Saturday, September 6, 2008

Seasonal Haiku

With summer winding down I started thinking about the upcoming season. The beginning of autumn is probably my favorite time of year. Love the mild temperatures and the beautiful colors everywhere. By the end of fall however, my mood tends to change a bit. I don't do winter real well, especially Oregon ones. They tend to drag on for what feels like an eternity. Well, that's then and this is now, so I thought I'd try my hand at a couple of Haiku. (Autumn style)

The leaves are turning
hues of brown, gold and amber.
Time to find my rake.

Democrats shout change
Republicans go fresh face
Who will lie the least?

Ghosts and goblins roam,
while horsemen will lose their heads.
All hallows eve nears.

Saturday's college
Sunday's for the NFL
Football time again

School buses travel
with rowdy children aboard.
Glad I don't drive one!


Lanny said...

Very nice Haiku. I agree with your analysis of PNW winters they do go on for just short of eternity, by about a week.

I never seem to get SAD (the disorder not the mood) when normal people do. I get it when my brain says with the voice of Mr. Bill, "Okay, it's spring now, lets see some sun. Oh, no, wait, you live where winter lives forever. Too bad for you, pop some Vit. D from the cupboard."

But fall is my absolute favorite season. It most certainly never ever fails to be exactly what it should be and what I need. Football, plaid skirts, sweaters and all.

CrazyCath said...

You're pretty good at this!
I like the first and last one best.

I don't "do" winters very well either. But autumn is beautiful.

Akelamalu said...

Loved the Haikus.

I hate winter, Spring and Summer are my favourite seasons but we don't really get summer here. :(

Desert Songbird said...

You are truly talented with the word, Mr. Jeff, but, alas, autumn doesn't arrive here until, oh...lessee, say late November.

Jeff B said...

Lanny- Football I can do. Even sweaters might work, but those plaid skirts always make me look fat!


Thanks for coming by.

Crazycath- I'd really like to move to San Diego where winter is a non event.

Akelamalu- This year's summer here has been more like an extended spring.

Songbird- I remember growing up in the desert of California. People would be sitting around their pools working on their tans over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

Happy football day to you too.

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

I hear you. I'm ready for some cooler temperatures, but after Christmas is over I'm ready for spring. I'm not a winter person either. Love your Haiku. Have a great day pal. :)

buffalodickdy said...

I like Haiku... and yours are excellent! I did some once in college, that were so good, and so out of my jock/mech tech persona, the teacher didn't believe I wrote them.. and graded me lower because she thought I had cheated. Bothers me to this day...

Jeff B said...

Sandee- This past week has been letter perfect around here. Sunny and only about 75F Aaaaaaah

Buffalo- That's tragically funny. The beef brisket hits the smoker in about an hour. Thanks again for the info and I'll give everyone a scouting report after we try it this evening.

Anndi said...

Winters... wanna have a gripe fest and see who has the worst one?

I like autumn. I'm an autumn baby you know.

But I prefer summer for the strappy sandals. Mind you boots (just not the "snowboots") can be quite inspiring. ;)

Raven said...

These are all very good. I assume you know my answer to the question posed by #2.... I agree with you about winter. I don't do it well either... this, even though I don't leave the house in any season. I still feel more like a prisoner in winter. Not to mention the heating bills. Yuck.

Jay said...

Excellent Haikuing there dude. I've never been any good at these.

Travis said...

Nicely done my friend.

And to answer your would seem that FOX thinks we in the pacific northwest are more interested in the Cowboys than we are in a game that has NFC West implications.

Rhea said...

Cute haikus, Jeff! They capture this time of year PERFECTLY.

Jeff B said...

Anndi- Sure you want to take that challenge? I can get pretty pissy by February. The boots combined with some ass less chaps would be inspiring indeed.

Raven- i was surprised no one chimed in with any haiku in response to #2. and yes I do believe I know your position on that one. it seems you may have mentioned it once or twice. hehehe

Jay- Thanks. This is about as close to poetry as I've ever got.

Travis- They've never gotten over the "America's Team" label I guess. It is frustrating not being able to see more than a couple of their games each year.

Rhea- I tried to have a little bit of everything.

david mcmahon said...

Nice work, Jeff. Bart and Chewy also write haikus - check out their link off my blogroll.

Dianne said...

Love the fall!!

Your haiku is great.

Matt-Man said...

I love it when you do that voodoo called Haiku. Cheers Jeff!!

Mel said...


Did someone mention Halloween?!


Jeni said...

All of those haiku were very on target, especially the one about the politicians and their continuous lies!

Jules~ said...

Haa Haa! The one about driving a school bus....
My girls have a bus driver that grumbles the WHOLE time about how he hates his job. He mumbles that he was dumb to do this again nad he hate kids.

nitebyrd said...

Great Haiku, Jeff! I'd love for you to post some fall pictures. I miss fall the most in the land of summer, summer, Christmas, summer.

Kay said...

I loved your haiku
Esspecially the first two
thank you for the smile


Bond said...

Jeff is creative
with his autumn haiku words
I will miss summer

Jeff B said...

David- I'll be sure to have a look.

Dianne- Thanks, it was fun

Matt- Who do that voodoo that you do so well?

Mel- Less than two months away!

Jeni- Like death and taxes

Jules- Ya wonder what he was thinking...

Nitebyrd- The colors are just about to start. I'll be sure to post some pics later.

Kay- And a happy Haiku to you too.

Bond- Nicely done

San said...

I enjoyed your haiku, Jeff. I love the way you covered all the bases--from autumn leaves to football.

Starrlight said...

I just spit coke out over the political one!

Jeff B said...

San- I believe in equal opportunity haikuing.

Starrlight- We are all in for a long two months, not to mention the next four years.

Kimmie said...

Hey Jeff,
I have never done Haiku. I will have to look into how to do it.

I thought this was great, especially the parts about Halloween and Football. :-)