Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Dona Nobis Pacem

Thanks to Katherine for this edited image.

It's Blog Blast day and in honor of that, today's post is dedicated to peace. For a complete rundown on how this collection of posts from around the world came to be please visit mimiwrites . Two others that are participating that I like to read are Katherine at wading through... and Travis at travsthoughts

World Peace.

Why is this a concept that is so easy to understand, but so very difficult to achieve? Especially when I hear the phrase, "Why can't we all just get along?" spoken time and time again. In my opinion it's because we are all, to varying degrees, selfish people. In other words, we want what we want.

Now before you start formulating a response to me because I called you selfish please let me qualify that statement. Know that I'm talking in generalizations. Some people are very giving individuals who expect nothing in return for their generosity. Others demand our full attention every time they extend themselves. Most of us fall somewhere within the middle of these extremes.

So as to not classify any of you who may read this, I will use myself as an example. I like helping other people who are in need of something. At the same time I like to hear thank you from them. My act of kindness isn't necessarily done because I expect anything in return, but when there's no apparent appreciation on the other end I feel disappointed.

I write on this blog because I enjoy expressing my thoughts, but I wonder if no one ever left comments would I enjoy it then? Honestly, for a time I probably still would, but eventually it would leave an empty feeling in me.

I'm sure I could give you many more examples of how I do things with the greatest intentions and then my humanness gets in the way and I look for the "at ta boy". How do I combat this? I think it's kind of like how you eat an elephant... one bite at a time. First, I realize and admit it's a attribute about me I'd like to change, then I conscientiously make an effort to change my motives day by day.

So what does this have to do with world peace? I think true peace comes from transferring what's in our head to our heart. If we really want to make changes in the world it has to start with ourselves. I know loving other people more than myself is right, but unless I apply that in my everyday life it's just useless knowledge.


Gene Bach said...

I'm thinking that if everybody else disappeared from the planet, except me, it would be peaceful...for me anyway. And really, that's all that matters because who cares about you?

Ah, brotherly love, ain't it great? BWWWWWAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!

katherine. said...

here ya go rookie

great post…and thanks for the shout out.

“If we really want to make changes in the world it has to start with ourselves. I know loving other people more than myself is right, but unless I apply that in my everyday life it's just useless knowledge.” Yep.

Oswegan said...

Hey thanks for the visit neighbor. I left you some return fire back on my site.

I have to go to bed now, so I'll come read your stuff tomorrow.



Mel said...

Well said, sir.
And well received.
Thank you for your candor.

Ya know, for me (the self admitted selfish one) it's putting into action what's in my heart and not listening to the 'edge G-d out' 'e.g.o.' brain.

Wisepersoninmylife prays for G-d to remove my brain for a reason.

Jules~ said...

Great post Jeff. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and laying it all out there. I completely agree. The only way that things in the world can change is if we change ourselves....not complain about the "sliver" in someone else but instead give attention to the "big 2x4" that we carry around.
It takes a lifetime.
Here's to eating the elephant!

Akelamalu said...

Good post
Peace to you and yours

Jeff B said...

Gene- I'm warm & fuzzy all over from your heart felt words.

Katherine- YOU ROCK!

Thanks for the edited peace globe I just replaced it on my post.

One random act of kindness can be the begining of so much more, like, peace.

Oswegan- Thanks for comming over. I enjoyed crusing through your site.

Mel- Transparency isn't always easy, but I've found it's so much better than wearing a mask all the time. I appreciate your comments.

Jules- Bon' Appetite. I'm right there with ya about the 2x4.

Akelamalu- All the way from the UK. It's great to see how Mimi's dream has reached so many people.

Travis said...

Very nicely put.

Peace to you and yours on this day after Peace Globe Day, and always.

Jeff B said...

Travis- There are some pretty amazing posts out there.

katherine. said...

no're welcome...the date thing was bothering

Mom Unplugged said...

Very interesting post. I remember a philosophy discussion from high school (a long time ago!) about whether humans can ever act in a completely selfless manner. As you say, we really all hope for a "thank you" which gives us the "warm fuzzy" that we expect to get out of our action.

Funny, years later I still think about this often and yes, it has a lot to do with the possibility of peace doesn't it?

Thanks for stopping by!

Mimi Lenox said...

GREAT post. Thank you for participating and sharing your thoughts on peace. It all does begin with ourselves. So many have said the same thing today.

Peace to you and yours.

Annelisa said...

Thankyou for reminding me what's important, Jeff B - Great post!