Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Now if you’re suddenly in a panic from reading the title of this post thinking, “I didn’t know it was Mother’s Day already?” relax. There are still eighteen shopping days left until that glorious Sunday in May. If however, you listen to the radio (or TV if you have cable) you would think it’s in the next ten minutes. "Hurry…don’t wait…go spend your money today while the selection is still good." Ah yes, it’s commercialism at its finest once again.

Don’t get me wrong, I have absolutely nothing against celebrating a day for mothers everywhere, but the feeling the retailers give of having to buy her affection is nothing short of irritating. If you’re blessed to have a mom like mine, you should by all means take time to stop by and visit her, pick up the phone and call, take her a card or buy her some flowers if you can afford to. Your mom probably worked hard raising and caring for you, for that she should be acknowledged, but that should be an act of love from your heart, not because someone guilted you into it.

I just heard an add that said “Flowers and chocolates don’t cut it anymore, get her what she really wants, get her a new cell phone. Yeah, nothing says I love you like a new phone with a two year service contract!

There’s another irritating clod that claims to be my, “Friend in the diamond business.” He would love to sell me (or anyone else for that matter) a ring or pendant with a diamond the size of Rhode Island on it, and as an added bonus finance it for me regardless of my credit. I don’t know about you, but I just want to go up to him and give him a great big hug. What a thoughtful guy!

There was another add I heard that was a bit disturbing from a jewelry guy… go figure. This guy was my, “Friend in the pearl business”. Oh wait a minute…same guy come to think of it, just being extra friendly I guess. Anyway he wants to make me a deal on a necklace. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t giving your mom a pearl necklace, no matter what the occasion, completely wrong on every level? Even if you’re from some three tooth backwards, hillbilly state where your mom and your sister are one in the same person it still can’t be right. Eeeeewwww.

Personally I think I’m going to get mom a kidney this year. Imagine the surprise on her face when she opens the box and looks under the dry ice to find that little gem! I sure hope I get her one in her size.

While we’re on the subject, (Mother’s day that is, not organ harvesting), how about buying a present for a wife on Mother’s Day? If the two of you are parents should you feel obligated to do this? Personally I don’t buy into this one either. I’ll be happy to help my boys make her a card, take them out to pick some flowers or assist them in making a meal for her, but going out and buying a present by myself for her just doesn’t seem like part of the program. Yes she’s helping raise our children, but I’m sorry, she’s still not my mother.

One final word in edgewise on the subject, in June when Father’s day rolls around, all of this same stuff applies with the roles reversed.

Oh by the way, if you would like to read a warm heartfelt poem about me, please go by and visit my brother Gene at “Turning the Pages of Life”. You might want to have a few tissues on hand though as I’m sure you’ll be in tears before you get to the end of it.


Anndi said...

Mother's day... doubt this year ill be easier than last. Hug your mom for me ok?

Nicole P said...

Well, Jeff, my kids are fairly young and my husband is somewhat of a slacker in the present department. The last mother's day present I received was an electric pancake griddle....oh about 5 years ago. Oh wait, last year my husband sent me an email wishing me a Happy Mother's Day, but he sent it the Sunday prior to Mother's day.
I would love for him to take them shopping for me.
And as far as my own mother goes, you read my post a while back about what happened with my oldest son?? Well, she was part of that mess and I haven't spoken to her in 2 years.
It is sad.

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

I agree with you 100%. I don't want to get anything from anyone except my one and only son. Period. A phone call wishing me Happy Mother's Day is just fine with me as well. all the commercial aspects of most holidays just plain turn me off.

I read your brother's poem this morning. I could really feel the love. Are you going to pay him back for that? Just asking. Have a great evening. :)

Mel said...

Awwwwwww.... I love moms.
Missed havin' one growin' up--and I spoil himself's mom (so I'm told).

She gets TWO mom's day treats. One for England's and one for the States.

k......I might spoil her a BIT.....

Jeff B said...

Anndi- I will do that darling.

Nicole- I've larned that buying an appliance ofr my wife is best done on a non descript wednesday afternoon.

The situation with your mom truly is sad. I hope she will make amends with you at some point.

Sandee- Gene's just mad because I got all the good looks! I'm sure I'll come up with something for him.

Jeff B said...

Mel- Good for you for spoiling her. If it's from the heart then its all good.

Giggle! said...

OMFG! I so almost had a heart attck!! Thanks for reminding me!!! xx

Jeni said...

