Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Bit of Snow

Thought I'd step out into the back yard a snap a few photos with our whopping half and inch of snow fall in the background. It will probably melt before the end of the day, but the weather gurus are saying we might get up to three inches overnight. Riiiiight. Pardon my pessimism, but I'll believe it when I see it.

The boys didn't care if it was only a light dusting today; it provided enough for them to don their jackets, go outside and roll up a snow man. They also enjoyed pelting each other with a few snow balls.

As you can probably tell from this photo, it's definitely a snow MAN. They later added stick arms, eyes and so forth which helped to minimize the phallic look, but it gave Lisa and me a good chuckle anyway. (sorry the shot was taken through a screen)

The birds have been coming to this and other feeders in our yard. They were unfortunately a bit camera shy.

Getting a drink proved to be a bit more difficult however. Perhaps I should leave some bird sized ice skates out there for them.

The ferns seemed to be content with their new white blanket,

and the daffodils kept marching upward for their spring display.


Jeni said...

Ya know Jeff, I never would have noticed the "phallic" look of the snowman if you hadn't called my attention to it. Course, I didn't have my glasses on either so I could always use that as an excuse.

Funny picture though -very artistic of the kids to shape it that way, don't 'cha think?

Travis said...

We were supposed to get snow overnight and snow showers today. So far I've seen a few little flakes, and now I can see blue sky through the trees.

Oh well. At least I shouldn't have to worry too much about ice in the morning.

Annie said...

Winter's last (I hope) hurrah.

The snow is pretty but the daffodils will be even prettier.

Roger said...

Hahaha funny snow man, great photos Jeff!

Dana said...

Wow! Daffodils! I can't even hope to see those for at least another 60 days :(

Jeff B said...

Jeni- If they were older I'd say they did it on purpose, so I think that's what made it so funny.

Travis- Not having to drive on icy roads is a plus.

Annie- I'm affraid we have a ways to go yet, but seeing the bulbs pop up is encouraging.

Roger- I think he could have used two more strategically placed snow balls! Bwahaha

Dana- They usually start showing their "faces" in March around here.

Matt-Man said...

What Dana Said...Cheers!!

Ron said...

WOW...what great photo's Jeff!

Of course, I'm jealous that you got even just a little bit of "white stuff"...damn!

The "bird ice skates" made me laugh my butt off!

And the snowman photo kind of made me envious too!

(some men have all the icicles)

Thanks for sharing, Jeff!

Mel said...

ROFL at Ron's smartie remark. LOL

In the meantime, while I realize YOU call that snow...we wouldn't even qualify it.

The birdie bath has to come in come October, btw....elsewise it's a new birdie bath every spring.

Cheap....errrr...cheep, cheep!

katherine. said...

obviously you have all male

Leighann said...

The snowman made my day, is that wrong? ;)

Great photos, but I must say, I'm TIRED of snow! Spring can't come fast enough!

Jeff B said...

Matt- I can imagine when you have days that are only one drgree outside it takes a while for the plants to "wake up".

Ron- Bwahahaha That snow man was definately packin'.

Mel- We got about the same amount overnight and all the schools are closed today. Sheesh.

I'd hate to think what would happen around here if we got any REAL snow!

Katherine- They aren't even teenagers yet. It's gonna get interesting I'm sure.

Leighann- Not wrong, just a bit twisted. hehe

Oswegan said...

With almost no snow on the ground, we started two hours late this morning. Then by 10am, Lake Oswego, the wimpiest school district ever, canceled school for the day.

Desert Songbird said...

Definitely NOT something you see very often in your neck of the woods. Love the phallic reference - you're such a guy!

Jeff B said...

Oswegan- O C had a snow day too. Unbelievable!

Songbird- The phallic symbol or the snow?


Marilyn said...

Daffodils already! It will be a long wait for those here.

Anna said...

Well the good part is that there is still some green around. Great shots, thanks for sharing, Anna :)