Saturday, October 15, 2011

Eight Fears

Day three of ten.

Today we look at eight things that give me angst.

1. I'm afraid of dying. This is not to be confused with death itself mind you. Being dead really doesn't bother me. I'm quite at peace with where I'll be after my time on this earth is done, it's the actual process of dying I'm not to keen on. There are too many ugly ways of meeting the end and none of them seem like ones I want to have to endure.

2. Potato bugs. YUCK!!! I can handle spiders, snakes and all other sorts of creepy crawlies, but these prehistoric looking one ounce pieces of nasty just plain freak me out!

3. Heights. I'm sure it's a type of vertigo. Actually being up high, such as on a tall building or a bridge for instance, doesn't bug me tremendously unless I'm at the edge and that's when I feel the imaginary pull. I know it's not real and I know it's not rational, but it still scares me just the same.

4. Not trying. This is a fear that seems to have a reverse effect and actually empowers me. I'm afraid I'll be an old man and realize I didn't take a chance when I should have. This fear has caused me to take calculated risks; most of which have proven to be good choices. Not all, but most.

5. Dancing. Maybe fear is a strong word for this one, but I realize I completely suck at it so my fear is that I'll look like an idiot out on the dance floor.

6. Not being a good enough father. I try to find a balance between providing for my boys, (i.e. working) and spending time with them. It's a constant challenge.

7. That I won't make it to number eight without running out of fears to talk about.

8. Scary movies. Don't like them; not one little bit. I remember as a kid going to watch some horror flick with my older brothers I'd make sure to have a really BIG soda. That way I could pretend to be taking a drink from it when a scary part was coming up, when in actuality I was merely hiding my eyes within the rim of the cup!


Ron said...

3. Heights.

OMG...MEEEEEEEEE TOO! And for the exact same reasons you mentioned. And it's funny, because I live on the 21st floor of my apartment building and I can look OUT, but I cannot look DOWN. You should have seen me trying to hang my mini blinds when I first moved in. I was a MESS!

Jeff B said...

Ron- I can feel your pain on having to hang those blinds. Yikes!

Roan said...

I'm with you on the dying thing. I want to go in my sleep. Oh, and the scary movie thing. I once hid my eyes throughout an entire King Kong movie. It was the really old version where there is no doubt he's fake. I finally looked at the end and wanted to kick myself for being such a baby. I was probably 8 or 9 years old at the time.

katherine. said...

In thinking about doing this meme myself, I find that "fears" are far easier to list than "secrets"

katherine. said...

And I wanted to say, from the very little I know about you....and the very little I have seen in person...You are an excellent Dad.

Jeff B said...

Roan- Hahaha, that's funny!

Kat- It's a pretty fun meme to do and yes I agree, the secrets are much more difficult to list.

Thanks for the kind words. I look at this as a healthy fear as it keeps my priorities in check. Being a parent, you've probably asked yourself, "Should I have, could I have" types of questions before.

CrystalChick said...

#1 will be on my list too.
I don't think I know what a potato bug is. Hmm...
I'm sure you are a most excellent father!!

I definitely have to get started on this meme.

Mel said...

I woulda said June Bug over potato bug........but then I remembered the potato bug.



Jeff B said...

CrystalChick- To picture a potato bug think of the ugliest thing you've ever seen and then make it just a little bit nastier.

Mel- Proof that God has an interesting sense of humor.