Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Is it Safe?

Ah yes, the dreaded dentist chair. I can't help but think of Dustin Hoffman in the "Marathon Man" when I see one of these. With that psycho German guy (name?) asking him, "Is it safe?" If I watched that movie a hundred times I'd still squirm when he starts drilling without using any Novocain.

Most of us don't exactly look forward to spending any amount of time in one of these chairs. So I'm wondering, what five things do you rate as worse than this.

Reading my blog is not a valid answer either!


katherine. said...

Sir Laurence Olivier ...wasn't that the same movie with the dobermans??

There are not five things worse than the dentist...kidney stones come to mind.

True story...when I was divorced I put into my decree that my daughter's father was responsible for taking her to the dentist...THAT is how much I hated going. (rolling my eyes...)

Jeff B said...

Sir O, that's it.

Even so called "nice dobermans" scare the crap out of me.

Sorry, didn't mean to hit a nerve.

Mel said...

Oh--lemme see.......
(forgive me, please.....but....)

Having body parts cut off, puking your guts out for days on end after chemotherapy, having people TOUCH you after that dose of 'rat poison', stereotactic radiation that people say doesn't hurt....AND roasted parsnips.

Gimme the dentist chair.

Mel said...

No nerve hit for me. LOL

It's hard to hit one on a moving target.
Which is why I tell people I squiggle so much...LOL

k..truth is I just have whole bunches of energy!

Jeff B said...

Damn! Along with energy it sounds like endurance is something else you possess.

roasted parsnips? sounds icky.

roentarre said...

Kind of looking spooky

Sarge Charlie said...

Thirty Seven days of 360 degree Radiation of the groin area, that did it for me.

Psycho Mom said...

What's worse than sitting in a dentist's chair? Hmmmmmm, let's see . . . having an amputation without benefit of anesthetia comes to mind. Or getting struck by lightening . . . or having to eat liver & onions or . . . guess there's not much else . . .

"The Babe"

Psycho Mom said...

. . . oops, that's "anesthesia." Maybe I should add competing in a spelling bee to that list, huh?

Jules~ said...

I have to say Jeff, I am loving your posts!

Gosh, what is worse than going to the dentist? I know I have made the statement many times...it was worse than pulling teeth...but I can't recall what those things were at the moment.

I would have to say that it is speaking in front of my peers. I can be silly or heart felt in front of kids and teens all day long, but tell me to speak up in front of my peers...my heart quickens and my stomach rises to my throat.

katherine. said...

yeah...okaaaaay Mel....the Dentist isn't so bad afterall.

How thankful I am for your healing..and all of your recoveries!

kevin wecker said...



What's worse than going to the dentist? Going to a dentist-specialist for a root canal. And then learning that the specialist can't numb the important nerve within the jawbone, leading up into the molar, the first time through. So he politely asks you to come back for a second visit (after packing the tooth full of gauze filled with mummification fluid), so he can do it all again.

That, and accidently drinking bad milk.

Oswegan said...

Man, that scene still haunts me today.

For the lighter side of dentistry, check this out:




Oswegan said...

#5 - Waiting to go to the dentist;

#4 - Sittting in a room with three screaming, fighting kids;

#3 - Watching "America's Next Top Model";

#2 - The week after getting a vasectomy;

And the #1 thing worse than going to the dentist:

Not having a proper doodie in the morning.


Matt-Man said...

The dentist has to be one of the five. Being force fed Brussel Sprouts. Watching Rachel Ray. The sound of Ashlee Simpson's voice, and clowns. Cheers!!

Jeff B said...

Roentarre- Thanks for comming by, I'll check out your site later.

Sarge Charlie- and I thought a little jock itch was uncomfortable

Mom- Na sppell check un commant pages. Knot fare i tell ya.

Jules- You're not alone.

Katherine- dito

Kevin- I know this subject is fresh in your mind (or at least, your jaw)

Oswegan- Steve Martin is a complete nut case, I loved it.

on #2 You, Bucky and I all have something in common.

Matt-Man- Brussel Sprouts are deffinitly the scurge of the vegetable world.

Latharia said...

I actually don't mind the dentist chair at all. It's just BORING. I hate boring things. I do amuse myself, though, by cracking up the hygienists. :D

Latharia said...

I actually don't mind the dentist chair at all. It's just BORING. I hate boring things. I do amuse myself, though, by cracking up the hygienists. :D

Travis said...

Hmmmm...five things worse than the dentist?

1. A migraine.
2. Peas.
3. Spiders.
4. Time wasted.
5. Violence.

Cheesy said...

Dr. Christian Szell!!! Very scarey guy... Paying for said Dentist visit is just as bad in my opinion.

Jeff B said...

Latharia- That's got to be Nitrous Oxide talking. Really, you don't mind the dentist? WOW

Travis- Peas I can live with the rest I could do without. Thanks

Cheesy- So the bill is worse than the quack eh? Thanks for cruising over.