Good thing I've been reading your blog now and Gene's for over a year so in the process I've also read many comments by your Mom to each of you. At least that way, I know that in so many ways, you are so much like my kids who love nothing better than to pick, tease and harass each other much of the time. Gene really did a great job with that poem, even though he really gave you a royal hosing!

As to your comments about Mother's Day and commercialization -couldn't agree more. I got a Mother's Day gift almost a month early from my younger daughter here. Mandy made an appointment for old Gram to get a hair cut and a perm -guess she figured it was high time for a remodeling job of sorts. Anyway, it was a great gift, just in the nick of time too, so I feel better at least about my appearance even if my body isn't always responding the way I'd like it to do.

Travis said...

The thing that always bugs me about these retailers is the forwardness. How do they know what my mother wants? Just because she's a woman?

Maybe jewelry makes her skin break out. Maybe she doesn't like chocolate (ok, that's a stretch, but it could be so). Maybe she's allergic to flowers.

I call my mom every Sunday. One Sunday in May is a little more special.

Rhea said...

I agree with you that the advertising is out of control with Mother's Day (and most holidays). I don't need expensive gifts, just a homemade card from my boys or breakfast in bed, or just them being extra sweet that day.

However, I do disagree with you about not celebrating your wife as a mother. I see the holiday as celebrating "mothers" in general, and I send cards not only to my mother, but to my grandmothers and to my sisters who are mothers. Nothing big, sometimes just an email.

I think husbands should celebrate, in whatever way feels right, their wives being good mothers. I do the same for my husband on father's day. It's nice to have the other parent say, "You're doing a great job, sweetie, we're celebrating you today."

Just my opinion!!

Ron said...

Ok, I the only one who found the pearl necklace reference HYSTERICAL????

Oh, man...that was FUNNY!

Hey...I TOTALLY agree with you on the whole Mother's Day commercial "thing." I'm in retail, and I can tell you from sucks! Not only Mother's Day, but EVERY holiday is nothing but one BIG commercial.

I think what you're planning to do with your own mom and with your boys, for THEIR mom is what's Mother's Day is ALL about.

Keeping it simple and loving!

Great post, Jeff! And thanks for the wonderful LAUGH!

Talisman said...

Honestly what I'd love from my husband for mother's day is a clean house that he and my children cleaned. It's far better than flowers that the cats will eventually eat (and ralph up on my floor), and less painful to the pocketbook than a diamond the size of Rhode Island. But I've never been much of a "girly" girl, so those sorts of things have never interested me.

Oh and btw, the pearl necklace comment had me laughing so hard! So funny!

Gene Bach said...

All the holiday advertisings gets earlier and earlier every year. It's irritating indeed.

I'll have to agree that psycho mom is pretty cool.

Dana said...

I’ll be happy to help my boys make her a card, take them out to pick some flowers or assist them in making a meal for her, but going out and buying a present by myself for her just doesn’t seem like part of the program.

I'm with you on this one Jeff, not only am I not my husband's mother, I don't want to be!

We actually have a bit of a Mother's Day tradition - DINNER at IHOP (it's just DEAD at night - no wait)

Jeff B said...

Giggle- Chill my friend...plenty of time left.

Jeni- Sarcasm is king in our family. If Gene stopped razing me I'd wonder what was wrong.

Travis- They present it like they are the worlds formost authority about someone they've never met. Irritating.

Rhea- Point well taken. I try to remember to thank her throughout the year. Buy her flowers on a "just because" day...things like that.

A difference of opinion is always welcome here if you choose to voice it. Thanks

Ron- I was wondering if someone was going to comment on that. Why does it not surprise me that you would be the first!

The commercialism unfortunately can be applied to every holiday anymore. sad

Talisman- Thanks for coming over. Cat ralph is never a good thing.

Gene- We're lucky to have Psycho Mom. You on the other hand, I'm not so sure.

Jeff B said...

Dana- I know others don't view that the same way, but for me it just seemes forced if I do it on that day. Maybe I'm just weird.

Jay said...

They're funning all kinds of "If you love your mother you will buy her some diamonds or a car" for Mother's Day around here too.

I'm gonna my mother an e-card or something. LOL ;-)

Amazing Gracie said...

I so agree with you on this issue! For a husband to give his wife a "Mother's Day" gift (unless it's from the kids) is to say he thinks of you as his mother! Ick....
Besides, my mom is gone as is my dad. I hate these two holidays.
I came here from Gene's blog. I told him to be very careful when opening his Christmas gift from you this year!
How does your mom keep up with the two of you and all the great writing you come up with???

Odat said...

I agree....I don't buy anything for anyone but my Mom!!!

