Tuesday, January 8, 2008

What is it? #3 solved

I know I said Wednesday for the answers, but when did I ever play by the rules any way? It looks like most of the usual suspects have come by and offered up guesses. Mimi gets a gold star for the most creative answers. I have got to take that girl shopping.
I'll do this again soon. I really enjoyed all of your answers. Any suggestions for other stores to do this at? and yes I'm aware I'm enviting trouble by asking you all that question.

#1 Insulation

#2 Step Stool

#3 Stepping Stone

#4 Shopping Cart

#5 Panel Saw

#6 Vertical Rack Support

#7 Rebar

#8 Storage Containers

#9 Shop Vacuum

#10 Register Keyboard

#11 Lumber Cart

#12 Wheel Barrows (not sex toys ya pervs)

#13 Expandable Gate

#14 Electric Panel (without the breakers)

As many of you guessed number ten was the one that nearly had me removed from the store. In my defense, it was all the way out in the garden section with nobody anywhere near it, except me and Mr anal retentive employee that is. He didn't think I was verry funny when I rolled the cover back so I could get a picture of it. It's not like it was turned on with vital statistics concerning national security flashing on the screen. Sheesh!


Hammer said...

Other than the rebar I couldn't figure any of those others for the life of me.

It just goes to show how some of us take details for granted.

Matt-Man said...

I took pictures of a trip to the grocery one time. Customers and employees alike were freaking out. Calm Down Folks. Cheers!!

buffalodickdy said...

I could walk around taking pictures with a cell phone, but if it looks like a camera- they attack!

Anna said...

I guess you need to be in construction business to identify any of those, lol. Great game, Anna :)

Ron said...

Damn...thanks for the warning Jeff about not spending the money yet!

It was fun, anyway.

Congrats Mimi!

Jeff B said...

Hammer- It was actually Oswegan who inspired the idea of taking these type of shots. He has some pretty amazing macro photos.

Matt- I'm going to start taking my camera everywhere, then when I need someone to finally offer to help, I'll just start snapping pics. That'll get 'em running.

Buffalo- I tried taking photos inside a jewelry store once. The shop keeper went ballistic.

Anna- It would be a help I'm sure, although I wonder how I'd do with something like this sitting in the guessing chair?

Ron- Glad to have provided some entertainment.

Travis said...

**does a passing grade victory dance**

Home Depot is like Valhalla isn't it? Even though I'm not really all that handy, I luvs me some tools and stuff.

katherine. said...

little missy works at home depot...on the freight team...meaning she drives the forklift and restocks. I love Home Depot...AND I get a discount.

(I'm trying to image you and Mimi shopping together...did you read her recent shopping post????)

Mel said...

Shoot. I was wrong on four of 'em.

I must give credit to Mimi--but I'll never look at a breaker box the same. LOL

Too fun!

Jeff B said...

Travis- It's a smorgasbord of a different type for sure.

I love the smell of lumber in the morning, it smells of victory!

Katherine- You get a discount? I'm packing a bag and headed for Santa Cruz.

I saw Mimi's post, it was a riot.

Mel- Should I even ask how himself did? Bwahaha

Real Live Lesbian said...

Next time....how about some butch girls that work at HD! Close ups are fine! LOL

Great shots!

Annie said...

Thanks for the answers, Jeff. I did sit my husband down in front of the computer and told him to comment his answers to you but . . . he's not much of a typist. And I never really found out how many of these he recognized.

Roger said...

Great job on all that Jeff! I of course got some of that right lol! How about taking photos at "Velvet touch" just asking.

Jeff B said...

Real LL- Is that Harley Davidson? or Harry and David? or Hustler Depot?

Annie- It's all good. I'd love to see one of these posts somewhere so I could try to guess the answers.

Roger- Never heard of "Velvet Touch" store, but why do I have a feeling my grandmother wouldn't have shopped there?

Psycho Mom said...

I was thinking you might want to go to Fredricks Of Hollywood for your next photo shoot. All the guys would get the answers right and think of the fun you'd have brousing in that store . . . but then, you'd have to get used to sleeping outside with Bianca. Hmmm, probably should wait for summer. Just a thought.

"The Babe"

the teach said...

Oh shoot! One day I don't visit, and I miss your great guessing post!! D___!

Marilyn said...

I'm with Teach. I really gotta come by more often.

Jeff B said...

Teach and Marilyn- Sorry you missed this round. I'll do it again and I'll try to remember to give you a heads up so you can join in.