Saturday, February 7, 2009

We Did It

After four days of scaling ladders I think it's safe to say, neither Gene nor I want to be siding contractors when we grow up! Dang, that's some hard work. I told Gene that's the largest building I've ever put siding on and I plan on keeping it that way. At 30x50 with twelve foot high walls I think we put up about a billion pieces of cement board siding. My hands look kind of like hamburger now too. The cement drys out the fingertips and then they like to crack. Not real fun, but such is life.

Gene and Cynthia's oldest daughter and her husband just took possession of their very first house this week. They were supposed to get the keys last week, but things got delayed for one reason or another. Cynthia had planned on heading down there (San Jose area) to help paint, clean and get things in order. As a result of their one week wait, she was still at home while I was here. I told her I sure was glad she was able to be here while I was around. Had she have been gone, I would have been real tired of Top Ramen and Pop Tarts by now. Fortunately I didn't have to rely on Genes fine culinary prowess, Cynthia took great care of me, and I ate like a king.

While we were having lunch today I looked up and saw a birthday card mom had sent to Gene. I thought about it and wondered if I changed the words a bit, (ok, quite a bit) what it might sound like. I came up with the following:

"Son, you have a special place in my heart. Kind of like an aneurysm!"

I'm thinking of a new career in the greeting card business.

Well, this trip south is about a wrap. I'm going to church with Gene and Cynthia tomorrow morning, then I'll be heading back home. Talk with you soon.


Akelamalu said...

LOL The greeting card business needs some new life breathing into it Jeff and you're just the guy!

Mel said...

Good food is the trick....

No wonder I can't get stuff done around here. LOL

Desert Songbird said...

I'd definitely buy your line of cards, Jeff. Your zingers are winners.

Anndi said...

If you ever do, I'm buying those cards bro.

Did she feed you any bananas? *giggle*

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

I'm glad you are done with your project. I also think your greeting card idea might work. You so love your brother.

Have a terrific day and a safe trip home. :)

Gene Bach said...

How about this for valentine's day:

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
The Dodgers suck,
And so do you

I think it could work. Hey, maybe we can go into business together?

Thanks again. You're still a scumbag, but a little less scummy after this week.

Jeff B said...

Akelamalu- Soooo many possibilities.

Mel- Good food is always an incentive.

Songbird- Check your store shelves.

Anndi- Hey banana girl. You should have been here this week. I think you'd have fit right in.

Sandi- Who said I love my brother? Did you see his comment below?

Gene- I'd have to agree with the Dodgers part of your greeting, but it stops there. Your a dog!

katherine. said...

sounds like you did good work...Gene owes you BIG time...maybe your own little corner of the cave?

I'd buy your cards...but the Dodgers totally suck!

Ron said...


Oh're FUNNY!!!

That was GREAT!

Hey listen...I have the perfect name for your greeting card company....

Jeff's Edgewise Words

I'm telling ya, they would most definately SELL!!!

Safe journey home, buddy!

Talk to you soon!

Travis said...

Congratulations on finishing that project. I remember when my stepdad raised his shop, he and a friend did a lot of the work and then they hired some local labor to help finish up. It's a huge project.

So let me ask...if the Dodgers suck but won the NL West last season, wouldn't that make the Giants suckier?

I'm just asking.

BJ Roan said...

The greeting card business would never be the same!

nitebyrd said...

Hallmark would hire you in a New York minute! That is too damn funny!

Glad you're done and still able to type. Safe travels.

Kareer Woman said...

Congrats on finishing, great post!

CrystalChick said...

Hmmm.... wonder if I can find any neat rubber stamps for my greeting cards, like brains and stuff to go with your sayings??? LOL
I'm often asked if mine say anything inside (they don't) and sometimes people shy away from that. It's like they couldn't possibly think of one or two lines themselves. I don't think you would have any trouble, either with a kind sentiment or a real zinger.
The funniest stamp I think I have says:
Go braless, it'll pull the wrinkles out of your face. LOL
What woman wouldn't love a greeting like that???

Glad you got the project accomplished!!

Jeff B said...

Katherine- My own corner. . . I like that.

Ron- Made it back yesterday. now I just need to find a shop that would sell them.

Travis- Bwahahahahaha

I had a feeling you'd have something to say about that one!

BJ- I could turn them on their ear.

Nightbyrd- I was a blast working together on it.

Kareer Woman- Welcome to the blog and thanks.

Crystalchick- We could work together on these and call it the Dynamic Duo Greeting Card Co.

david mcmahon said...

The CEO of Hallmark cards is a-waitin' for your call!

Merisi said...

I hope your line of greeting cards made it onto the shelves before Valentine's!

Congratulations on winning a spot on David's Post of the Day Award, which brought me here. :-)

katherine. said...

(hey!! you made davids POTD - congrats!)

Poutalicious said...

Congrats on POTD. That's pretty funny but I would be laughing and my sons would be frowning if I gave them a card like that. They are a little bit pouty.