Odat said...

I just read "the poem"...
(I'm guess you "heard me" laughing all the way out there!) hehe.

Jeff B said...

Jay- They give us the, "if you reeeealy love her, you'll buy her something expensive, greedy SOB's.

Gracie- Mom can dish it out pretty well too. As you can imagine, there's never a dull moment when we're all together.

Odat- Isn't he just a big ole' softy? NOT!

Mimi Lenox said...

I totally agree about the commercialization of these holidays. I get tired of the hype.
Whew! And I'm so glad I didn't miss Mother's Day!

Roger said...

Yep just buying for Mom!

jennifer said...

Yep, I saw your inspiring poem! It says something stinks and it's not this poetry.

And if Hubby doesn't get me a present for the morning sickness, contractions, stretch marks, sore and elongated boobs, loss of sleep, loss of brain cells, loss of figure, and loss of common sense, times three..... I will hide the key to his beer fridge.

He will get a tie in June.


Kimmie said...

I have never received a gift from a husband on Mother's day. (Yes folks, I have had two). After all, I am not their Mother and have never expected one from them. When my children were young, my ex always took them out shopping to buy me something. Now they are grown...24 & 29, so they do their own buying. They know that I would be happy with a card, I am a card person. The thought of them standing amoungst a bevy of them and reading many until they find the one they feel says what they hold in their heart means more to me then tangible riches anyday. But, for them, a card isn't enough, they were raised in a home where gifts were abundant (my ex's way of doing things) so they always buy me a gift also. It's a nice gesture and I appreciate the thoughts they put into them, but boy does a homemade card, and breakfast in bed ever sound wonderful!!! Actually, a better word would be Priceless!

Thanks Jeff, this was a great post. Sounds like we have alot of the same values. :-)

buffalodickdy said...

My sons love their Mom alot, but I always call them about Friday just to remind them....

leelee said...

I have all my homemade cards and school made gifts tucked neatly away in a box. I treasure those most of all.

Loved the "Ode to Jeff" at Gene's place. very touching indeed.

Jeff, I've added you to my blogroll. I enjoy this place.


Matt-Man said...

I will help Ryno make a card for his mom, and we will get her some flowers. The kidney idea is a hoot. Cheers Jeff!!

Jeff B said...

Mimi- Hype is an ecellent word for what the retailers do. The more they push, the more I recoil.

Roger- I'll bet momma Roger is a pretty cool lady.

Jennifer- Is that all you had to go through? Bwahahahaha

So, will hubby get you something out of his undying love for you, or because he doesn't have a good locksmith handy?

Kimmie- I think i commented to some one earlier, when it comes from the heart, that's when it counts.

Buffalo- Not a bad plan, I too have been blessed with the forgetful gene. (not my brother)

Leelee- Lisa has piles of kid art tucked away too. It's fun to look at that stuff down the road.

Thanks for the addition. I will add you as well, in fact that is a reminder that I need to update mine too.

Jeff B said...

Matt- The nice thing about a kidney is if it's the wrong size, color, style...she can always just make a pie out of it.

leelee said...

thanks! and HUGS!

Real Live Lesbian said...

Well said there, Jeff! Where did that crazy buy something for the mother of your children come from, anyway????

I'm grabbing a kleenex and headed to read all about you!

Bond said...

I so agree with every single word you wrote here Jeff....

and your brother is so loving... LOL

nitebyrd said...

Hallmark Holidays work on the guilt factor, IMO.

That said, I'd love a diamond as big as Rhode Island and a nice card. :)

CrystalChick said...

Anything that ZZ Top sung about should never be given as a gift to a Mom. LOL
I do agree that the commercialism for most holidays has gotten wayyyy out of control. However, being in business, as small as it is, I still rely on holiday shoppers. Now while I do not try to sell on Blogger, I do post many of the things I make, even though here I am mostly looking for feedback. I also do not call or try to push anyone to buy anything locally. But I think people do enjoy buying and receiving some things that are homemade so I hope there will continue to be a market for that. These days, everything is machine made or made very cheaply in other countries so I feel it's important to still honor those who work with love, with their own hands, to produce something that will make a person feel special to receive. Not that it has to be said just on a holiday! My hub will do something sweet any old day of the week just because.
As for Mother's Day goes, last year we went to brunch. A friend of mine makes greeting cards also, so hubby will sometimes order special ones from her from him and the kids. This year we have no plans... yet.
I totally get what you are saying but at the same time, in my field, I'm hoping for sales! LOL

kevin wecker said...

