Friday, November 7, 2008

Worzzle Movies

As always, the lovely and talented Raven of Views From the Ravens Nest is graciously hosting this weekly get together.

The words: France, cold weather, backhoe, lite and shadow, Humane Society, ambivalent, "Happy Birthday, Sarah Jane", Martians, Thanksgiving Day Parade, green eyes

and: she'll be comin' round the mountain when she comes, pumpkin pie, yellow jacket, short changed, life after 50

Thought I'd try a new twist on the writing challenge that is Wordzzle. Rather than doing a couple of stories this week I thought of what it might look like if the words were found in the titles of some movies one might find at the Sundance Film Festival. Be sure to catch these before they leave the theaters.

"Happy Birthday, Sarah Jane"
The inspiring story of a nine year old girl struggling to overcome brain cancer and reach it to her tenth birthday.

"Yellow Jackets . . . Green Eyes"
A docudrama that looks into how the fashion industry's increasing pressure to maintain ultra thin sizes is affecting the increase of anorexia among teenage girls worldwide.

"Cold Weather in France"
Climate shift and global warming issues, as narrated by Nobel prize winner, Al Gore.

"Lite and Shadow During the Thanksgiving Day Parade"
A look into the cover-up in the death of a minority balloon handler during the 2007 parade.

"The Ambivalent Backhoe Operator"
Highlighting the struggles between independent contractors and union shops.

"The Not So Humane Society"
A graphic depiction of the challenges facing the often discarded inner city children in America.

"She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain When She Comes. . .
Eating Pumpkin Pie"
An in depth look at the continuing obesity problem in the United States since the end of the industrial revolution.

"My Short Changed Life After 50"
Exploring how the financial meltdown during the past year is affecting those reaching the retirement age.

"Martians in the White House"
A retrospective analysis of the Bush administration. (Written and produced by the Green Party)


Akelamalu said...

WOW Jeff what a great idea - I love it! You always come up with something different! :)

Matt-Man said...

The Ambivalent Backhoe Operator...Ha. You're funny. Cheers!!

Dr.John said...

This was so fresh and so different. I just loved it.
I can hardly wait for those movies to come to the theater in Pigeon Falls.

Vodka Mom said...

that was a cool idea! I wish I had more damn time to do stuff like this....

Lu' said...

That was cool Jeff. My favorites, Yellow Jackets...Green Eyes and Martians in the Whit House. The movie description is great.

bettygram said...

Very good. Great idea. That was fun reading.

Melli said...

Goodness! SOME of these are pretty BLEAK -- but what an innovative idea for a Wordzzle!!! WOW! *HIGH FIVE!*

San said...

The Ambivalent Backhoe Operator--sounds SEXY.

Jeff B said...

Akelamalu- Just trying to keep it fresh.

Matt- Nutty is as nutty does.

Dr John- Be sure to stop by the concession stand and pick up a few goodies on the way in.

Vodka Mom- I keep trying to come up with a thirty hour day so there is enough time to do all the things on my list too.

Lu- Thanks. It was a fun twist to try.

Melli- I didn't think about the bleakness tone when I wrote them, but now that you mention it. . . Maybe I was writing from a subliminal "blue period" mood.

Jeff B said...

San- He's a manly man for sure!


Richard said...

Jeff B: clever, original and delightful. Thanks


CrazyCath said...

You sooooo think out of the box and I love it. A very clever mind you have there.

Raven said...

Well, you know I just LOVE the last one. Fun and clever approach to this week's words.

Sandi McBride said...

You are amazing Jeff...and I know that had to have been hard work...good job...

Dianne said...

a retrospect of the Bush admin by the Green Party !!!!


they're all great

what a clever idea, I loved it!!

Jeff B said...

Rich- Your quite welcome. Always nice to have you come by.

Crazycath- This was a fun one to do.

Raven- That one was just for you. I chuckled when I wrote it and immediately thought of you.

Sandi- Actually most of them just seemed to it right in. I tried writing a story with them and that wasn't working for me at all.

Dianne- That one was in Raven's honor, but I knew you'd enjoy it too. Thanks

Jay Simser said...

Well, Everybody said it wonderfully. I wish I'd thought of it.

Ron said...

BRAVO Mr. Jeff!

LOVE your idea!

Enjoyed them ALL, but Martians in the White House was STELLAR!!!!

Thanks for always sharing your brilliance, buddy!

Hope you're having a great weekend!

Later gator!

Travis said...

That was really clever. And I could see each of those being a real movie.

Great job!

B. Roan said...

I love it! What a great idea. I might even try to catch one or two. BJ

Jay said...

That's brilliant! Great twist on the Wordzzle dude.

Jeff B said...

Jay S- Thanks for stopping by.

Ron- That one was kind of my favorite too.

Travis- They just seemed like what Sundance would have.

B Roan- You might need a few tissues for some of them.

Jay- Thanks. I've got something different for next week too.

Anndi said...

Anorexics, the obese and martians...

Only you my dear... only you... LOL

A look into the cover-up in the death of a minority balloon handler during the 2007 parade. - Now that's a worthy of a clown's neverending hanky that one is... ;)

katherine. said...

Hey Jeff,

This is pathetic plea to help me win the Life Is Short - East Dessert First Contest. My wonderful friend Mags…a professional chef in real life…is awarding some of her handmade goodies.

All you need to do to help me win…laughing…is go over to her site and leave a comment telling her that I sent you.

If I do win….I will send each of my “helpers” a special gift specifically from Santa Cruz. (yes…this is a bribe…but it could be great fun!)

Here is a link to the post:

Life Is Short - East Dessert First Contest

Thanking you in advance….

Jeff B said...

Anndi- A mind is a terrible thing to waste...for me it may be too late though.

Katherine- Just goes to show you, I can be bought. Went by Mags last night and left a comment with your name attached. Good luck.