Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Music To My Ears

Anyone who has a child of school age years has probably at some point, seen one of these masterpieces of plastic in his or her backpack on its journey home from music class. It's usually accompanied by your precious little one saying something like, "Hey mom and dad, look what I'm learning how to play!"

Additionally, anyone who has heard these words uttered, knows full well of the treat that awaits the ear drums.

Now if you're really fortunate like Lisa and I are, you'll have two children demonstrating their musical prowess for you simultaneously with versions of "Hot Cross Buns", "Mary Had A Little Lamb" and other timeless classics echoing from various rooms in the house. Yes this has been our world for the past several weeks now, and all of this has been leading up to what we got to enjoy this evening. Yes sports fans, tonight was the musical extravaganza at the boy's school, and the instrument being highlighted was the recorder. (that plastic flute like doodad in the picture).

If you've enjoyed one of these evenings before, you're probably smiling right now, if not, let me give you an idea of what you've missed. Imagine approximately a hundred and fifty children with the musical experience of a box of Cheerios all blowing into these high pitched noise makers at the same time. It sort of resembled what I can only describe as what you might hear if you were to take a dozen or so screech owls, put them in a blender and hit frappé!

Okay, the whole performance was only about forty-five minutes long, but because we are incredibly lucky, we got to be entertained through two back to back performances. Why was this? Because our boys are a couple of grades apart, and the school had separate time slots for the two groups. Yeppee Skippee. Yep, this meant we got twice the listening time for the same low low price.

Anthony's group was paired with the sixth graders who are in the first year of band. What did this mean? It meant that not only were there about eighty or so recorders tooting along in all their glory, but there were also trumpets, trombones, flutes, drums and a handful of other instruments all playing the same song at relatively the same time; That is give a note or two of varience. As an added bonus, the choir joined in on some of the songs too. I had no idea ther were that many different octaves in the musical scale.

Alright, I know I've poked a lot of fun at the kids expense, but all in all it was a great night. We smiled a lot, laughed a bunch and got to be there for the boys. My ears may never be the same, but I wouldn't have missed it for anything.


katherine. said...

I'm willing to bet you took a picture or two as well.

if you recorded the recorder recital it would make for excellent viewing when they start dating...

Kay said...

So cute.

I am sure these are the moments that you will look back on later in life... and someday use as payback when it is the grandkids turn....

Jeni said...

I like your sleek new look to your blog but almost didn't find the link to your "post a comment" because my vision needs things like that to stand out just a tad more. But, as you can see, I did find it!
Yeah, I can empathize with the pain to the ears as you endure the early phases of music training. But, as you said, it was still well worth it to see/hear the kids performing then. Good experience for them albeit it a trifle rough on the others in the house in the early days of this stuff.

quilly said...

Jeff, OC -- an accomplished trumpet player -- and I, laughed all the way through this. Excellent sharing!

Nessa said...

These are the best of times.

Dana said...

Ummm ... Jeff? I've can one-up you on this one. In a single word? OBOE!

What 10 year old decides he want to play OBOE? And what did I do to deserve such a decision??

Matt-Man said...

I have sat through those as well. Fortunately, my kid has moved on to basketball. I enjoy that much more than a squeaky concert. But all are good times. Cheers Jeff!!

BJ Roan said...

Oh my, yes! I was one of those smilers. Violin. Need I say more?

Dianne said...

when Jeffrey was in grade school the recorders were wood - so not only did they assault the ears they could actually be used to knock someone out

how do I know this?

my boy - in all his glory - decided to duel with his friends using the poor recorders

it's all fun and games until someone starts bleeding - Jeffrey got conked hard on the lip

but the show did go on ;)

I was thinking of sending your boys matching drum sets - cymbals and all - what do you think?

Finding Pam said...

My sons played the baritone. At first they sounded like wounded buffalo, but by the end on the year, they played beautiful music.
You could always wear ear plugs. LOL!

These are the days we will hold closest to out hearts as they grow up and venture out on their own. They grow up too fast.

nitebyrd said...

I went through the recorders, trumpet and flute with my kids. My ears never recovered but yeah, it's so worth it!

