Monday, November 12, 2007

Riddle Me This pt2

Katherine brought up a good question about what to do with your list of answers to my previous post. If your so inclined feel free to email them to me at . I think this will work better than posting them. That way if someone is stuck on one you won't give it away.

I'll be posting the answers along with the name(s) of those who answered all of them or at least most of them on Thursday 11/15.

What if your answers are different than mine? Well I didn't really go into this with rules and regulations in mind so I guess we'll put it in front of a panel of expert judges (my wife and I) and make a ruling at that time.

It's all good. This is just meant to be some good clean fun.

I'd love to hand out cash prizes to the first place winner, but my bank account just laughs at me when I look at it.


Mel said...

I'd send the answers, but you'd fall about laughing and I wouldn't wanna be responsible for the men in the little white coats hauling you away.......

Gene Bach said...

Good idea Jeff...I just emailed you my answer. :-)

Jeff B said...

Mel- Here's your update:

o) yes, that's correct.

z) I have a different answer, but after consulting the wife judge, yours is okee dokee too.

z)again, a different answer. am consulting someone who plays more than just the radio.

jj) don't ya feel better now? YEAH!

Gene- your an oink

Mel said...

*doing happy dance*

Oh, it's the little things...