Saturday, January 12, 2008

Update on Gene

I'm happy to be able to report good news about my brother. It looks like everything should turn out OK for him. The blood thinners are working well enough that they felt comfortable sending him home. So his wife fashioned up a bed in the back of his truck (yes it has a shell) and is in the process of shuttling him back to Yreka. I'm pretty sure this qualifies for a redneck ambulance. He has to lay down for the better part of the trip, which is about 4-5 hours. ugh!

I was amazed to find out that now days they treat this type of condition with self injected medication, rather than admitting you into the hospital. Guess my old school thinking of a blood clot immediately causing panic and a long stay in the hospital are a thing of the past. Well everything except the panic part. No matter how many people tell you about having a similar problem or any amount of reassurance from doctors saying it's a relatively minor procedure, when it happens to someone you love, it still feels like a major deal.

So the treatment basically consists of the injections which thin your blood and dissolve the clots in the process. Your body then filters them out. Obviously this is a very over simplified explanation of it, but in a nutshell that's it. You've gotta love modern medicine for these type of things.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for all of your comments and emails that I received. The feeling of friendship and community that this world of blogging brings is just incredible. You all are very special to me, seriously, that's not just lip service. Behind the posts, pictures, words on the screen, etc., I see wonderful individuals. We laugh and joke together, we spar over issues that we have different opinions about, we cry together when loved ones around us are lost or are hurting, and we come together when in times like this we, ourselves need support form each other.

I've never looked at any of you as just an anonymous writer on the other side of the computer. I see you as individuals with real emotions and feelings. Not everybody outside of this blog world sees that, and I'm sure there are those that never will, but I am grateful that we've found each other and I once again thank you for your support.

I'll be coming by to catch up with y'all later tonight.

Ciao for now.


Dana said...

This is GREAT news!

Hammer said...

Great news!

It makes air travel out of the question that's for sure.

Mel said...


I'm really, really glad to hear that he's on his way home, even if it is via a redneck ambulance! LOL

*continued prayers for a speedy recovery*

(((((((( Jeff ))))))))))

Jeff B said...

Dana- I'm really glad he's doing better. Thanks

Hammer- He probably wasn't real thrilled with traveling home that way, but I guess it beats riding in the back of a hearse.

Mel- I can't wait to raz him about that. As soon as I know he's 100% the 'brotherly love' will return.

buffalodickdy said...

Glad all is working out! Long way to ride laying down...

Matt-Man said...

Great to hear Jeffy my boy. But one thing about me, I have neither real emotions nor real feelings. Cheers!!

Kerri said...

FANTASTIC News! So glad he is going better!! Keep us posted on his progress!

And thanks for such emotion I felt when I read your post! You say it exactly the way I feel it....I may have never met you in person....but I do feel that we are friends!

And I love the Redneck Ambulance part.....maybe you should contact Jeff Foxworthy :)

Annie said...

Jeff, it's almost miraculous what can be done with health care today. Halleluyah that the clots were found before they were "thrown" and that they can be treated as you describe.

I like the image you share of a "redneck ambulance" and understand it perfectly, being an old sort-of-redneck myself.

Leighann said...

Wonderful news Jeff!

the teach said...

Oh Jeff, I'm sorry to hear about your brother...but it sounds as if he'll be fine, thank goodness! Thanks for answering my question about California and the storms there. I'll remember you're in Oregon from now on.

Gene Bach said...

Well, I'm back in action! Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers. I put a post up on my blog about what led up to the event and gave a little information about it all.

Thanks for being concerned Jeff. However, as your life-long brother I feel obligated to tell you that you are still a loser. ;-) Tell Anthony he's going to have to wait awhile before he inherits the duck boat. :-)

Ron said...

Morning Jeff~

Hey, sorry I missed your previous post, but am SO HAPPY to here that things are well for your bro.

Man...I know how something like this can REALLY effect the lives of the entire family.

Thanks for sharing your feelings about the blogworld. You already know that I feel that same way!

Enjoy your Sunday, buddy!

Travis said...

Excellent news!

Mimi Lenox said...

Good news indeed!

Thanks for keeping us updating. And you described the feeling of community perfectly.

Desert Songbird said...

Wonderful news, Jeff. I've had to do the injections of anti-coagulants. It's not a pleasant thing AT ALL, but the alternatives are worse. So glad to hear that your brother is on the mend.

Jules~ said...

Wonderful news! I am so glad that he is okay now and doing well. Modern medicine is SO amazing. Last year, my mom had 2 stents placed after a heart attack. The progress of medicine that I learned blew my knowledge and gratefulness.
Thank you for being bold and transparent enough to share your worries, fears, and your heart.
I too look at my blogger friends and get excited to see how they are doing. The outside world wouldn't get it and understand (I sure didn't for a long time) but this is a real community with real people and I cherish it.

Jeff B said...

Buffalo- Waaay too long for comfort.

Matt- After reading your post about Odat today I beg to differ. Tough shell, warm heart I'm thinking.

Kerri- I'd miss it if he wasn't around for me to raz.

Annie- What, are from Arkansas or something. (tee hee)

Leighann- Thanks for checking in

Teach- Living in Oregon, but I left my heart in San Francisco.

I should write a song about that!

Gene- Anthony was glad you'd be around to show him how to use the boat and how to slay ducks.

I on the other hand, was already to throw the first shovel of dirt on you. Guess I'll have to wait now. Bwahahaha

Ron- Thanks, This community of friends is absolutely wonderful.

Travis- Thanks my friend.

Mimi- This new year seems to be bringing several of us to our knees.

Songbird- I'm sorry you have to keep going through so many medical proceedures. Thanks for your prayers and kind words.

Jules- This band of friends is closer than most I've known before. I feel lucky to be a part of it.

Anndi said...

Guess I chose the right day to come back. Glad Gene's feeling better sweetie. And um, I feel the same way about you sugarpants!

You've become a very real part of my life, and I know I can speak for other bloggers when I say you are a treasure dear.

Roger said...

Thats good news about your Bro getting better! Your a good person Jeff & a great writer!!

The Teamster said...

great news jeff.

one question it better to drive that corridor laying down asleep or having to watch the lovely landscape crawl by? least the lower part...

Jeff B said...

Anndi- All right, now I'm blushing. Did you hear that everyone? She called me sugarpants!

Thanks, I'm glad you're back from you trip safe.

Roger- Thank man. I'm going to look at the link you sent me tonight or tomorrow.

Teamster- Welcome to the site. I think the world of your mom.

Good point you make. Sleeping on I-5 is probably the better option given a choice, although I'm usually driving so staying awake is typically advised.

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Great news on Gene. I so enjoyed visiting him and hope he picks up blogging in the future. He'll remain in my buddy list in any event.

You have sized up just how I feel about my blogging buddies too. If you are in my buddy list, then you are very, very special to me.

You know that Matt-Man just told you a great big lie don't you? Have a great day Jeff. :)

katherine. said...

his Mom? How do you know the Teamster's Mom?