Friday, January 25, 2008


It's sunny and (warm?) out there today. The sunny part is valid, with the sun glistening above like a beacon of hope in what has been a long, wet, gray winter. We've had several days in a row now, with only a hint of cloudiness overhead. Yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus.

Now the part about it being warm is a relative term. The mercury actually topped the forty degree mark and I found myself standing in the sunlight while wearing a tee shirt thinking, "It feels nice outside."

I really enjoyed being able to stand outdoors without the skies pouring down buckets of rain on my head or feeling like I had to be bundled from head to toe with multiple layers of clothes to fight off the freezing cold.

As joyous as I was for these meteorological treats, I also found myself thinking, "when did I start to think forty degrees Fahrenheit was warm?"

Trust me friends this is not natural! I want to be like the people in San Diego who have to don a fur parka when the air hits fifty outside. Instead of putting on shorts at sixty degrees I should be thinking about putting on thermals.

Ah yes, but I must remind myself that summer is coming, and during those three days, between the rainy seasons, the thermometer rarely tops 100. So it's something of a trade off I suppose, my frozen butt cheeks of today will soon be replaced by sandals on my feet tomorrow. . . well maybe not tomorrow, but soon anyway.

Come on Spring!


Sandee (Comedy +) said...

I'm so ready for spring. We are avid boaters and spend about a third of our time on the water during boating season. It's windy, cold and raining like the dickens here today. I'm so tired of winter. Have a great evening Jeff. :)

Dana said...

Ummm ... you start thinking 40 is toasty when you're smack dab in the middle of your 4th Chicago winter. 40 degrees would be FIFTY DEGREES warmer than it was here this morning!

Jeff B said...

Sandee- It's definately time.

Dana- Note to self, "Don't go to visit Dana during January."

-10 ICK

Desert Songbird said...

Dude! Do you NOT remember my post of a week ago when I marveled at the young girl who rode her bike to school in 30 degree weather? Gack!

You've lived up there toooo long if you think 40 is balmy.

Sure you're not ill?

(BTW - same described girl arrived at band this morning wearing jeans, sweatshirt, hat, and gloves. The temp this morning was 45.)

Pauline said...

I'd settle for a bit of blue sky to replace the miserable grey!

buffalodickdy said...

Those are nice days to have. It's been 5-10 degrees here in the morning, and when it warms up to about 20 it starts snowing again! Sunshine and 40 degrees sounds like a slice of heaven...

Leighann said...

I'm with you, come on Spring!

Mel said...

Oh look!

It's snowing!!
(there's a switch from -19!)

Grump grump.
Cheer up. Cheer up.

(somehow I think I need the tune...LOL)

Bond said...

and spring means baseball and bikinis....

Matt-Man said...

I am looking forward to Spring also, but I'd like one big ass snowstorm first. Cheers!!

Jeni said...

I'm perfectly content to deal with the little, rather puny, snowfalls we've had here thus far this year. Although I no longer HAVE to go out in all kinds of weather - since SS and I are on a really friendly, once-a-month communication basis now -I don't really care to see any type of big, kick-ass snowfalls in this vicinity. What we have on the ground right now - roughly 2, maybe 3 inches tops -is more than enough and sure as heck is cold enough for me too. Brrrr! I'm with you Jeff, come on spring!

Travis said...

Our temp is starting to dip again, and there has been a suggestion of a snow storm heading our way tonight.

But that's still better to me than what I'm in for come spring - spiders.

Ron said...

Sorry...but I must disagree with everyone here!!!!


There...that felt better!

I invite you to go live in Florida for 18 years...and then tell me how much you like SUMMER!

I HATE it!!!

AS far as I'm concerned...there IS no winter anymore - at least in the north-east.

Give me cold, gray winter days anytime!

I think I should consider, Antarctica...what do you think?

Do Penquins, BLOG?

Jeff B said...

Sonbird- I definely think I've cracked when 40 starts to look good.

Pauline- I vote for a gary free zone.

Buffalo- It's snowing outside hear now this morning.

Leighann- I can hardly wait.

Bond- Two more great reasons for spring.

Matt- Big ass or snowstorm. I'm affraid you can only choose one.

Jeni- Most snow is best observed on a post card.

Travis- That's a bummer. I didn't know you were not a fan of the eight legged critters.

Ron- There's always one in a crowd!


I don't mind winter for a while, but up here in the Pacific northsest, it sometimes wears a bit on ya. It tends to go on and on.

Kerri said...

I think you only have about 52 days left until Spring is officially here. I am excited about the arrival as well....however....I have really appreciated Mr. Winter more this year than any year previously. It seems he has a lot more to show me than I ever imagined.

Roger said...

Were all feeling that damn cold!

katherine. said...

we are having some below freezing temps and plenty of storms....but I am still wearing sandals!

Jeff B said...

Kerri- Most years I'm good with winter, but for some reason this years it's driving me nutty.

Roger- You're freezing your potatoes off over there arn't you.

Katherine- Ya brat. My sandals are in lock down for a while longer.