Monday, October 3, 2011

Comments Open

Thanks to a friend, it was pointed out that I forgot to turn the comments back on when I fired this blog back up. I think we're good to go again.


Roan said...

Woo Hoo!

Leontien said...

Yeah! Your back ON!!!

nice to "meet" you!

Jeff said...

Roan- Thanks again.

Leontien- Glad you came by for a look see.

Ron said...

Welcome back, Jeff!

I've placed you on my sidebar and reader to keep up with your updates!

Looking forward to reading you again, buddy!

Have a great week!!!!!!!!!!!

zongrik said...

i'm glad someone else thought of a call besides a phone call.

i would not have thought of a call by a ref and how it impacts someone's young life.


my entry

Jeff B said...

Zongrik- It's interesting to see how many different view of the the prompt there are. Thanks for dropping in.