Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Thanks Mom

It's that reflection time of year again. A time when I can look back on a year, a decade or maybe even a lifetime and express thanks for what I have been given.

As I started to jot down notes as to what I would write about one "theme", if I can be permitted to term it as that, kept jumping to the top of the page, my family, specifically my mom. You see I'm one of those fortunate individuals who was raised in a home where my mother and father looked at parenting as a privilege, not as a duty. I'm not saying this in a self righteous way, nor do I mean to say that bringing up my brothers and I was always easy. In all likeliness there were times when mom and dad had to have said to themselves, "what were we thinking?" What I do wish to convey is that my parents always let us know we were special to them.

As a child or, as an adult for that matter, isn't that what we all crave? To be loved. To feel as if we belong.

My mom is one of the coolest people I know. Some of the attributes that describe her are loving, gracious, available, funny, beautiful, compassionate, hip, intelligent, strong, determined and that is just to name a few.

Ever since I can remember my friends would tell me, "You're so lucky to have such a nice mom." Whenever I would hear this I'd just smile and say, "Thanks, I know". Not in a smug way, but in a manor that reflected how grateful I was/am to have her. In a way she became a mom to many of Gene, Mark and my friends growing up. Kind of a fill in for the void that many of them felt in their own lives.

Mom has an uncanny way of knowing when to listen when I feel the need to brag, but she can also whack me up beside the head with a dose of truth when I need to be put in my place. She's as fierce as a lion when one of her "babies" is being wronged by someone, yet she can be unselfishly tender hearted when a shoulder is needed to cry on. She has helped me in so many ways throughout my life that a few simple words on a page hardly seem to scratch the surface.

If I was offered the all the wealth of the world, fame, knowledge, power or any other "treasure" to give up my mother, that would an unfair bargain because none of those things even come close to the value of my mom.

I wish everyone could have the kind of mom, dad, brothers and family that I have, but I know that's not the case. If you're in this category my heart truly breaks for you. I know I can't empathise with you, I won't even pretend to. So regardless of your situation I hope you find peace and joy this Thanksgiving.

Thanks Mom.


Anonymous said...

Jeff, I agree with you wholeheartedly. You indeed have the best Mom in the world. I think it is wonderful that you would blog this to the world. I too count your Mom as a blessing in my life.
Love, Your Aunt Frankie

roentarre said...

No matter what mum is like, mum is always the resort to turn to, even with the worst mum in the whole world. Mum always has a special place in children's heart. Regardless. I love your article about mum

katherine. said...

Jeff...a wonderful heartfelt tribute. Seems like she did a pretty fine job.

I too am very Thankful for my Mama...not only for how she was to me, but all that I learned from her to BE a Mommy.

(isn't she the "psycho babe" who inspired you to post those riddles???)

Psycho Mom said...

Clicked onto your blog this morning expecting to find the answers to your latest quiz (which I attempted without feeling it was cheating even though I'd seen the answers years ago but didn't remember 'cause I'm old and senile and can't even remember what I had for breakfast this morning -- oh yeah, I didn't have breakfast this morning) . . . and you blew me away. So, here I sit with tears dripping all over the keyboard, wanting to tell you how much I appreciate what you wrote, whether I deserve it or not. Every day, I thank God for giving me the sons I have -- couldn't have gotten better if I'd ordered directly out of the Neiman Marcus catalog. And, you and I have a special bond, maybe because you got a bit of a rough start in life. I am SO proud of you and love you so very much. I will print this, keep it forever and pull it out to read whenever I get a bit down and start to feel sorry for myself. THANK YOU!

"The Babe"

Jeff B said...

Aunt Frankie- Nice to hear from you. Moms' the greatest.

Roentarre- Patato-pototo Tomato-tomoto Mom-mum matter how you say it she's the best.

Katherine- I'm sure you're a great mommy as well.

Yes she is one in the same.

(Psycho)Mom- Fact is always stronger than fiction and everything there is true. I'm pretty sure God looked at you and said, "My work is done, I didn't leave anything out here."

Matt-Man said...

You are a lucky guy and so was I growing up. Cheers!!

Oswegan said...

Somebody's going to get a nice x-mas present this year.

Cheers to your mom.


Oswegan said...

p.s. we go to Southlake in West Linn. Where do you go?

Jeff B said...

Oswegan- Not the intention, but now that you mention it.........Humm have I told you what a wonderful person you are? kind, witty, GENEROUS....

We go to Rolling Hills in Tualatin.

Mel said...

Nothing like bringing that ol' lump to the throat.....

How graced you are to have a mom, period.

And to have a mom who loves with her whole heart....who you love with every piece of yours...

Graced. Both of you. ALL of you.