Friday, November 16, 2007


Today I'm bored.

I think I'll go down to the old folks home,

wax the stairs

and yell "FIRE!"


Matt-Man said...

Make sure to hang around and pick up all of the loose change after they fall. Cheers you Madman, you.

katherine. said...

what are you?
a personal injury attorney?


Mel said...

Last time I was bored I went to WalMart and pushed all the hands of the wiggley Santas and snowmens and made 'em all wiggle and sing. *chuckling*

I'm gonna do that one again!

Jeff B said...

Matt- Just got back from the home. All I got was a lousy $1.37

Katherine- No just a warped self employed contractor.

Mel- What, no penguins?

Diesel said...

Who would have thought that deafness could be a survival advantage?

Oswegan said...

I'd have to go Vaseline on the toilet seats.


Odat said...

Wow...that's really bad! I just like to put staples in the middle of the page. ;-)

Jeff B said...

Diesel- Note to time bring flashing "GET OUT FIRE" sign along with megaphone.

Oswegan- Another sick puppy I see.

Odat- You're living on the edge.

Travis said...

Did you remember to disable the elevators?

Oswegan said...

I was watching America's stupidest home videos the other night and they had all of these old folk falling on their asses.

I was trying to figure out what was supposed to be funny about it. I thought someone was going to break a hip.


Jeff B said...

Travis- I can tell I'll have to solicit help from some of my fellow bloggers in the future.

Oswegan- Yeah that show is pretty bad. The more pain that's caused the more likely it'll get shown.

Anna said...

....that sound like fun, lol. Anna :)

tegdirb92 said...

why haven't I stumbled upon your blog before? Thanks for the laugh and warn me about the wax, I'd probably break a hip myself.

Desert Songbird said...

This explains much about you and why I would find Matt and Katherine and Travis over here.