Monday, April 28, 2008

Odds and Ends

After what feels like six months of winter, this past weekend was actually quite enjoyable. It was sunny and warm, giving us all a ray of hope that spring may make it onto the scene yet. The sound of lawn mowers and edge trimmers filled the neighborhood, and as the day wore on there was the unmistakeably pleasant aroma of BBQ's wafting from yard to yard.

Everyone it seemed was outside enjoying the day in a variety of ways. The family and I decided to take a short jaunt down to Woodburn (about twenty miles south of where we live) to take in the sights of this year's Tulip Festival.

Here are a couple of shots I captured while we were there.

The third one caught my eye. The red amongst all the yellow ones made me think of "The Black Sheep" in the family.

The boys weren't too excited about going to look at a bunch of flowers until the found out that there was a really cool bungee bounce thingamabob they could do. This was Matthew's reaction.

One of these days he might come out of his shell!

This one's of Anthony shooting through the air.

All in all it was a really fun time for all of us and right on time I might add. Cabin fever had just about made us all stir crazy.


Starrlight said...

Kidlet and I missed the festival this year. I will be heading down to Adelman's Peony Farm. And hold on, they are saying it is going to be cold. Again.

And 6 months is being kind. Our summer sucked last year.

Roger said...

Great photos Jeff! And the bungee looks fun WOOHOOO! I never been on one yet but would like to try one out.

Rhea said...

My boys wouldn't be wild about the flowers either but the bungee thingy would be totally worth it.

Great photos!

Jules~ said...

I have always told myself that I would go to the tulip festival...and still haven't done so yet. Your pictures inspire me though. My favorite is the lone red amongst all of the yellow too.
What? picture of YOU doing the bungee jumpie thingie?

jennifer said...

I like your shy kid's Checker Board Vans. He's got style!

The flowers are very pretty.


Kimmie said...

Absolutely gorgeous photo's Jeff. I love the one with the red tulip amongst the yellow ones also.

Your children really got a bonus with the bungee jumper!

Tulips + Bungee Jumping = FUN FOR ALL! :-)

I am happy you and your family had a great time.

Mel said...

Oh wow.......

JUST gettin' buds on the tulips over here.

*sigh* 32 this mornin'--I'm sure it won't be like this forever.

And wayyyy cool sneaks on the kiddo!

CrystalChick said...

Terrific flower pics! I think my son would love the bungee thingy too!
Our weather is so off, hot, cold, windy, rainy. But soon enough we'll be getting out there having fun!

Nicole P said...

Looks like you all had a great time.
The flowers are gorgeous.

buffalodickdy said...

I wonder how many tulip festivals there are out there! We have a big one in Holland, Michigan every year, Klompen dancers, parade where most years the governor of the state helps sweep the streets, food, tours of the wooden shoe factory, the windmill from The Netherlands, etc. Every blue-haired woman within 3 states comes in on the tour buses...

Desert Songbird said...

Love the flowers - gorgeous.

We're just about to get into our "cabin fever" season. We have glorious winters, and then we hibernate for six months during the hot months. Ugh - it's getting old after 18 years, but moving is not an option for now.

nitebyrd said...

Cool pictures, Jeff. I really like the "red" sheep one. Glad y'all got out and had fun!

Leighann said...

Beautiful, beautiful flowers. Tulips are my favorite!

Jeff B said...

Starrlight- As I look outside at the gray and rain i see you're right. i'm hoping for a few more toasty days this summer too.

Roger- The boys had a blast!

Rhea- Upon returning home Anthony said, "That was better than I expected it to be."

Jules- I tend to like having my feet firmly planted on the ground. Thankyouverymuch!

Jennifer- He thinks he's hot pee pee in 'em too.

Kimmie- thanks, it really was nice to get outdoors and let off some steam.

Mel- Hope it warms up for you soon. 32...Burrrr

Crystalchick- The weather is doing that here too. This time of year we get a little bit of everything.

Nicole- It was a visual bonanza. Forty acres of color.

Buffalo- I think you're right, they seem to be popping up everywhere. Sounds like the one in your neck of the woods is pretty big by comparison to this one.

