Saturday, November 17, 2007

Have You Got the Time?

" It's alright we've got plenty of time "

Time is an instantaneous commodity. It's not something we can store up for later use and what we're given can not be duplicated. It can not be regained nor can it be reproduced. Time is truly unique.

" Time's up "
Whether you believe the earth is a few thousand years old or several billion, one thing is common to both theories. Time moves at the same methodical pace that it always has and although we seem to gravitate to the idea that each passing year moves more quickly than the last, it is actually us, not time, that's accelerating. Hence, we find ourselves looking at such conveniences as the microwave or our computer and wondering why they're so slow, when in fact only a handful of decades ago neither of these things existed.

" Time keeps dragging on "

Not everyone however, would agree that the years are passing more swiftly each go around of the calender. What about the men and woman who are currently incarcerated? I've heard it said that two minutes can feel like two days when your 'doing time'.

"Wow, look at the time"
Whether it's watching the stars or making a notation on a sophisticated electronic device we use time to mark the important occasions of our lives. I look at my late fathers watch and although it will accurately give me the current time and date what I see while starring at the dial is completely different. I see moments in time shared with him.

" Maybe next time "

The length of time we are given during our stay on this planet is a mystery to each of us. We can choose to live it to the fullest or we can sit back and watch it slip by. Either way it will be chronicled for future generations to examine. The slogan says, 'a mind is a terrible thing to waste', but I fear a legacy is far worse a loss.

" Back to the future "
We can not manipulate time, it is what it is, but just picture if it were possible. What if we could speed up or slow down the cosmos or maybe change the present time to another? Countless books and songs have been written about this. TV shows have aired and movies have made to further intrigue our imagination.
So I leave you with this question. If it were possible to travel through time where/when would you go?


Anonymous said...

I'd go back and hug my Dad one more time, and ask my Mom some unanswered questions. I'd have one more date with Brian Rix and Chuck Tripp (separately of course). Then on the way back I'd stop and share Thanksgiving with your branch of the family. Then hurry home to make the pies and cranberry sauce for our Thanksgiving get together.
Love, Aunt Frankie

Odat said...

Being spoiled by todays "conveniences" I don't think I'd want to go "back" really far in in time, lol. But I would like to go back to my childhood times but be a little older in it...It was a time I look back on with comfort and lots of love. And my Dad was there!

(I suppose being a Queen somewhere in time would have been cool...or maybe Cleopatra! ;-)

Mel said... a happy day in my mother's childhood. We'd like to play kick the can and come to know just a small piece of the other.


If I can't have that then I'd like to have a front row seat so I could watch the Big Guy create all this, please.

Matt-Man said...

Great post Jeff. I have always wanted to go back to the time of Knights and Damsels, or when the Indians roamed around here in the 1600's or so. Cheers!!

katherine. said...

I like the phrase "instantaneous commodity"...that's perfect.

There is a tendancy to go relive some time wonderful...or with 20/20 hindsight...appreciate or take advantage of a moment we missed.

However...since I know what is in the past...(and being a firm believer of The Prime Directive ) I think I would want to travel in time to the future...maybe 20 years...maybe only 10...

Jeff B said...

Frankie- I was really young when grandpa died, I think I'd like to go back and get to know him.

I'd love to hear grandma tell the story of Petee and Spot againg too.

Odat- It would be amazing to have my current knowedge back in childhood. At the same time lost innocence would be unfortunate.

Mel- Giggling with mom would be nice.

Front row seat to creation, wow what a show!

Matt- Climbing the tower to save the girl, very cool and how about jousting, now that's a sport. Hanging out with the Indians... yatahey

Katherine- Thanks, it's origonal.

You're right, we sure could make a mess out of things by going back couldn't we?

I'd love to go forward and see what comes after the automobile.

Latharia said...

Wow. I don't know where or when I'd go. So many interesting choices! I could go just about anywhere & be amazed!!

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Great piece. For those doing time, I'm hoping every two minutes does seem like two days for those folks. Choices and all that. I've visiting folks that visit me today. Have a great one. :)

Annie said...

Your essay on time was interesting and as I read it I kept thinking I can cram a lot of activity in a small amount of time or I can while away hours doing nothing. It's the doing that makes time fly and the not doing that makes it drag oh-so-slowly. Remember those Sunday afternoons when you were a child trapped at the relative's house?

I'm glad you came over and said hi on my blog today.

Jeff B said...

Latharia- The journey itself would be something of wonder I'm sure.

Sandee- Thanks for comming over. You sound like an eye for an eye kind of gal. I appreciate your two cents worth.

Annie- Im lucky to have a pretty good batch of relatives. but I never really liked being stuck at the kids table for Thanksgiving dinner.

Mimi Lenox said...

Great question. And great post! I'd go back and have those one-on-one conversations with loved ones passed and ask the questions I never did. I'd also love to re-live some of the sweet precious moments with my son when he was a baby.

And I think I'd like to be three again.
Just because.

Amazing Gracie said...

Wonderful post! I've been following you around the blogs I read and thought I'd come say "Hi." I'm so glad I did. It is such a thought-provoking essay.
I would definitely want to go back with the knowledge I have now and talk with my dad. I was only 21 when he died and I would love to be able to look into his eyes with the understanding of an adult.
I miss him so much.

kevin wecker said...

If I went back in time, I would have one of those comedies played out, where I would disguise me and convince younger self to go to Los Angeles, and try the movie biz before I shaved my head.... Really. I wasn't losing it at all! It's not receding, if that's what you're asking.

Nonetheless, acting in movies! That's the ticket!

Jeff B said...

Mimi- Sounds like a lot of us would go back and ask questions. It's a great reminder for me to be very open with my boys as they grow-up.

Gracie- My dad died this year. We remaind close all through his life. I as well miss my dad tremendously.

Kevin- I can almost see it now "Kevin and Costello"

Oswegan said...

I would go back to March of 1986 and put $20,000.00 into Microsoft.


Travis said...

Great post.

I would like to go back to my last game, just a moment before the block that took my knees out. And I'd like a split second to turn my head to the left and see the kid coming so I could react and get out of his way.

I'm happy with my life, but I still want my choices back that I lost in that moment.

Jeff B said...

Oswegan- Just think, they'd have renamed your city Lake Oswegan. $$$

Travis- Wow, I didn't know about that. I have some what ifs as well, but like you I'm good with where I'm at now.

Anna said...

To start I would like to say this is really beautifully written, I really enjoyed reading, non stop. Time is kind of hard to understand for me, however, hopefully during my time someone can make change and adjust to more days in the week, or more hours in a day, lol, I have never enough time as we plan for things to do (and as we get older time flies), but then, it doesn't really matter because we just extend to next week, if there is not enough days in a week, it is a matter of perception. As time passes, everything behind is history, not sure if I can answer your questions, I just go with the flow what next day brings to me. Not sure if I am making sense after all, lol. Anna :)