Friday, January 22, 2010

Randon Thoughts

This world of Blogging has introduced me to some pretty cool people. That means you... aaaand you... aaaand you over there. . .yeah, you too.


We were at the mall tonight and as we walked by one cart after another (The ones located in between the stores in the middle of the walkways) I couldn't help but feel like we were at the county fair. The people working at these carts are like a bunch of damned carnies.

"How about a new case for your cell phone?"...
"Come over and take a look at these great deals on these sunglasses!"...
"Calendars, 75% off!!!"...

It seems that you can't even walk through the mall without these cretins of sales coming after your pocketbook. Sheesh!


What would you call it if Gary Cooper were around, went on Martha Stewart's show and baked cookies with her?

High Noon Macaroons


Work continues to be as busy as it is during a normal SUMMER. Yeah baby!!!


When dropped, cats always land on their feet. Convexly, buttered toast will always land butter side down.

I propose the following:

Butter the top of a cat and hold it out at arms length. When dropped it will miraculously hover just inches off the ground!


They say money doesn't bring us happiness, but I know for a fact, my mood improves dramatically when my bank account has a positive balance as opposed to a negative one.


I received great customer service on more than one occasion this week. My faith in humanity has been restored.


The last two movies I've seen at the theater have been very good. "Avatar" and "Sherlock Holmes". My faith in Hollywood has been restored. We're on a roll.


That's it for today kiddos.


Finding Pam said...

It sounds like things are going great for you. Nice to see your post.

j said...

"a couple fries short of a happy meal." Oh shoot. That was hilarious! As was the statement about buttered toast. True though!

Sherlock Holmes really was a good movie. I haven't seen Avatar and for some reason it doesn't appeal to me. When it comes to blue creatures, I prefer Smurfs.

Kelly H-Y said...

Too funny! I ALWAYS get stalked by the ones working at the hair carts and they always open with the line, "Is your hair naturally straight?"

quilly said...

I received customer service above and beyond the norm even for a good day. i bought a gadget at Radio Shack and the guy said, you know these directions are really hard to understand. I bought one and it took me about 5 hours to figure out. With your permission I'll just go ahead and put this together for you. It'll take about 5 minutes. No extra charge.

As we left the store I told Amoeba that there was still hope for human kind.

Anonymous said...

ROFLMAO!!!! I love your solution to buttered toast and cats. Too funny. There is nothing better than gret customer service. :)

Ron said...

Butter the top of a cat and hold it out at arms length. When dropped it will miraculously hover just inches off the ground!


OMG...that was so FUNNY! And TRUE!

Also loved "High Noon Macaroons."

So glad to hear about work, buddy! You go, boy!

Everyone I know is raving about Avatar. I need to see it.

Jeff B said...

Pam- Things do seem to be going well right now. Thank you.

Jennifer- Ha, I haven't thought about smurfs for quite a while.

Kelly- Next time tell them you were actually born with an Afro, but a brisk walk past annoying vendors in a shopping mall once a week, seems to straighten it right out.

Quilly- Now that is pretty darned nice. Hope you wrote a letter to the manager.

Thom- As have most of us I'm sure, I've seen a steady decline in customer service over the years, so good service seems to stand out all that much more now.

Ron- I don't remember where I heard that cat/toast explanation...several years ago, but for some reason it popped into my head again.

Jay said...

I'll probably wait until both Sherlock Holmes and Avatar come out on DVD, but I've lots of good stuff about both.

Please do that buttered cat experiment and get it on video. Then post it for us. That would be great! LOL

Anndi said...

I've seen both movies with Chicklet and she and I LOVED them!

Is that toasted banana bread you were referring to?

Jeff B said...

Jay- Somehow I think the SCPA would be all over me for that little stunt.

Anndi- Ahhh...but of course it was. :)

Jeni said...

"High-Noon Macarrons" huh? That was a good one, Jeff, and I'll have to remember that! Loved your random comments today!

buffalodick said...

The newer malls are indeed like old market places with smaller passages and hawkers in the doorways..

Schmoop said...

Great news about the busy work schedule. I hope it keeps up for you Jeff. Cheers Funny Man!!

Jeff B said...

Jeni- I made myself chuckle with that one. Always nice to see you!

Buffalo- I keep thinking I'm going to see a display of milk bottles and a softball to knock them down with.

Matt-Man- Not having to play catch-up in the spring because of a slow winter is my goal. So far so good.

Dana said...

Ooohhhh! *THOSE* carts ...

My biggest complaint? The one where the women come running up into your personal space and try to put lotion on some part of your body!

Travis Cody said...

Did you write to the companies where you got such good service? I find that when I do that, the good feeling lasts longer and I'm not as irked by a bad experience.

Huzzah for being busy!

Roan said...

My experience with customer service this week negated yours. I'm thinking you've had an unusually good week. Next week will probably be back to normal. ;)

Desert Songbird said...

I bow to the awesomeness that is you, Jeff.

Mel said...

*applauding happily*

I'm all about hovering cats with butter on 'em.

Do it again, please! :-)

Jeff B said...

Dana- Two words come to mind: Justifiable Homicide!

Travis- I didn't, but I should have.

BJ- Damn, I'm really looking forward to Monday now :)

Songbird- Your praises will get you everywhere with me ya know.

Mel- It's quite a sight to behold I'm sure.

nitebyrd said...

Haven't seen Sherlock yet but Avatar was INCREDIBLE!

Still waiting to have my faith in humanity restored ...

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

Loving your random thoughts indeed...

So, do you write them on little pieces of paper as they hit your brain?

I began using the voice recorder on my cell to remember blog ideas...then I forgot I was doing that!

Jeff B said...

Nitebyrd- That faith seems to ebb and flow with me as well.

Bond- Sounds like you're having a senior moment. I can relate.