Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Yepee...More Taxes

Way to go Oregon voters. 55% of you decided you haven't donated enough money to the government and as an act of boneheaded stupidity kindness passed measures 66 and 67 tonight.

Oh, but wait, by passing these measures we will be helping the schools you claim. Riiiight. Seems to me the same argument/reasoning was used in 1984 when the state lottery was passed. Let's see...how has that worked out? Well, guess what? It hasn't! The classrooms are still without many of the necessary essentials to operate on their own on a daily basis.  Every year the list of items that has to be supplied by parents grows, and grows, and grows some more. The teachers very often find themselves dipping into their own pockets too trying to provide items that should be on hand, but aren't because the funds aren't there. Is this because no money is being spent on the lottery? Hell no! It's because B.S. stories of how money will be funneled into the school systems with the likes of the lottery and measures 66 & 67 are just another bunch of lies perpetuated by government officials, school administrators and other money hungry pukes for the sole purpose of padding their retirement funds.The money is there alright, it's just not going to where it should.

With an unemployment rate at 11% currently, the way to insure that it will rise is to do exactly what you have just done. Raise taxes on business owners and corporations.

Yeah I know, politics on this blog... Every once in a blue moon I go there.

For 99.9% of you reading this, these measures passing in Oregon will have little to no impact on you. I know it may not apply to you, but I just had to vent my displeasure with this particular vote.



Mel said...

*tap tap tap*

You can borrow my 'RAWRRR!!' if you like.

It works wonderfully, dontchaknow.
Ummm.....but I'll need it back.

<-- has somethings to 'rawr!' about herself.


Bond said...

But it might impact us all, because if other states see this as a viable option they could follow suit...

I do know in TN the lottery money does go to scholarships for college..it seems to work here

Sandee said...

Yep, seems to be the trend doesn't it. Robin Hood mentality prevails almost everywhere.

Have a great day. :)

quilly said...

On the other hand, Oregon is the one state that most consistently provides high quality public services, and to get those services one does have to pay for them.

Ron said...

You GO, boy!

Listen, from a man who has a blog called VENT...I enjoyed this thoroughly!

Doesn't it feel GREAT to just let it out????


Jay said...

Well, I guess at least it was a vote of the people and not a tax imposed by the legislature.

Yeah, that's not making you feel any better, is it? Sorry. haha ;-)

Desert Songbird said...

As an ardent school volunteer, I can concur that teachers are asked to do so much with so little. And, yes, parents are asked to contribute more to help the schools with the shortfalls. My problem isn't that taxes are raised to aid with school funding; like you, my problem is that I'm not convinced the money is going where it's supposed to go. The money distribution is left to the individual districts, and the school boards are not always dispersing the funds fairly or at all.

Dianne said...

I think small business needs a break
Large corporations need to have their balls pulled out thru their livers

Have you seen the Wall Street bonus numbers!?

I wish I could cheat, then screw up and fail and be completely bailed out
and then just start all over again
no questions, no regulations

Jeff B said...

Mel- I appreciate the loan. Gonna try it out for size...


Yep, fits perfectly.

Bond- Once the flood gates have opened, it's near impossible to close them again.

Sandee- Being from California, I know you are all to familiar with taxation woes.

Quilly- Yes the services are important and should be paid for. I'm just not convinced that the schools will benefit as they promise.

Ron- I'm still not happy about the results, but I am mostly over my pissiness now.

Jay- It was a vote of "some" of the people. Obviously not this one. And no, it doesn't make me feel any better. I appreciate the effort though.

Songbird- Exactly! The schools should be well funded and teachers paid well. Too often though, it's the administrators who are the main beneficiaries of these tax increases.

Thom said...

I'm sorta clueless on this but I must say that I heard on the news that some measure passed and what it was going to do is tax the rich a lot more. Now I can't fault that at all myself. They can use enough loopholes to get out of paying tons of money that is owed to the government. I agree there is a lot of money going out of the parents and teachers pockets for supplies. Disgusts me!!! But when we have a federal budget that is going to provide tons of money to park benches? Come on. That's a luxury. Do with what we have until we are out of this mess we are in. :)

Jeff B said...

Dianne- My construction business is a Corporation. We did it that way for certain protections of our personal assets. Just two guys; pretty small potatoes as far as dollars per year earned are concerned. What really chaps my ass about these two measure is that even as a small corporation we will now see our taxes increase exponentially. Huge Corps like Intel and NIKE, both based out of Oregon will see increases, but at a much lower percentage. They can afford more and will pay less per dollar earned than the little guys like us. Seems like it should be the other way around doesn't it?

Jeff B said...

Thom- See my response to Dianne above. It goes to what you say about the rich having to pay more. At lest for the corporations.

Yeah, the excess spending on ridicules things is completely out of control. "Sorry little Johnny that you don't have anything to eat and can't afford to go see a doctor when you need one, but look here at this pretty park bench you can sit on..."

Gene Bach said...

Class warfare...a tried and true Democratic ploy. The poster who said it could affect everyone is right. You guys are getting screwed.

Jeff B said...

Gene- I think politician is just another word for proctologist.

Dianne said...

jeff it is total BS that your little corp should pay as much, if not more, percentage wise than giants like NIKE
gee - maybe you can send your work overseas, pay slave children a penny a day and get tax breaks?
lord knows the big guys do it

the thing that upsets me about complaints (not yours) about taxes is that it's poor people who are blamed
like the asshat in SC who compared poor people to animals who shouldn't be fed or else they'll breed more

in my town a lot of the small businesses are bitching about Mexicans yet saying little about a huge chain that got all sorts of incentives to open here
of course hardly anyone showed up at the town meeting

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Jeff B said...

Dianne- Those big guys will ultimately pay thousands more into the coffers than we will, but yeah, it's the percentage of every dollar earned part that really gets under my skin.

The ones who complain about Mexicans "Stealing work" from them are a whole other rant I should go into some day. The short end of it is: How many of those complainers would be willing to do the grunt work that the migrant workers do and for dirt wages? Not many I bet.

Anon- A good grasp of the English language would go a long way towards making your spam more convincing.

Nessa said...

What the guy just above me said.


Getting Reacquainted in 55

buffalodick said...

1 million people left Michigan for greener pastures..Did they reduce spending? Not likely! Did the State reduce its workforce by the same percentage? Hell no! Have we had a Governor worth a crap in twenty years? No! Years ago, a man named Bob Tish threw the public school system in a tizzy when he proposed they throw out the current school budget, and build a new one from the ground up-based on need... teachers threatened him and his family!

Jeff B said...

Nessa- Bwahahahaha!!!

Buffalo- So in other words...business as usual.

Kelly H-Y said...

We're 'grrrr-ing' with you, fellow business owner!!!

Dana said...

I was actually quite surprise that ALL bond measures on our ballot FAILED ... as they should have.

People seldom look at the big picture and instead cave in to the warm fuzzies!