation, triangular

I opted to combine them together for the mega challenge this week in the following:

"Piece of Cake"

I thought I'd impress all the guests at my house warming party by serving a triangular shaped chocolate cake with a yummy tangerine frosting. My friend Myrtle brought her boyfriend with her. I thought he was such a meek little librarian when I was introduced to him, but boy-oh-boy was I ever wrong. After serving the cake to all the guests, he was the first one to speak up with his vituperative words.

"Quick, someone hand me a drink that masks the taste of this horrible cake!" he fired, "The last time I tasted something this bad one of my kids had put a handful of bunny rabbit droppings into my bowl of chocolate covered raisins. Holy crap woman, I don't think even the sanitation department will allow this florid display of culinary sludge to infect their landfill!"

My eyes swept across the room in a panoramic view as I tried to digest this inexplicable attack on me. Everyone else there was in awe at his verbal assault. "What a crock of prenomial bullshit!" I thought. If I could have dropped a rock the size of Stonehenge on him that very instant, I would have.


Footnote- I still don't have a clue what the word prenomial means. I looked it up a couple of different places and wasn't able to come up with a definition, so I just sort of through it in there anyway.


Raven said...

First... belated happy Anniversary to you and your wife and belated happy birthday to your son. The what is it game is pretty cool too.

Excellent wordzzle. Poor dear. I wanted to put tangerine icing on my cakes but never thought to make it triangular. Very cool. As for prenomial. Jay Simser donated that word. I tried looking up and couldn't find it, but I think it's a fancy title in front of your name. Hopefully Jay can enlighten everyone when he post his wordzzle. He is usually the first up so I'm hoping all is well with him.

Desert Songbird said...

Excellent job, Jeff, regardless of whether or not you know the definition of that word (I don't either!).

You have a creative mind.

Dianne said...

I love the story Jeff, very vivid.

I could not find a clear cut definition of prenomial anywhere. The best I could find was several sites that gave examples of prenomial and postnomial titles - so I assumed.

It's actually one of my favorite things about Wordzzle. I love learning new words.

I love the way you used prenomial - it certainly sounds like it fits there.

Akelamalu said...

LOL you did a fabulous job Jeff - as always.

The definitions I found of Pre nomial were very ambiguous but I read it to mean a title like Mr, Ms or Sir or some other. That's the way I used it anyway but it fit perfectly just where it landed for you. :)

Hammer said...

Funny and well done!

Jay Simser said...

prenomial - As far as I am concerned you used it exactly correctly. I am a Mason and we use a lot of titles. Someone on a list I read was complaining about the use of a prenomial and so I found it somewhere and donated it. I think they were complaining about those who use Dr. in front of their own names. We don't do that in the Masons (or at least most of us don't - Anyway prenomial bullshit fits just perfectly. Loved it. jcs

Sandi McBride said... make for very interesting reading Jeff, I'll say that for you!

Jeff B said...

Raven- Thanks for the greetings. We all had a good time on our respective day. I see Jay stopped by and shed some light on prenomial for me/us.

Songbird- I think you'll like next week's too. One story came to me as soon as I saw the words.

Dianne- I agree about the word discovery. I've learned some good ones in the short time I've been doing these.

Akelamalu- Considering it doesn't seem to have an absolute meaning from what the gang has said, I think it safe to say it can be used this way. Besides, who's going to argue with us if they don't know what it means either. hehehe

Hammer- Try 'em, you'll like 'em.

Jay- Thank you for the lesson. Having been to a Mason's meeting before I can see where this might just fit in.

Sandi- Hopefully that is a good thing.

maryt said...

The only definition for prenomial I found was prenomial French verbs - reflexive verbs in English like I wash myself, I love myself... Je me lave, Je m'aime. Great wordzzle though, Jeff!

maryt said...

Jeff, the word that Jay was going for I think was prenominal not prenomial...

Carletta said...

This was a treat!
Gosh you guys have fun with this. I told Raven I needed to try one week.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Come back anytime.
Now, I'm going back to check on that what is it game. I know three at least. What fun!

Mel said...

Pre-nominal letters are a title which is placed before the name of a person as distinct from a post-nominal title which is placed after the name. Examples of pre-nominal titles, for instance professional titles include: Doctor, Eur Ing, Ir (Ingenieur) and Professor; whilst other common social titles are Mr., Master, The Honorable, Ms., Mrs. and Miss. Pre-nominal letters are generally social, but can be professional in nature. (straight from Wikipedia)

And methinks you did well with the use of the word!

Happy Dad's Day Mr. Jeff!

Ron said...

"The last time I tasted something this bad one of my kids had put a handful of bunny rabbit droppings into my bowl of chocolate covered raisins."

Holy crap Jeff, that's funny because that's exactly what I call Rasinettes!!!

Ok...and thank god for Mels definition here, because I thought a Prenomial was a FLOWER!!?!?!


See...I told you I would suck at this!

Anyway, ROCK!

Totally enjoyed the story!

Lady in red said...

I have been havin?g a bit of a writing drought for a while perhaps I should start doing these.

very well done Jeff, was part of the challenge how to get all the words into the story using as few words as possible?

Jeff B said...

Mary- I saw "The French Connection" to it as well, but even that didn't help this poor english only guy. Thanks though for pointing it out.

Carletta- Glad you came by,and hope you'll keep doing the Wordzzle's. The first one you did was fantastic.

Mel- I tried Wiki. too, but for some reason I didn't get that info. I probably typed something wrong or simply missed it. Thanks

Ron- Look out for the perfectly round Rasinettes!And don't sell yourself short on your abillities. You might just surprise yourself with what you'd come up with.

Red- Great to see you again! If you make it over to Raven's site, she has a set of guidelines to help with writing these. Basically though, it's a free form format. You can write a short paragraph or extend it out into a full blown story if you prefer.

Give a go next week, it does help get the juices flowing.

Dianne said...

Happy Father's Day Jeff!

Travis said...

Now that was well done! But then I like any story that is about CAKE!

Kimmie said...

Hi Jeff,
Wonderful job on the Mega Wordzzle!

Happy Anniversary to you and Lisa! Sorry I am late, but I took a day off and then my mouse went kaput! Had to wait until yesterday afternoon for a new one. Oh the pain! LOL! I didn't get my Wordzzle in this week. :-( I will next week for sure! I love doing them.
Thanks for visiting!

San said...

Hilarious! Prenomial bullshit works well indeed.