Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Six Places

Today's installment of the Ten Day Challenge asks us about six places. Here's my two cents worth.

1. As a place this one's as big as it gets. I've always been fascinated with space.I took an astronomy class in college and it captured both my rational understanding and my imagination. With every answer we get, there are at least a hundred questions that follow.
Courtesy of NASA.gov

2. I mentioned the Pacific Ocean before in my lists of "Loves". I've enjoyed beaches from Baja to Washington. Running in the early morning hours along Moonlight Beach. The Blow Hole in Ensenada. Crabbing on the Oregon Coast... A lot of fond memories.

3.Washington DC is an amazing place. I went there about twenty-five years ago. I toured the Capitol Mall and was in awe of all the history that surrounded me there. The Lincoln memorial wowed me, but the most humbling experience was standing in the middle of Arlington Cemetery. I didn't know a single person who'd been laid to rest there, but I found myself standing there weeping at all the loss. I've never had a place move me like that before or since.

4. There's a place in eastern Oregon  near Sunriver where there are lava tubes underground that you can walk through. We went during the summer and even though the temps outside were in the 90's, the temp in the caves was only around 40. It stays pretty consistent throughout the year because they are about seventy feet below the surface. Walking through them with the family holding lanterns and flashlights was pretty cool. Literally and figuratively.

5. One of my favorite places is San Francisco. I spent my young adult life living about an hour north of the city. Italian food at North Beach...yum! Giants and 49ers games at Candlestick Park...usually pretty cold, but a bunch of fun. I always got to play tour guide when friends would come to visit. BTW- October is usually a great month to go there. Even though I've lived in the Portland area for more than ten years now, I still consider the bay area home.
Photo By: Rich Niewiroski Jr.

6. Midland Texas is one place I have absolutely no desire to ever go to again...Ever! My oldest brother and his wife lived there for a brief time many years ago. Mom and I went there to visit once and I can remember it being the flattest place I've ever seen. I think the highest hill there was actually a freeway overpass! I also remember experiencing the wildest thunder and lightning storm ever while there. We were in a mobile home and that did not help me feel any more secure.


CrystalChick said...

Great #1! Space certainly is very intriquing. Aren't those NASA photos cool?

Went to Washington DC on a class trip many years ago. It's not all that far from us, we should plan a trip back.

I spent a week in San Fran after I graduated high school. Neat city! I really loved Muir Woods too.

Ron said...

One of these days I HAVE to get to San Francisco. For some reason, I think I would LOVE it! I have a friend who had a brother who lived there and he always said, "Ron....you'd LOVE the weather because it NEVER gets hot."

Have a FAB day, buddy!

Jeff B said...

CrystalChick- I remember those grainy old photos from grade school. Hubble blew those out of the water when it came on board.

Ron- It's a great city for sure, and yes you would love the weather.

katherine. said...

I'd like the final frontier as well. As soon as they develop a suit that doesn't give me claustrophobia.

I love Washington...make me way patriotic.

As far as the Pacific...it is often my companion.

Jeff B said...

Kat- We're considering a summer vacation for next year. It's either Disneyland for the fun or DC for the history.

Roan said...

You have picked some really great places, well, with the exception of one. I've been to Midland. The sand blows across the road like snow. I am amazed people actually live there. And San Francisco is my absolute favorite place for a vacation. It's too far away from family to move there, but I LOVE that city. My brother lived there in the late 60's. He worked at the stables in Golden Gate Park. That was during his Hippy period. lol

Mel said...

Oh gosh.......ever been to Nebraska?
You exit Denver and 'flat' happens forEVER.

You missed New Mexico, Utah and Arizona. Ohhhhhhh.....I so need a roadtrip about now......
'Cept I haffta go through Nebraska or Kansas--
It's worth it.

Jeff B said...

Roan- I'm betting your brother has at least one photo standing on the corner of Hate and Ashbury.

Mel- I almost put Moab on the list. It's one of the places I'd like to visit.

Roan said...

Yep! Me too! lol Back in the day I thought Hate Ashbury was a town.

Travis Cody said...

You are so right about visiting SF in October. My favorite joke goes like this...What's the Bay Area without wind and fog? October!

Jeff B said...

Roan- That's funny.

Travis- Exactly