Thursday, October 13, 2011


Saw this at a new blog I've discovered and thought about giving it a whirl as well.

Where I discovered it: "Carp Dime"

Where he got it: "Ha Ha, Wait. What?"

Before that? I have no idea and besides, I think that's quite enough link love for one sitting.

Day One - Ten Secrets

1. I put pizza boxes in the curbside recycle can even though it clearly states not to do that. Their clean, their cardboard... deal with it!

2. My real name is Jeff

3. I once went two days without changing my undies. My mother would be mortified to know this. Sssshh.

4. I can't tell you number four... it's a secrete.

5. I once took a twenty dollar bill OUT of the offering basket at church when it went by.

6. I have a crush on Cameron Diaz. OK, so she's probably the only one that doesn't know this little tidbit, but doesn't that make it a secrete as far as she's concerned?

7. Number five is a bold faced lie. Made ya wonder about me though didn't it?

8. Easily 99.9% of the Christmas presents my mother-in-law has given me over the years have ended up at either Goodwill or Salvation Army. Let's just say her taste in clothes is a bit different than mine.

9. I learned to write in cursive way back when, but I never write that way. I always print.

10. I've been known to bring my own candy bar into the theater. By doing this over the past 30+ years I've probably saved a few hundred dollars, or about three large tubs of popcorn.


CrystalChick said...

I can't wait to do this!!!

We put pizza boxes out with paper recycling sometimes too.
I was wondering about 5. ;)
We always take candy to the theater, but usually do buy some popcorn... it's that sweet/salty thing.
Want to hear something really weird? We've taken egg rolls to the movies before! It started because there was a Chinese takeout place right next door and it always smelled soooo good when we were walking past to go in the theater.

Jeff B said...

CrystalChick- I'll bet the people sitting near you have whispered to their mates, "Hey, is just me, or do you smell egg rolls?"

Ron said...

"5. I once took a twenty dollar bill OUT of the offering basket at church when it went by."

Bwhahahahahahahahaha! HILARIOUS, Jeff! You GO, boy!

"10. I've been known to bring my own candy bar into the theater." too! Except I bring in my own BIG bag of Twizzlers!

"6. I have a crush on Cameron Diaz"

It funny, because I thought of you when she was in Philly shooting a movie. She's adorable!

Mel said...

Oh....this is fun!

Well, it's fun cuz they're YOUR secrets and not mine. :-/

Oh, and by the way--no cursive. I have to think really, REALLY hard to sign my full name in cursive and it's a battle not to print it.

Jeff B said...

Ron- If she comes back into town send up a flare, I'll catch a red eye non-stop.

Mel- That's why I just use a scribble as my signature.

Roan said...

I'm with you on the pizza boxes. Why not? Yeah, I wondered about the $20. I wasn't surprised when I got to #7. It's a perfect example of your brand of humor and I love it! lol

katherine. said...

Very clever.

I was thinking swiping the $20 was from when you were little.

I take food into the theater as well.

Jeff B said...

Roan- If they have goo on them, I'll put 'em the trash, otherwise their recycled.

Kat- I wonder how many people have actually done that.

Aaron said...

Looking back, I sometimes wonder what the point of learning to write in cursive really was. When I even attempt it these days it looks horrible.

And I feel no guilt about taking food or even a bottled drink into the movies. But only if I'm with a female friend with a purse large enough to feel like we can really get away with it.

Thanks for linking up and playing along!