Monday, April 7, 2008

A Basketball Post???

Hold on ladies, don't leave yet. This is really a post about a movie about basketball.

Well I guess that isn't completely true either. There certainly is basketball throughout the movie, but the message behind the game is so much more than that. It's the story of one man's determination to give hope and a fighting chance for success to a group of young men, boys really, that otherwise might never of been so fortunate.

The movie originally came out in 2005 and it stars Samuel L Jackson as the Richmond High School basketball coach who in 1999 made history.

The following is an excerpt from Wikipedia's site about Ken Carter:

Carter gained notoriety in 1999 when coaching the Richmond High School Oilers. He canceled all of his undefeated basketball team's games and practices for eight days -- forfeiting two games (one non-conference game and one alumni game) -- because fifteen team members had unacceptably poor academic performance. This event was known as "the lockout", and his actions were criticized by the school, players' parents, the community, the schools where his team was scheduled to play, and media commentators. Carter maintained that his athletes must take their studies seriously as good academic performance would give them access to college and other opportunities in life. Public opinion eventually changed, and he was praised for his determined emphasis on encouraging proper life priorities for his team.

Personally I think this is Jackson's best performance to date. The movie does have a fair amount of four letter language in it, so if that doesn't sit well with you you may want to skip it. Otherwise I highly recommend checking it out.

Well there you go, I actually did a post about basketball...kind of

If you follow college hoops and are fully engulfed in March Madness go by Travis's site for all the action. He does a great recap of all the games.


Rhea said...

I have to admit, I start to tune out when there is lots of sports talk or this thing called March Madness (Is this a disease males get, like Mad Cow Disease?) but I did find your post palatable, and I even read until the end! You should feel so honored. hehe

I'm impressed with that coach's dedication to education (that rhymes!), and it's nice to know SOME people have their priorities straight.

Thanks for sharing!

buffalodickdy said...

Sports can be a good prep to real life, or can be the farthest thing from it! I played sports, and they taught me how to win and how to lose- both valuable lessons of life...

Jeff B said...

Rhea- I think those deseases are somehow related. (snicker) I'm not really a basketball fan, but thought this was a great movie.

Now baseball or football is a whole other story.

Buffalo- So true. How does one handle success or failure can hopefully be taught on the field.

Dana said...

I've been wanting to see this movie for quite some time, but haven't managed to get my family on board. I think I'll try again!

Leighann said...

I don't follow sports but I did enjoy this movie. Have you seen Remember The Titans or Gridiron Gang?

Mimi Lenox said...

Oh yea. I see how it is.
You and Travis have ganged up on me with these sports posts. Well, I can sport spoof with the best of 'em. Am I going to have to start spoofing my comments here too?
Basketball. Humpf!

Is that black and white striped ball?

Travis said...

Thanks for the shout! I haven't seen that movie yet, but I agree with Coach Carter's message. That lesson was drilled into me at a young first and sports second.

CBS has got this championship game starting so late tonight that I won't be able to blog know the priority is Dancing tonight!


Jeff B said...

Dana- It's worth the effort to round them up. At least I thought so.

Leighann- I like the new icon, and I've seen the Titans and thought it was great too. Haven't seen the Gridiron Gang though.

Mimi- Please, no pouting now. The black and white stripped ball...Bwahahahaha!

Travis- No prob. and I guess it's time to cue the music!

Ron said...

GREAT movie review, Jeff!

I really like hearing someones "take" on a film.

Because you know ME and films...LOVE them!

This film sounds like something that anyone could enjoy and relate too, even if the're not a basketball fan.

Just from you description, I have feeling I would really appreciate this film!

I'll look for it at my video store.

Thanks for review, buddy!

Marilyn said...

I like Samuel L. Jackson but I can't see anybody in my family sitting through a basketball movie with me. I guess this one will have to wait till I'm home alone.

Jules~ said...

Cool! that sounds like a great movie. Thanks for the recommendation.

Mel said...

If it ain't cricket then it's not worth watching.


I swear, life with a Brit is entertaining, to say the least.

Doubt that he'd go for a movie about 'net ball'. LOL But then, he watched Field of Dreams and enjoyed it.....and that's about 'rounders'.

Yes. He does talk English. LOL

Thinkin' I'll make him 'suffer' through this one sometime. *snickering*

jennifer said...

Hey! This is the kind of Basketball post I could do. Except maybe the movie Air Bud. Or Like Mike (this was actually a REALLY cute movie), something juvenile like me!

Your movie was a good one - I like Samuel L. Jackson in this role.


Anndi said...

Some great movies are sports movies... like um.. Slapshot! yeah!

Bond said...

Have not seen it...will have to go rent it...thanks Jeff

The lesson taught is an important one...

Doc said...

I never saw this but the premise sounds great. I need to check it out... Thanks Jeff!

Akelamalu said...

I read basketball and was heading out the door, then I saw you'd called me a lady so I decided to be one and read your post. I'm not into sports, well apart from Wimbledon - I like that, oh and anything featuring David Beckham. (Slurp) sorry about that. Not sure I'd like a film about sport but thanks for the review. :)

CrazyCath said...

Not you as well! Suldog did one too here but his was more baseball and less film! lol

Actually, the teenager tells me it is a good film, and from what you describe, it looks it. I might have a look at that - thanks for the review!

Jeff B said...

Ron- Hey Mikey, try it you'll like it.

Marilyn- Just you a bowl of popcorn and the DVD player. Ahh

Jules- Hope you like it.

Mel- Cricket? Rounders? I thought you said he speaks English.

Jennifer- Jackson's worst roll ever would have been in Star Wars, but this one was good.

Anndi- Ya, that was a good choice too.

Bond- I'm sure you will enjoy it.

Doc- It's a good story with a good message.

Akelamalu- Hey Im impressed that you stuck around and read it at all. Wahooo

Crazycath- Thanks for the tip, I'll pop over and have a look.