Monday, January 7, 2008

What Is It #3 - Home Depot Style

I can generally walk through my local Home Depot store pretty much un-noticed and seldom do I have anyone ask if they can help me. Today was a bit different.

Armed with my camera in hand I took pictures of various things while I was at the store. It's amazing how much attention you can draw with a few simple clicks of the shutter. One picture in particular nearly got me kicked out. There are bonus points awarded if you can pick out which one it was.

My apologies at the quality of some of the shots. After getting the stink eye from a couple of the associates I figured I better try to get what I could. I'm pretty sure they thought I was casing the joint. Oh well, it was entertaining.

So here they are, fourteen pics of items I believe you would be able to see at any of their stores. I'll post an expanded view of each of these along with the original on Wednesday.

Know what they are? How observant are you?



Ron said...

Oh man, Jeff...this was a tuffy.

It's a toss up between #5 and #14.

Ok....I choose...#14.

However, what the hell is it????

You can mail me my $100.00 prize on Wednesday!


Annie said...

What a wonderful series of puzzles to solve. Since Home Depot is my husband's favorite home away from home, I'm going to ask him to solve each of these little mysteries. And I'll bet already that he'll score high on the challenge.

Mel said...

Oh geeze.

I'd ask the Brit but I fear I'd recognize more than HE would.

Got a few already--stuck on a few more......

*going back to study photos*

I WILL persevere!

Ten shoulda got you booted. LOL

Roger said...

I live at home depot it is my church! I reconize a lot of these it wasn't the 10 the store computer was it?

Jeff B said...

Ron- Don't spend that money just yet!

Annie- I may have to do the next one from a Hallmark store or something similar next time to equal it out.

Mel- I'd hate to think you would obsess over something like a little game. (teehee)

Roger- The reverend Homer will be giving a sermon the the Holy Depot this Sunday. The topic will be: How to build a better community. Tithes and offerings will be collected at the register.

Jules~ said...

I think I can recognize most of these pics. I bet it was fun to walk around and be all photo major on the place. I'd have to agree that it was pic #10 that about got you kicked out.
BTW...where ever did you learn the phrase "stink eye"? It is a huge every day slang word in my portuguese/hawaiian family.

Oswegan said...

Is this a test?

Nice shots, I have to stay away from home depot, it is an evil money sucking place.

My wife has the same problem with target.


Jeff B said...

Jules- Honestly, it wasn't even on. It was sitting out in the garden area all by itself. Just because I rolled up the cover they had on it. Sheesh.

Don't know where stink eye came from. Must have been one of those darn forniegners that tought me.

Oswegan- Now I'm confused. You say it's evil and Roger say it's church.

I'm going to Lowes from now on.

roentarre said...

The arrangment of these shots protray an interesting pattern. But I could not figure out anything in there

Isadora said...

:) You got me. But you did bring back memories of when I remodeled my apartment in Virginia almost single handedly. It was the finest therapy. Armed with a 'do it yourself' book with step-by-step photos - I've spent my spare time at what then was Hechinger's. Lot's of mumbling to myself (only occasionally drew attention because of it - I should have brought a camera) :)

Interestingly enough - for whatever the reason, in Hungary I simply did not have the courage to do any of the remodeling myself. Whether a mental block or simply intimidated by the awkwardness of the way things are done or the 16 foot ceilings. I've only painted door and window frames here - :( and only up to the height I could reach from the second step of the ladder (afraid of heights).

Odat said...

Oh man! Not fair! Altho # 13 looks like a gate...and #12 looks like a sex toy of some kind..ahahaha!

buffalodickdy said...

Did pretty good on most- which one got you almost thrown out? I saw auto ramps, re-rod, granite tile, insulation, I think...

Matt-Man said...

That last one looks like some type of Sado-Masochistic Sexual device. Ouch. Cheers!!

Desert Songbird said...

#2 is a shelf, #4 is a shopping cart. #10 looks like one of the keyboards on the cash register - perhaps the one in paint? #9 could be part of a wet/dry vacuum.

Oo, is #1 insulation?

Dana said...

At least I know I'm not the only perv - I thought #12 looked like some sort of sex toy too! Now #1 I find quite disturbing for some reason ...

Real Live Lesbian said...

I think I saw #12 at the Hustler store over the weekend!

Jeff B said...

Roentarre- Nice to see you again.

Isadora- Truth be told, I don't like heights either. I paint exteriors in the summertime and it scares me everytime. I'll come by and check out your site later. Thanks for the visit.

Odat- One of your answers is correct, but I'm not saying which one. Becareful which one you choose for the 'job'.

Buffalo- You're two out of four so far.

Matt- That would definitely leave a mark!

Songbird- You did pretty good. You'll have to rethink one of your choices.

Dana- You could really scratch your head on #1 and I never knew Home Depot could look so kinky to so many.

Real LL- You and some of the others are going to have wash your minds out with soap! Of course using #12 as a toy could make landscaping a lot more interesting.

Leighann said...

Great shots!

I say #5 or #10 almost got you booted!

I've never stepped FOOT into a Home Depot store so I'm not even going to try to guess what they all are!!

Travis said...

Don't know how many I got right, but I found an answer for all of em!

1. Looks like insulation.
2. Looks like the side of one of the forklifts.
3. Looks like the stone pathway out in the garden department.
4. Shopping cart.
5. Paint mixer?
6. Looks like the side of a shelf.
7. Re-bar?
8. A stack of storage tubs.
9. Looks like a Shop Vac.
10. A keyboard at one of the information stations.
11. One of the big carts for hauling lumber and such.
12. Looks like hatchet handles.
13. An aisle gate.
14. Looks like a lift.

Jeff B said...

Leighann- You are such a girly girl. Never?

I can't sem to go more than about a week without going into one. Occupational hazard.

Travis- 75% You score a passing grade. I wonder how I'd do with something like this if I wasn't prevy to the answers?

Mimi Lenox said...

And why weren't you wearing your pink feather boa and tiara?
Haven't I taught you ANYthing?
(as Bond said to me) lol

Mimi Lenox said...

#1 Insulation
#2 The Plinko Game from The Price Is Right
#3 Italian tile
#4 air conditioning filter
#5 compressor
#6 Not the bathroom stall doors! Tell me you were not peeping through the bathroom doors!
#7 Steel rods
#8 Stackable trashcans
#9 a water cooler spout or a gas can
#10 keyboard with their trade secrets on the screen. You scoundrel!
#11 a handtruck thingy magig that you load things on (it needs painting)
#12 The cockpit panel levers on The Starship Enterprise
#13 side of a forklift
#14 R2D2 without clothes

#10 got you arrested, didn't it?How'd I do?

Jeff B said...

Mimi- Who said I wasn't wearing those things?

I no longer have an ass because I have laughed it completely off!

Shopping with you would be waaaaay too much fun.

By far my favorite answers yet.

Diesel said...

Travis kicks ass. I couldn't get half of them. Mimi's answers were more entertaining though. :)