Songbird- I remember living in the desert as a kid. AC's running 24/7

Nitebyrd- That shot just jumped out at me too.

Jeff B said...

Leighann- Just about every yard around here has some growing in them. They seem to love this area.

Dana said...

Nothing says spring quite like tulips! Beautiful!!

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

I've felt the same thing this year. Such a very long winter. Last weekend was nice here as well and the boating was summerlike. Just being outside in shorts and a polo shirt was awesome. Thanks for sharing and I too like the third tulip shot the best. Have a great day. :)

Akelamalu said...

I love tulips and those photos are beautiful. Sounds like you had a really great afternoon. :)

The Middle Child said...

Beautiful photos!

Bond said...

Great this the same place Travis went a few weeks ago?

Too bad your son is so shy!

leelee said... looks like gorgeous. Your boys might not be thrilled to see the flowers, but I bet they will always remember that.... And probably bring their own kids to see that one day..

bungee your talkin'


Giggle! said...

OMG!!! Those photos are STUNNING!!! :-O!!!

BTW RAT GiRL Part 3 is out if ya wanna have a squiz :-) xx

Jay said...

A couple of weekends ago the temps made soared to near 80. About noon or so I left my apartment to go somewhere and my car was the only one in the parking lot. People were really ready to get outside for a while.

Love those flower fields. Very pretty!

Sandi McBride said...

Now I'm torn here...would I want to look down at tulips approximately five feet 4 inches from my nose or tie myself into a slingshot and hurtle across massive fields and see the tulips from the air. No contest...I'm neither a swinger nor a slinger, like my tulips close to the earth so I can kiss the ground where I am safe. Loved your post...hopefully the boy won't be so shy when he's grown...

Jeff B said...

Dana- Ssssssh, don't say taht to Hallmark or they'll declare a new holiday.

Sandee- I might have to recend this post, because today it's raining again and only about 50 degrees outside.

Akelamalu- Thanks and it was a great time for all of us.

Middle Child- Thanks for the compliment.

Bond- As I recall Travis went to a place up in Washington. This spot is about forty miles south of Portland, OR

Giggle- All be sure to come by later tonight when I have time to enjoy it fully.

Jay- spring has been a long time coming this year and I'm really ready for some extended periods of dry and warm!

Sandi- As you might have noticed, there are no pictures of me sproinging through the air. I like to say I'm well grounded!

And yes, maybe someday Matthew will learn to express himself.

Travis said...

Tulips! They've extended the festival in Skagit Valley through this coming weekend.

Evidently the tulips are blooming later and longer because of the weather we've been having.

These are great shots! And the boys look like they had some good times too.

Gene Bach said...

I thought Mathew looked like that all the time? Cool pictures.

katherine. said...

I LOVE tulips! What a great outing...I can just imagine the emotional swing of your boys from flowers to bungee....

Matt-Man said...

Ahhhhhh. Purdy shots Jeff. Especially the one of Matthew. What a great name that is. Cheers!!

Odat said...

Nice!!! Beautiful shots. I feel bad that you're kids are so withdrawn. ;-)


San said...

Yeah, one can only hope that Matthew will learn to express himself a little more openly. Jeff, you are so funny.

Loved your pictures. That red black sheep tulip is an inspiration. As are those two beautiful boys.

Jeff B said...

Travis- They did the same thing here. Last weekend was an extra one that much to the liking of everyone, turned out to be beautiful weather.

Gene- No, sometimes he sleeps.

Katherine- It was a pretty distinct difference of enthusiasm.

Matt- Hard to go wrong with that name.

Odat- I know, they leave such a sheltered life. Poor things.

San- Thanks, they make me a proud papa.

Jo said...

What a great photo op. The tulips are beautiful.

I am glad that the boys found their own type of entertainment. It is just a shame that it depressed them like it did. I guess the next outing will be to take them to therapy sessions??? lol

Have a great day.

Anndi said...

My next sport!! WOOHOO!

Jeff B said...

Jo- Please don't call CPS. I know the boys are negelected and left locked in thier rooms 29 out of 30 days, but we're trying.

Anndi- There ya go. Bungee your buns off!

CrazyCath said...

Those tulips are beautiful! And well spotted the red one alone in the sea of yellow...