Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Five Foods

Food... ah, glorious food. Like water, but with more flavor, it's something we can't live without. A trip to the bathroom scales tells me I could probably live with a little less though!

Be that as it may, today's question from the Ten Day Challenge is "Five Foods", so here are some of my favorites and one that is clearly not.

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1. Prime Rib. Looking at that picture almost makes me feel sorry for vegetarians... well, almost. One of the great things about prime rib is that it's usually accompanied by mashed potatoes and gravy. That combo could easily make my list too, but for now I'll just leave it here where it belongs, right next to that salt & pepper crusted, fat laiden, aromatic  P R I M E    R I B !!!

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2. Sushi seems to be one of those love or hate type of foods. Here's a little tidbit about me: When I was working in the restaurant industry, I spent a small stint working at a sushi bar. I was the only round eye there and as I look back on that experience I can't help but think about how cool that was.

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3. There are a number of desserts that rank up there in the "I like" category, but making the top of the list would be Creme Burlee. The simple ingredients, (egg yolks, heavy cream, sugar and vanilla) work perfectly together. I love the crisp caramelized sugar on top along with the chilled, velvety custard.

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4. I've always enjoyed a good Salad Bar. We used to go to the Sizzler from time to time when I was growing up. I remember them having a great salad bar. It can be an entire meal in itself.

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5. It's my opinion that anyone who would willingly eat an artichoke should have his or her head examined. It's a thistle people! It makes me wonder at what point some poor misguided soul went out into the sticker patch, looked at the knobby, green leafed bulb at the end of the stalk and said, "Wow, now that looks tasty! Think I'll take it inside, steam the snot out of it and then scrape the leaves against my teeth to enjoy the paste like substance contained within." One word   Y U C K !!!


Ron said...

"5. It's my opinion that anyone who would willingly eat an artichoke should have his or her head examined."

HA! Well...I guess I need to have my head examined because I ADORE artichokes! OMG...stuffed with Italian bread crumbs and some cheese, they're INCREDIBLE.

But, I do understand different strokes for different folks.


Nooooooooo waaaaaaaay!!!!!

FAB post, buddy!

Jeff B said...

Ron- Oh, so you're one of THOSE people huh?


katherine. said...

Little secret...Jeff is a world class chef.

Another secret...artichokes are one of the things God serves when you get to heaven.

Now I am hungry.

Jeff B said...

Kat- Ha! That could possibly keep me out of church on Sundays. :)

CrystalChick said...

I think I tried artichokes before but where and did I like them.. ??
A book I'm reading now is by an Italian cook and she mentions that you have to cut the ends and tips off and then saute the leaves. I probably won't, too many other veggies that are simpler to cook.

We go out for sushi alot!

Akelamalu said...

Prime Rib - yummy!

I've never eaten artichoke so I can't comment. :)

Jeni said...

I hope you are happy Jeff in that you just made me very, very hungry -and I'm supposed to be controlling my intake -especially of carbs and sweets! Oh well, nothing wrong with looking and drooling -especially over the prime rib -is there? Artichokes? I don't recollect ever trying them and don't have any burning desire to try them in the near future either -especially after reading your take on 'em! Great post though!

Roan said...

Okay, it is now 12:30 p.m. I took the day off work to clean because we were to have a new kitchen stove delivered tomorrow, well we got a call and (you won't believe this) they are delivering it today. Yes! 1 whole day early. When has that ever happened. So, I cleaned all morning and now the guy is out there installing the stove. Point being, I'm absolutely famished! So, of course, I pull up your blog to kill time and what do I find? Food! Torture! I'm with you on the artichokes, but think I could eat that entire prime rib about right now. lol

Mel said...

Yum! That is one good lookin' salad bar.
And the Cream thingy--I think I could do that in bitty portions.

Artichokes....ummm....only if my friend makes 'em. I don't know what he does but boy.......get outta my way they're scrummy!

I'm a veggie kinda gal though.
That first photo had me feeling sad for the cow. :-/

Jeff B said...

CrystalChick- Here's how you coo 'em. Cut off the tips and the end, walk to the trash can. dump the whole lot into the garbage!

Akelamalu- I loves me some PR

Jeni- Sorry about that. Good thing you don't have a scratch 'n sniff monitor.

Roan- You and Jeni picked a bad time to log on. Our oven/range jsut died about a week ago. It's been interesting cooking of late. Should be getting a replacement in a couple of days.

Mel- The only time I feel sorry for the cow is when the little buggers get away. ;)

Travis Cody said...

ere's something that will make you think I need my head examined...I do not care for prime rib. I think it is much too fatty. I prefer a filet or a NY strip when I'm in the mood for beef.

I do like artichokes.

Jeff B said...

Travis- Not at all. Lisa and Anthony are the same. They'll take a filet over prime rib every time too.