Sorry, I had to rush through this post as I was too busy buying my Christmas presents for the family!

And I got the best deal on a pearl necklace! It'll be M's 32nd one since giving presents!


The Middle Child said...

Every mothers day my mom wants a hanging basket of flowers and somet time with me and my son... which she gets, every year.

It's like this with every holiday or any day that could possibly look like it might turn in to a holiday.... it's nuts man.

Akelamalu said...

I only have a mother-in-law now to buy a card and a present for, which I do because I love her.

I read Gene's poem - I didn't realise you and he were brothers. I think he loves you!

R.E.H. said...

I keep it simple on Mother's Day. I buy something tasty to go with the coffee, which she will make. Then we spend some time together and talk over coffee... that's what I think Mother's Day is all about.

Jeff B said...

Leelee- no problem.

Real LL- I'm sure you will be emotionally spent after reading it.

Bond- He's the real touchy feely type isn't he?

Nitebyrd- The guilt factor is what fries me about any of the holiday buying.

Christalchick- I think the items you make would be a great present for someone. Handmade and not mainstream, seems to make them that much more special. The buying of expensive gifts isn't what bugs me, it's the guilt factor that the major retailers try to press us with that is so anoying.

Kevin- Ha! Glad you got a jump on that Christmas shopping. I'm surprised the stores don't have ribbons and bows up yet.

Middle Child- Quality time spent with your mom is probably the best gift of all. Thanks for coming by.

Akelamalu- It's true, we are. Just think if he hated me...Yikes!

REH- When your mom knows how much you love her by sitting down and having a nice chat I think doesn't get much better than that.

Hammer said...

Yep a present for mom and the wife (from the kids haha)

A pearl necklace for dad would be even worse.

Anndi said...

Thanks... ::hug::

jennifer said...

Since man cannot live by marital bliss alone, beer is a strong motivator around here. Or maybe the buffer to endure such extreme bliss.

Now this is REALLY going to knock your socks off. MY MOTHER gives me a mother's day gift too, and My Hubby a father's day gift. She believes in honoring those that have made her a grandma! We are a VERY giving bunch here in ALABAMA. Maybe you should move to our compound, I MEAN neighborhood.


Jeff B said...

Hammer- I agree, that would really be nasty!

Anndi- Anytime.

Jennifer- Tis better to give than receive. Sounds like y'all have this one down.

Desert Songbird said...

I miss my mom, so I wish I could call her and tell her "Happy Mothers' Day." I adore my mother-in-law and never forget her; she's about to undergo open heart surgery, so this year's Mothers' Day has extra meaning.


Anyway, my hubby gets me something on Mothers' Day to thank me for being a mom. Anyone could have bore his children, I suppose, but he chose me, we made the decision for me to stay home and care for them, and it's a damn hard job. I dunno - I think it's sweet, and I appreciate his thoughtfulness.

Anonymous said...

Forty-nine, forty-six, and forty-two years ago, I got the three best Mother's Day gifts any woman could have ever been given. Their names are: Gene, Mark and Jeff, and they are all I need in this life. Don't need no stinkin' cards, flowers or expensive presents to know I'm loved. Thank each of you for being who you are, not just on Mother's Day, but all year long.


Jo said...

Hi Jeff.... I found you through Gene's blog. After reading his discriptive poem of his brother I just had to rush over here and see if there was a picture of you somewhere on your blog. Whew!!! You are not as bad as the picture I had conjoured up in my

Seriously the two of you sound a lot like my two children (Tersie and Chris). They loved each other so much they would sit for hours in our big chair and hug each other...(Evil laugh) That was my punishment for them when they fought with each other. They would be banished to the 'Liking Chair' to sit and hug each other for as long as I thought it would take for them to 'LIKE' each other enough to not fight. It did work!!

The only thing that is missing on these preholiday commercials if the irrating screaming voice of "Billy Mays".

Have a great weekend.

Jeff B said...

Songbird- Lisa is a stay at home mom too and I don't in any way mean to diminish how much work she does. It's more of the comercialism and guilt factor that I could do without.

Mom- If a diamond the size of Rhode Island was in the budget, I'd happily get one for you. Thanks for being the best mom anyone could ever have!

Jo- If I sat in a chair next to Gene for any length of time I'd be affraid his ugly might wear off onto me.

Speaking of Billy Mays you might enjoy this post:

(dont know how to do a hyperlink in comments)

katherine. said... you only celebrate Psycho Mom's Day???

while I agree we go way over the top advertising...I liked it when the kids' dads sent a card or a flower...

Do your kids send things to their grammas? We do!