Jay said...

Those grade school performances would be more fun if they had cool pyrotechnics, strobe lights, lasers and dancing girls. But, I'm sure some housewife with a stick up her but would complain. ;-)

Bond said...

We lucked out and did not have to deal with a recorder concert...

You my friend are brave

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

I can so relate. Been there and done that and wouldn't have changed it for anything. Thanks for the smiles.

Have a terrific day. :)

Desert Songbird said...

At our school, recorders are only taught in the third grade, and no concerts were involved; kids in fourth grade and up can join the band. BTW, I had to purchase my kids' recorders. Luckily, I had one from my early days that I just let them use.

buffalodick said...

When my kids were in band I told them to practice before I got home from work...I've told this before, but once at a concert the kids put on, the gym was about 95F, bleachers were packed with parents- and it was miserable! For an hour we listened to them murder various songs... Sitting close to me was another dad I knew pretty well, I leaned over and whispered "Who ever thought sex would lead to this"! About 8 people heard me, and were laughing their butts off!

Cherie said...

Both boys had a 45 minute concert for the recorder? That does seem to be a bit excessive. lol But it's good to know that y'all got your money's worth. :)

Akelamalu said...

Oh the joys of a recorder - I remember it well. :0

Jay said...

I learned to play the recorder at school, and so did one of my boys. I can still play mine, too! And yes, I still have it! :)

Jeff B said...

Katherine- That would make for good black male video.

Kay- Who me???

Jeni- It really is fun to see them so excited over getting the notes right.

Quilly- I'll be OC's parents could tell stories too of the early days.

Nessa- Now that the show is over, you bet they are.

Dana- YIKES! My mon would say, "You're payin' for your raisin'."

Matt- from squeaky notes to squeaky shoes on the court.

BJ- No, that paints enough of a mental picture.

Dianne- The joys of raising boys. And believe it or not, we got Matthew a full on drum set a year ago. What was I thinking!

Pam- I agree about holding on to these days. Before we know it they'll be asking for the keys to the car.

Jeff B said...

Nitebyrd- The battle wounds we endure all for the sake of love.

Jay- Now that would be a show indeed. You're right though, someone would get their shorts in a bunch.

Bond- If you'd like I can send you a recording of their talent.

Sandee- Like you, I wouldn't change one flat note for anything.

Songbird- What? No concerts? How did you get so lucky. . . I mean awe, that's too bad.

Buffalo- I'd have joined in with the laughter too. that's funny.

Cherie- Their was some fill in time in between, thank god.

Akelamalu- Glad I could unearth that memory for you.

Jay- Now that's dedication!

Mel said...


Camera and/or camrecorder

Definitely blackmail material.
As are those cue little photos of naked toddlers eating faucets when they're bathing in the sink.

Oughta know....I sent that one to the highschool for showing at Graduation. *snickering*

I earned that one!

Ron said...

OMG, Jeff...I know I would have gone INSANE, because my ears are so sensitive to any high piched sounds!

I don't mind deeper sounding noises, but anything about a C drives me into a looney bin!

But it's just as you shared....I know this was an event you wouldn't have missed for the world.

* well...maybe.


Jeff B said...

Mel- Seriously? Oh you are a stinker aren't you?!?

Ron- I think dogs three counties away had their ears perked up last night.

Crystal Jigsaw said...

I imagine you are feeling extremely proud! I remember those recorders well - used to play one myself when I was little, my poor parents!

My little girl has one now but I hid it.

CJ xx

Jules~ said...

How fun! They are times to look back on. I remember the days when Pippin took recorder lessons.........................woops I kind of lost it there for a minute. Now a days with one girl in piano and the other with a talented drum beat, our walls shake on a different level.

Dr.John said...

I never missed one of those comments. Two of my three kids went on to play in the school band. The school had a great band, It had to start somewhere.

Jeff B said...

CJ- All kidding aside, it was a lot of fun.

Jules- Sorry to bring back that repressed memory hehehehe

Dr John- You're right, all the greats started somewhere.

Kelly H-Y said...

'Musical experience of a box of Cheerios' ... oh my, that made me laugh! Great post!